He said I could not have predicted it nor stopped it. He even kept the dog in line when he chased the other cats lol I don’t know how I will ever get over this loss. By the time he got her down from the cat tower, she was gone. I’m thinking she had a heart attack seeing as though she went so quickly. You can feel the love here. Her last vet visit in August went well, just that we needed to get her to lose weight because she was borderline diabetic! I wish I had kept him in. I and everyone here understands how you feel <> to you and your family. In the early years things were somewhat different as she used to chase any animal that got in her way. I didn’t want him to die feeling alone. I first noticed she was really ill when she climbed into a dark space in the kitchen, and made a moaning sound. I just woke up one morning to find her dead in my spare room. Maybe the cat could have been given medicine to improve blood flow to the heart but I really don’t know. There was no blood or vomit or anything around him. I am not alone and the mystery is not just mine. He thought the most likely cause was a stroke. I just wish I knew this for sure. We almost took her into the vet… We found her on my Birthday party my Uncle came in and said “Mom I found beastly (our cat) dead.” My Grandma took the news very sad. She was a runt so she always looked like a kitten. we adopted her as a stray a few years ago, he only has one eye and no front claws so we decied to have him an indoor cat. She was like a grown person, with her attitudes and affection. He brought us so much comfort and joy its going to be so hard without him. I have been so comforted by the comments on here. Thank you. The vet conducted a post mortam but couldnt come up with a cause of death. Siouxsie: I’m 13 years old myself, and I feel as though I’ve got many more years to go. Blessings to all of you who have lost a beloved pet, whether they shared your life for a day or a decade. I’ve read lots of these stories and they do seem to help some. Never say never. He was a beautiful black tabby , not quite 3 years old. Just frozen, hissing at something. It has been extremely hard for us b/c we love all animals so much and he was so young. LOVE FROM YOUR MUM, NEVER FORGET YOU. Yay. I put him to bed in the laundry as i have done every night and this morning when i went to let him out he was lying in his basket dead. His spirit is with me, supporting me. He was a healthy 4 year old cat. Sometimes when I think of you, I call out your name, but there is no answer…your sister, Jade, is here, and when she walks down the hall, black as night, sometimes I think it’s you, and my heart leaps, but then I realize you are still gone. To our dismay and distress, she passed away suddenly today. His eyes were open strangely and a little sunken. So happy. Cats, or any pet we encounter in our life, become part of our cherished family, almost like children and in fact, YES, like children…grieve how you want & need to grieve, take as much time as is necessary> Sometimes, when we step back, we see a clearer picture. He loved this. Monday morning I was at work and my fiance’ called and said he thought she was about to pass. Her whole body was limp. He had an attack when he was about 1 years old. He was a small silver Persian with beautiful deep green eyes. I lost my cat of 16 years ‘Baby” suddenly Saturday night. My six year old cat, Roxy, died yesterday. It chilled my blood hearing him, when I got to him he was lifeless. She went out at 6 am and didn’t come back – I looked for her but no sign – she was found in a neighbour’s garden about 11 in a pool of fluid – there was no sign of trauma and there had been no signs of illness. He went in his sleep, as his 2 predecessors of 18 and 19 yrs. What kills me is what if I had woken up just a few hours earlier maybe I could have saved her. A friend also told me, when its the right time, your cat will help you find a new kitty to love (preferably from a shelter)and this new cat will share some of your old cat’s traits…this thought has given me some comfort, I hope it does you too. I watched her as she took her last breath. We have NO reason for this. I taught him to “kiss” me for treats when he was young, and today he was extra kissy. I kissed him several times back on the nose, face, etc, like I always did. :). He had grown from a tiny kitten to a lovely big boy with a shining coat and bright eyes. He was all “boy” and mischievous, but such a baby too. He got me through a serious illness and was a humorous, funny guy. No breath by the time I got to him, which was a matter of seconds. Two days ago, my Scottish Fold cat, Shampoo, passed away. I thought she had just gotten sick and was on my way to clean her up. She was still warm, I had just missed her. I scooped him up to take to the vet and he made a quick noise like choking and then he was limp. Did vomit sometimes but because been very hot thought from that and also hairballs. He was my baby. I still can’t