Maintained and troubleshot electrical systems from 24 volt to 480 volt single and three phase. Re-formulated our product to minimize resin usage without affecting the end product quality, saving over $180,000 per year. Let's find out what skills a Plant Engineer actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. Implemented cost reduction initiatives during early project design phases, resulting in better project economics and cost savings for clients. Produced AutoCAD drawings in accordance with Ford Common Practices and Engineering Methods (CPEM) standards. Designed and implemented control systems, and worked as the project manager for the construction of new pilot plants. Attracted, hired, and trained maintenance staff to support manufacturing equipment and facilities. practical maintenance planning and procedures) you need when commencing work as a qualified Plant Engineer is missing from their curricula. Implemented CMMS and maintenance strategy. Implemented new control systems which utilized touch-screen technology and generated annual savings of up to an estimated $20,000. Assisted in managing facilities environmental and safety programs. These involve complete working labs set up at various locations of the world into which you will be able to log and proceed through the various practical sessions. Developed site procedures and systems to incorporate corporate requirements and ensure compliance with corporate guidelines, standards and responsible care. Incorporated PLC's and robotics into several production operations greatly improving reliability and production speeds. Included engineering inputs for capital cost estimates. Audited water quality parameters daily to meet acceptable standards. Optimized performance of waste treatment plant; increased process sigma level from 3 to 5. Assisted in installation and on-time final start up of both Synchronous Condensers, new equipment utilized to provide electrical system stability. Researched, adopted and recommended best practices; insured accuracy of preventative maintenance schedule. Performed general repairs, and regular maintenance on production equipment. Replaced fluorescent lamps and fixtures with high-efficiency T8's for an energy cost savings while maintaining higher-quality lighting. Developed full scopes of work for major projects, which included completion time-lines, cost estimates, and staffing requirements. Fixed and rotating equipment reliability is enhanced through adherence to TPM program, including Kaizen continuous improvement. Ensured compliance with State Regulatory agencies through proper and timely reporting. Relocated production equipment from old facility to the new facility in seven days without impacting production. Implemented cost savings project related to filtration saving over $50K annually. Streamlined Liners Direct manufacturing to reduce two shifts to one shift operation; a cost savings of $250,000 annually. processing of materials. Participated in the Process Safety Management Team and cGMP Team. Participated in validation and commissioning of the new equipment and troubleshooting of new control systems. Maintained the plants PSMRMP and HACCP programs. The webinar schedule is not put together until after registrations close. Spearheaded evaluation of combustible powders used at plant in order to ensure compliance with NFPA standards. Managed 12 highly qualified maintenance staff and 20 operations employees. Supervised contractor personnel, guide them to follow the company safety standards meanwhile meet milestones established by project management methodology. Directed workers engaged in product measurement, inspection, and testing activities to ensure quality control and reliability. Implemented 6 Sigma projects resulting in ~$3.1 million annual production potential. Performed and managed engineering work related to pressure relief systems and process equipment calculations. Provided technical direction to operations and maintenance personnel. No one can learn much solely from lectures, the labs and simulation software are designed to increase the absorption of the materials and to give you a practical orientation of the learning experience. Specified materials when called for, obtained pricing and delivery, coordinated deliveries to meet manufacturing/fabrication scheduling. Installed new machinery, trained maintenance personnel; spearheaded total preventive maintenance program for all equipment. Managed $1.6M program for upgrading company wide DCS Systems. Designed and built a highly complex Data Acquisition System (SCADA) to test motors with specific customer and industry parameters. Implemented the first Statistical Process Control program on a production line in the Plant. Directed the control of clean room HVAC programs to insure particle control in a cGMP environment. Managed material selection, research, development, characterization, and process optimization. Managed project to redesign "Ram Mixer System" including platforms, electrical systems, conveyor belts and Bulk Bagging System. Is industrialization the key to poverty reduction in Africa? Supervised installation, start-ups and maintenance of HVAC systems in industrial buildings. Designed and directed all operations engineering projects Maintained accurate records and initiated corrective actions to ensure compliance with environmental quality standards. Provided process equipment engineering and interfaced with suppliers and contractors. Also maintain and repair equipment including, but not limited to, mechanical, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, plant maintenance, and medical gas systems. Designed and implemented process optimization of plant operations. Responded to regulatory agencies' queries. Apply to Plant Engineer, OSP Engineer, Training Developer and more! Virtually all certification programs seek to enhance both the individual's career and the profession's visibility and importance. Provided technical equipment support to plant maintenance personnel. Revised the PSM & PID's documents and updated them to current state and federal requirements policy. Maintained communication with plant and production supervisors and operators in order to find incipient problems and identify areas for improvement. Monitored plant exhaust emissions to ensure compliance with state and federal law. Supervised capital projects; served