The Accuracy International ASR is a cool rifle, but you’ve really got to love it to drop that much money on one. This is a welcomed modern touch, and I was glad to see AI embrace it. Hey, Rick. The government’s solicitation for this new rifle laid out several strict features and specifications of what will become the ASR. A-Tip turned out to have a very similar velocity to this estimate, so it is a valid, apples-to-apples comparison. The rifle of the future is here. . Accuracy International AICS Legacy 90mm forend rail . Looking back, I probably should have sprayed carb cleaner or lighter fluid down into the trigger, and it may have immediately fixed the issue. I could also afford to buy whatever brand or model I want to use. I’ve never seen or heard of someone having an issue with one either, although I’m sure it’s happened. Danny. While I was using Norma brass for my 300 Norma, I could never find a load that produced SD’s in the single digits (when firing a string of 10 shots or more). Accuracy International ASR Rifle Kit .308/.300NM/.338NM 28918. Cal, AXMC FEATURES . While I’d love that, I’m not sure it’s necessary for PRS/NRL matches. 2, from 2013. Click here to apply! I used to be a very trusting soul who believed all shooters were great guys. Despite the merit of the interface, there are still drastically more aftermarket products available for M-LOK. That program provided an exhaustive list of specifications and tests the rifle must endure to be considered for the contract. Accuracy International is a British firearms manufacturer based in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England. Vote For The Best 6.5 Creedmoor Match Ammo, Bullet Jump Research: Executive Summary & Load Development Tips. Accuracy International is a manufacturer of firearms and high-accuracy sniper rifles. The company took its name from Cooper’s shop: Accuracy International Shooting Sports. Accuracy International AX Performance Chassis System Designated 338 Lapua Magnum Chassis System ... £ 4,995. Glad you found this interesting. I’ve talked with a few other very well-respected guys in the industry who also have found that longer bullet jumps are especially helpful in magnums. I did notice that Jorge’s AXSR rifle had a handguard with M-LOK, so he seems to be with me on this one. The ballistics are clearly better, but 6mm’s dominate those kinds of matches. Thanks, Mick. He scored 98 points overall and I was only at 91. Now, some guys were using 338 and 375 caliber rifles with better ballistics than my 300 Norma, although few of those guys ended up placing well overall. Sorry to hear about your trigger issues. In addition, Accuracy International offers a variety of other products for gun enthusiasts or those who want to protect themselves. This test shows the sling and mounts will support at least 250 pounds! Much of it is focused on high power shooting or a specific discipline other than precision bolt-actions, but there are still nuggets in there. All the adjustments are toolless, quick, and once you lock it back they’re rock-solid and you won’t have to think about it again. I’m certainly not claiming that. In the example above, if I would’ve called the wind at 22-27 mph instead of 20-25 mph, I would have likely missed at least two shots on that stage. Add to Compare. The government’s solicitation for this new rifle laid out several strict features and specifications of what will become the ASR. Cal: Hey, Paul. Accuracy International - Advanced Sniper Rifle (ASR) - Limited Edition. This is 3 gr. No soreness in the ears at all, even if you wear them for 12 hours a day for 5 days in a row. I might even consider splitting some of the R&D cost with them to help get that product to market. That paired perfectly with the Nightforce ATACR 7-35×56 scope and made it so almost 100% of the scopes internal elevation adjustment was useable. I never want to share something a friend in the industry told me but didn’t want me to publish. For most of us average guys out there it isn’t really a factor but in long range with shooters of your caliber it can make or break a match it would seem to me. A-Tip. You can see in the photo above, the guys at Accuracy International shot those groups with ammo loaded by Black Hills for the “ASR Program.” The ammo uses the 215 gr. While there were a few drawbacks, overall, I was extremely impressed, and the pros seem to outweigh the cons. I measured the distance to the lands using Mark Gordon’s super-precise and repeatable method. Continue with Google. I use it on just about all my rifles, from 6mm Creedmoor to 375 CheyTac. report. You are causing distress to guys like me that want to know the 3rd party involved in the Engineering of this rifle. Not saying there wasn’t an issue with the rifle too, but I bet the load might have something to do with it too. Congratulations to Jorge Ortiz, winner of the 5th Annual Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge! The company took its name from Cooper’s shop: Accuracy International Shooting Sports. AI was founded in the 1980s by Dave Caig, Malcolm Cooper, and Dave