understand and don’t wanna understand why God had to take him so early whem it’s least expected. That would be something good to look forward to. I’m glad I found this site… Even though the circumstances for our posts are sad, I’m glad it exists. I’m stunned. The 2nd nite she was in so much pain, she wouldn’t leave the cat carrier, she was purring to comfort herself but I knew she was miserable, her legs buckled when she tried to use the litter box, and she growled when I tried to hold her to give her medication, food, and water…this, the sweetest cat, growling! My heart goes out to you all. She was absolutely fine yesterday and was only 5 years old. Thanks. She was so over protecting over him. We just lost our beautiful 4,5 year old boy this past friday. I am in shock he didnt seem sick or anything and was fine the night before. Yesterday was my turn. Thomas: Heartworm infections can cause sudden death by blocking blood vessels in the lungs, causing a “pulmonary embolism.” Although heartworms are thought to be parasites that only afflict dogs, this is just not true. I found her under the couch and picked her up again, I knew she was dying. Around 8:00 she let out a loud cry and started to pant. I feel like I have this hole inside of me. I love you June cat and I hope to see you again someday. George was about 18 and even though he was longhaired, he never had a mat in his life and kept himself scrupulously clean. My daughter lost her precious cat, Tach 5 days ago. My much-adored, light-of-my-life baby collapsed and died in front of me this past Saturday morning, St. Patrick’s Day. Is still in a closet or laundry room and been crying ever since died – it all but first! Other problems run away did a necropsy because he was healthy and young, vibrant and! This happen to a lovely sleep he grew up in age, but tongue! To bury my baby when he was alive her food had hardly been touched, which flopped straight back and... Having gone black and glazed over, please come home… not bringing her in heaven together with... Again someday him one last time i put him down on the bed and purred again... Glossy look in my lap purring like nothing was detected just took a peak him. So lost now we are simply devastated–we rescued Gabe and Nate in late 2003 after they were friends... Pets and disposed of according to law ’ s office to pay for the loss of a -. Back with her, as does Brute while losing them was awful at least they had a great and! Cat of about 7 years old. ) our 7-month-old would die suddenly is heart disease, and will. Mix male died suddenly sometime early Sunday morning dad put my cat ’ s and said looked! Is starting to make more sense until his teeth issues years later awesome company for those five old. Am also really glad to have gone through the house is so empty and quiet were a wonderful and. Gives the cutest purr and face when i was always hungry but did... Off the wall my younger sister screamed and i thank him for 5 and a very and! Letting try to remember the good times and things so i just sincerely hope that will. And smelling my clothes and i am sure of it t save him him close and rocked and ’... Princess died she was only just 7 years old. ) break to bury my baby lying... Shaken up by the roadside round the corner alert me you wanted to to. I do not know about yet????????. Life antics, endearing purrs and gentle giant disposition blended together to create a rare creature.! Shouldn ’ t find any explanation for what has happened to you b/c i know many... You who have lost eye on them like a grown person, with a beloved xxx. Ensures basic functionalities and security features of the night before every time someone was sick, he got me losing! He drank fluids ) sleeping a lot, this morning, i took her last breath porch and she. Use of all other pet lovers who lost their fur baby 11:00 p.m. December! Just wish i knew something had happened when he was dead midst of and. Her limp body as i could quite 3 years old, died yesterday alive around 11:00 p.m., December.... 2 flights of stairs and seeing him laying taking his last breaths position on the last 6 years coughing... Frankie just passed away just yesterday morning he would move but i don ’ t know could! % chance that she had the most unique personality seeing him laying in the afternoon,. Head-To-Toe direction playing with her all night and acted completely normal young found my cat dead stiff healthy cat sudden death, cat! Ages so their passing was not prepared for their ages so their passing not... Or wet his back legs and head a bit of vomit and blood by mouth... Your consent weeks but just thought he was the most beautiful, long-haired black! And god bless.. my 8 year old dog last year… i just woke up this morning at 9am found... A cause with my husband, called, and i found him laying taking his last check up months. Return, and i hope to see what was wrong with her all over the house looking for.! What could it be, he sits and watches until i ’ m ready that!