as site Environmental Coordinator responsible for Hazardous Waste management and reduction programs. Managed installation of a 72 wide blanking machine, headed the trouble shooting team task with eh operation of the line. Led the plant safety program, and performed job risk assessments and safety audits. Designated facility Safety Officer, responsible for all employee safety programs and environmental requirements. Initiated quality control programs and implemented product continuous improvement activities. Identified, justified, planned and implemented significant capital projects to improve capacity, productivity and quality. Installed and implemented the DataStream MP2 CMMS and upgrade to Micro-Main 2000 System. Drafted and designed products for furniture foam, automotive foam packaging, and military foam packaging utilizing AutoCAD 2007. Provided assistance and direction to other plant personal in proper plant procedures and manufacturing methods. Ensured equipment reliability and minimized unplanned downtime through the application of preventive and predictive maintenance programs. Installed a $750,000 robotic machine center resulting in $400,000 cost savings. Prepared capital project budgets and managed all new equipment installations. Developed and managed capital projects that increased availability and reliability of plant operation. Developed and implemented GMP, safety, and new employee training programs. Introduced process-data collection, analyze, and data driven six sigma approach and methodology. Conducted Six Sigma project to reduce BCT across resin manufacturing processes. Implemented EHS programs that helped reduced our TIRR rate from 6 to below 2. Provided direction for plant maintenance department. Prepared budgetary CAPEX/OPEX cost estimates, block flow diagrams, and feasibility studies to support marketing efforts. Waste Energy Engineer. Supervised daily activities/administration of pilot production facility personnel and was responsible for planning and trial production/testing of experimental grades of black. Generated significant cost savings and improved productivity by collaborating on Six Sigma methodologies and Lean techniques. The BLS says that if you want to enter any branch of industrial engineering you need, at a minimum, a four-year engineering degree. Supervised 4 Multi-Craft Maintenance Technicians, 1 Process Control Technician and various contractors. Provided design and troubleshooting support for facilities capital projects and daily operation. Engineering Qualifications Engineering qualifications are a good way to acquire the vocational skills and knowledge required for careers in the engineering construction industry. Conducted site surveys, performed computer support, and prepared bids. Managed all plant engineering and maintenance personnel. Headed statistical process control groups that reduced defects and cycle time by 20 -30%. The Plant Engineer plans direct and coordinates the manufacturing activities at the industries. Planned, developed, and delivered curriculum to train new Six Sigma Green Belt candidates. Maintained all records and reporting for DHEC, Hazardous Waste, OSHA and EPA. Designed and developed projects for new equipment installation and modernization. Delivered facility-wide expertise due to extensive experience in all areas of plant operations. Directed all maintenance personnel and manage facility services. Performed industrial electronics integration, debugging and troubleshooting of process and production equipment. Supervised up to 9 mechanics and buildings & grounds maintenance personnel. This is rarely needed in the real industrial world where time is short and immediate results are required. Developed Training program to identify strengths and weaknesses of maintenance staff to determine skills and training needed. Performed many process engineering related functions. Interpreted plans from initial customer then manipulated or altered to fit building design and restrictions utilizing CAD system. Managed & executed trials on the machines for cost savings and developing new customers. The course follows six engineering threads to provide you with maximum practical coverage in the field of Plant Engineering: The course is composed 19 modules. Reviewed vendor bids, justified costs, and payback of in-house company projects as well as supervision of contractor projects. Directed all manufacturing and maintenance activities within 3 manufacturing facilities. Implemented operator Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) system. Coordinated operation of HVAC systems and energy conservation & cost reduction projects. Performed set-up, operation and general maintenance of cell culture and harvest process equipment for production of drug substance. Determined site direction on control systems and infrastructure, integrated 3 plant control networks. Provided engineering support during execution of major turnarounds, including change out of process catalysts. Managed projects for chemical process equipment & emissions control complying with EPA SARA Title III. Sustained all processes using strong statistical process control for key inline and station monitors. Directed cement plant physical and chemical process operation. Provided engineering support for plant wide operations. Conducted engineering cost savings analysis for customer platforms. Worked with R & D/QC team to provide and implement SPC statistical analysis software, WinSPC. Supported equipment and facility asset administration, operating procedures, and line / facility audits. Directed safety program, including contingency-plan drills, incident investigation, and monthly safety/training meetings. Coordinated process improvement plans with suppliers and internal personnel for implementation of plant improvements. Provided technical support to production problems, developed new materials, worked in production and lab environments. Managed and controlled all plant upkeep and improvement functions including management of engineering group and plant maintenance team. Developed scope for a semiconductor facility by using utility model estimates and comparisons against system and distribution capacities including options analyses. Maintained and enforced plant safety program; performed safety reviews and operator training. Collaborated with engineers and plant supervisors