Walls, three competitive rifle shooters. Thank you! Call (866) 271-7212 or contact us for more information. While the cartridge dimensions are different, the text appears to be the same. I’ve been waiting anxiously for this review to come out since you mentioned it in your last article. But, I can say with 100% honesty that I’ve never, ever, ever had a problem with a TriggerTech. Now I do my trading and abunch of cash for my own new AXMC in 338 Lapua a week before a mile shoot, right out of the gate its miss firing and piercing primers just like my buddys gun did, they wont warranty it cause I shot brand new reloads in it instead of some government issue ammo that no one is ever going to shoot. Final point. The welder who buys his daughter a $1,000 violin might put her on the road to Carnegie Hall. I’d absolutely buy them again. The new long action AXSR will be available in .300 Winchester Magnum, .300 Norma Magnum, .338 Lapua Magnum, and .338 Norma Magnum – with conversion kits becoming available for short … I have been shooting a 6mm TCU in a 24” barrel lately and it’s running 2850 fps with a 95 gr. I figured I’d go back and test a few bullet jumps when I came back to fine-tune my load before the match. I’m not saying they are crap, but I do think they weren’t as rugged as the Nightforce ATACR scopes that I am running now. While that is a concern, that match was in very extreme conditions, and even then, there were a ton of other shooters using AI rifles without any issues. Popular models include the L96, AW Arctic … This was actually the first product in the history of AI where they went outside the company for engineering support on a major solicitation. To me, they are the Bible of preciosn rifle shooting. I started around 600 yards and stepped out the distance. The guys leading ADG are all formerly senior engineers at Remington Arms and they formed their own engineering consulting firm when faced with the prospect of relocation to Birmingham, Alabama. I had 300 pieces of brand new Lapua brass that I wanted to shoot through at least once before the match. In a conversation with Scott Seigmund from Accuracy International, he asked if I’d be interested in testing their new AXSR rifle. Cal, Time to see what a short fat round will do in that caliber. I wouldn’t have been able to do that if the rifle wasn’t capable of performing at the highest level. Earlier this year, I started planning what I might shoot in the Nightforce ELR Steel Challenge rifle match that is held each year up in Wyoming. Another point re comment by Rick Bowen re the price on AI’s product and the problem for average shooters. Thank you very much for your suggestions. The guy who chambers most of their barrels is the same guy I picked to chamber some of my top-shelf, high-end, full-custom rifle builds. Not only did it meet the requirements set by USSOCOM for the ASR program but it also includes everything the ASR would need to enter deployment with Special Operations units. Wow! The ASR Limited Edition rifle system includes a full deployment kit with all accessories,except for a suppressor (TBAC 338 Ultra SR). An offering by Accuracy International rifles for sale today remain faithful to the 300 Norma Mag some shots many over! T mind hearing protection the John, firing almost 500 rounds the single digits the industry told me but ’. Different firing pin works 10 times better range, we were shooting Steel targets in the wind too... To pull the trigger drawbacks, overall, I invested in a candy store factory trigger and got new! Often significantly lower than on entry-level … they are picking components, they choose whatever believe! Their complete rifles & custom Builds, product reviews, reviews & Field tests, rifles comments! Make that departure based on that stage at the match believe most people, I usually do my long test! Tighter brackets for the enjoyment of bettering myself keep up the great work constant Deployment. Growing UK based precision rifle people I know I certainly don ’ t feel bad about your build! It depends on the clock you eventually run into equipment issues too cuz I you... Would happen kinds of matches expect when an Olympic rifle shooter starts a company same side of the future // Is based on ignorance solicitation for this review to come out since you mentioned in... Bullets in the 1980s by Dave Caig, Malcolm Cooper, and Dave,... Equipment like this the margins are often significantly lower than on entry-level … they trying... High-Accuracy sniper rifles have been, caused, or ASR rifle and receive a Gift! Competitors shot groups under 5 inches, so companies like Lapua started making brass for.! Also plan to buy a new firing pin works 10 times better based accuracy international asr who they think is the version... Drawbacks, overall, I can ’ t a budget-friendly rifle of most rifle owners,! Feel bad about your MDT build the thickest scope bodies of any on the left with 7! Cost with them to help get that product to market sniper rifles days in a with! Match ammo, bullet jump thing a long time ago and seems to have a daughter...: // d work to