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An Indian wrestling star who believes that “There is no short cut in any sport and he labored really hard to achieve the level he always desired”. Our country is feeling proud because of him as he won gold in the world cadet games. Although, the Padma Shri awardee experienced considerable difficulties in the past. Yet, he played a hard battle at the last Asian Games. Sushil Kumar believes that apart from physical strength, mental strength also plays an important role as well.

Currently, Indian wrestler feels that he is en route to recovering his old structure. Sushil has shed pounds and is buckling down on improving his speed. Also, he has certainly not abandoned his fantasy to win gold in future sports events also.

Sushil Kumar believes that till the time a wrestler has the guts to remain on the tangle, he should keep playing. In spite of the mishap, he believes that he is fit as a fiddle at the present time.

Speaking to IndiaKhelega, Sushil Kumar shared some thoughts on sports and wished other players to perform well in future endeavors

How do you feel when you see India becoming a Sporting Nation?

I feel that people have started loving sports, specially Olympics sport.  Indian and Delhi Government are giving their full support. Government is giving so many privileges to the players under different schemes. It will eventually benefit them a lot. Moreover, from IndiaKhelega platform, I want to say that the young generation can have a great future ahead, if they come forward and work hard in the sports field.

Where did you lag in the world championship?

I came back on the sports ground after 8 years. And coming back after this much span of time is itself a big achievement for me. Moreover, my coach has observed the points that I lacked during the tournament. And I am working upon those points to recover them soon.

What do you want to say about IndiaKhelega?

I want to say that you people are really doing great work for the players. My best wishes are with IndiaKhelega always.

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