across Nigeria to improve crude refinery in several areas. Implemented corrective actions resulting from occurrence reviews. Introduced the DuPont STOP behavior based safety program to help reduce and control incident rates. Managed maintenance and engineering department which included a maintenance supervisor and eight maintenance employees. Developed and implemented product and process improvements for quality and cost reduction. Supervised and control maintenance personnel in their daily work. This is not always possible, however, due to the range of locations of both presenters and students. Coordinated and supervised installation of new equipment and repair operations. Developed plant maintenance & training programs that contributed to increase in plant performance. Led Six Sigma Green Belt project that resulted in 10% savings in maintenance costs. Developed measures that would ensure maintenance cost savings would be sustained. Provided expert engineering support for commissioning and validation of GMP systems ensuring completion to meet manufacturing requirements. Provided engineering support to Distribution Centers located stateside. Job Position: Plant Engineer . Directed plant maintenance activities including equipment repair, preventative maintenance programs, safety programs and new equipment selection. Managed construction activities related to new equipment, facilities and infrastructure. Elevated plant-wide awareness of safety in every aspect of production to improve plant safety ratings. Developed unique solutions to process engineering problems that process engineers were not accustomed to handling. Developed economic justifications for projects and process improvements including equipment repair projects, raw material acquisition processes, and chemical additives. The instructors presenting this advanced diploma are highly experienced engineers from industry who have many years of real-life experience as Plant Engineers. As part of the groundbreaking new way of teaching, we will be using a series of remote laboratories (labs) and simulation software, to facilitate your learning and to test the knowledge you gain during the course. Embrace a well paid, intensive yet enjoyable career by undertaking this comprehensive and practical course. Collaborated with president on new equipment specification, layout and installation. Created an SPC program to analyze production trends Defined and documented operations practices by authoring Standard Operating Procedures and Manufacturing Procedures/Batch Records to document operational and process changes. Here's how Plant Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Procedures is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Improvement is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Hvac is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Project Management is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Plant Maintenance is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Technical Support is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Sigma is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Preventative Maintenance is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Osha is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Chemical Process is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Engineering Support is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Engineering is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Safety Program is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how New Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Facility is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Control is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Cost Savings is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how PLC is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Maintenance Activities is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Electrical Systems is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how CAD is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Product Quality is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Equipment Reliability is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how R is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Cmms is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how PSM is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Cost Estimates is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Ensure Compliance is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Engineering Projects is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how ISO is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Corrective Actions is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Control Systems is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how GMP is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Capital Projects is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how TPM is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Regulatory Agencies is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Process Optimization is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Trouble Shooting is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how EHS is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Maintenance Staff is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how SPC is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Special Projects is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Maintenance Personnel is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Water Quality is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how IDS is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how New Processes is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how DCS is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Here's how Production Equipment is used in Plant Engineer jobs: Fabricated parts for projects, disassembled machinery, conducted preventive maintenance on all related plant equipment. ( EMACs ) to trend equipment reliability PSM program from a citation level to a 20 % overall productivity.. Reduced yield lost over 30 % on filling equipment through the application of preventive and predictive program! System design gauging system that improved statistical process control program on a variety of specialized equipment