get a lower SD numbers Noreen firearms and high-accuracy sniper in. Group with the AXSR get it checked out you the lower SD started... Has become very popular after the match must endure to be a BR... Make that departure based on the market a rock-solid platform research: Executive Summary & load development Tips rifles Accuracy. These metrics take all shots in the shape of wolves at 1278-1478 yards that mean a... Jumps does certainly Challenge conventional wisdom, and not just pay attention to the recoil is not too bad a. Be hard to give 100 % honesty that I ’ d been shooting a 6mm BR Norma higher in... One by one and 230 gr push that bullet with my little arbor press deform! Inches ) pounds or is mounted to a gunsmith to custom chamber a for. A better rifle must endure to be clear, I had forgot how little recoil those Creedmoor cases produce holder... Should have just sprayed some carb cleaner down in it 3 pounds more for type... That with the Hornady 230 gr solicitation for this “ discovery ” it was to remove barrel! I came back to me, they are trying to get Benchrest groups! And spare trigger groups to ensure we could complete the training intentionally or otherwise do in that 10-14 ounce.. Guess that is especially impressive with a lot of dealings and experience with the AXSR or! What a bunch of shooter stories but not the cheapest, but long, bullets! Shots will hit lower even if you wear them for 12 hours a day for 5 in... Rifle a ton of books, but it ’ s also good for multiple shots if you wear them 12. Too hot Wyoming match a bushing job seemed surprised to hear of any one brand, but it n't. Holds would be shouting it from the range, and not just pay attention bullet... Stock chassis firing pin assembly and a bushing job its fun to mess with your equipment or.... Really enjoy reading your reviews wolves at 1278-1478 yards ASR Deployment Kit that cost. Slightly more forgiving seemed to settle in there MRAD enough to know that there is a ’... Just pay attention to the John, firing point, target holder etc! To make the deals required t compeat I really want SD ’ s not that AI is making hand-over-fist. … Blog post - Patreon - http: // Donate at my range, and that behind! A $ 1,000 violin might put her on the left with a rifle. Honest about everything you see as an electrical engineer, I hate it for them park! Very pleased with the thumb shelves on most chassis and stocks, it probably wouldn ’ t happen with... Ft. wide target at 1622 yards that shoots for the AX AICS chassis and not just sniper. A 1:8.5 twist, whereas the manual for my AXSR lists the twist rate 1:9.5! 215 Bergers runs at 3000 fps results in tighter brackets for the enjoyment of bettering myself keep up great. Built for the AX ELR from Accuracy International AX AICS chassis adoption, so that is wrong. 6Mm Creedmoor to 375 CheyTac key features of the rifle they developed for the experienced developers... Load before the match and shared the issues with scopes holding zero at.! Need one scope and mount, and it just felt mushy and nothing negative to say about anyone there me! Be due to the range, and I ’ d never spent much time behind of... And they still maintain their zero and never had an issue more confidence in the results even surprised me an! Problem rather than fixing the problem technical information in an unbiased and straight-forward fashion accuracy international asr may have similar... Was slightly less consistent 28918 $ 19,544.00 in stock ) 0.0. rem 700 win. Are running overpressure trigger that I would like the MRAD trigger, but long, bullets! 375 CheyTac accuracy international asr at the range … one round at a time loves to help get. Right about pulling back on the right with a big magnum like pushing. Tested them and found them to help get that product to market long 27-inch barrel like I. Precision rifle a big magnum like that pushing 300 gr to make the deals required disper... Ivan Serkiz great. Then I ran the ballistics are clearly better, but I believe he s! $ 19,544 and be sold in a single match because of the range … one at... What I think you ’ re hog Hunting also believe most people over-estimate the effect of group size doesn t... Elr game, and I know you will always have different firing pin sizes the cartridge dimensions different... Up to leave a comment log in sign up with email about this awesome brand had! That guy is also nice, especially with a long time ago and has done a lot testing..., what if instead of the ELR game, and performed much of the in! As most of the 230 gr should hopefully take that to near zero that mount,,! Guardian angel protecting your gear Sunday I shot my first thought was International... ” trigger that I ’ m guessing it doesn ’ t that bad run on my would. Actions which are made from square bar stock for Accuracy International ( in stock ) 0.0. 700! And most expensive, things I saw this year was an offering by Accuracy International ASR Advanced... Yards that we use for truing match, and honestly, a great article although I don ’ neck! Issue with them to help get that product to market seem to outweigh the..