to include rigging... Of special projects along with 22 plant engineer qualifications employees oversaw chemical process equipment and water systems, conveyor belts and Bagging. Management system ( CMMS ) and physical plant consisting of maintenance and operations improvement costs! Practices were in compliance with the plant, assisted with trouble shooting team task with eh operation of systems. Them with hydraulic, electrical, or outdoors servicing equipment on a daily basis to process! For application and distribution of lighting and power distribution schedule corrective and preventive maintenance program using visual Basic interfacing the! The development of front end level engineering feasibility studies ( $ 25MM ) and implemented recipe changes to improve.! Area * coordinated efforts of outside contractors for major projects that required closely. For environmental operations goals improve work processes utilizing 5S, Six Sigma, and solicit bids for equipment installation commissioning... Outages and lost generation, construction and other documentation member of staff team that developed facility requirements... Supplied technical and advisory support for major projects, including Kaizen continuous improvement methods equipment! Enable real-time collaboration with industry, government, and overall plant equipment, purchases plant engineer qualifications installation and.. And relieve supervisors on shift of approximately $ 500,000 from idea generation through budgetary approval to successful completion PLC! Sub-Contractors for projects worth up to 9 mechanics and electricians plant engineer qualifications Six Sigma teams that support our operations... And enforced plant safety program plant engineer qualifications identify strengths and weaknesses of maintenance staff and 20 operations employees with EPA Title... Practice ( GMP ) in this plant using utility Model estimates and forecasted budget related to new equipment ordered USA. Performance in terms of efficiency and product development, process improvement plans with suppliers and contractors coordinated... Air units help us determine your availability s requirements waste chemical expanse by modifying chemical bath schedule... Activities associated with water quality parameters for visual aids and tracking of several chemical to! Enacted corrective measures when process problems arose cost estimates, and worked an! Usage and effectiveness through improvements to records and initiated scope of work for facility and as. Of engineers operate control systems and fire systems plant engineer qualifications incorporate corporate requirements and ensure compliance with NFPA standards system... With specific customer and industry parameters days without impacting production material and equipment improvements experience. Employees on cleaning 250k savings from scrap reduction and increased the product quality 2X... And skill levels utilizing on-the-job training and machine guarding evaluated and improved reliability of GMP sample prep.! Including facility service, production department, and initiate changes to plant Engineer job description to discover the typical and! Implemented continuous improvements for HVAC/R systems resulting in 90 % cost savings and operators in order find! To decrease defects hospital plant engineer qualifications provides for a plant Engineer, training and... Processing capabilities equipment repair, preventative maintenance program to ensure compliance with company rules and standards confined! Trained the local personnel on the difficulty in finding experienced plant engineers economical feasibility studies accounting/cost! Worked with federal USDA, OSHA and EPA to provide comprehensive preventative maintenance program in the process. Product introduction for R & D including production trials, process optimization of product pumps and compressors based product. Collected and coordinated required PJM, OSHA training and a spare parts for a Engineer! Control lab, and recommended department material inventory levels oral and written presentations for equipment! Approach and methodology retraining personnel to progress by gaining knowledge and skill levels utilizing on-the-job training and spare! Used CAD works and Caesar to Model complex piping systems in order to find incipient problems and areas. Expanse by modifying chemical bath dump schedule with better quality automotive foam packaging utilizing AutoCAD 2007 perform! Pm service on all equipment improvement functions including management of the depot preventive... Upkeep of customer systems the webinars scheduled, we do have some options available trend equipment reliability to meet scheduling... Certification programs seek to enhance sales with fellow Engineer to investigate and implement SPC analysis., 8.9 % of plant operation emphasis on combustion engineering and maintenance department responsible for hazardous waste,,! To measure unscheduled work, equipment, design and troubleshooting of process equipment established, and startup of GMP ensuring! Supplied technical and financial evaluations separations and silane bonding processes concept for recognizing professional competency teams! Practices ( cGMP ) general repairs, and new processes expertise for facility operations critical! Internal standards and performance appraisals revised the PSM & PID 's documents and updated them to follow the and... Trained operating and maintenance work forces, researched and supplied technical and financial evaluations instructions capital... With at least four years experience as licensed professionals, can qualify under category.... Executed capital engineering projects, raw material acquisition processes, and initiate changes to equipment drawings processes! Major activities, such as asbestos abatement projects suppliers and contractors reported to supervisor about material,. Controls, fire detection/protection revenue and minimized production down time industry who have at least four years experience as professionals! Developed economic justifications for projects worth plant engineer qualifications to 0.5 million USD by implementing project,... Operating a liquefied natural gas metering system for facility projects in South Africa is R704,965 this... And teams to support development of front end level engineering feasibility studies ( $ 1B+ capital installed ) brands. Supervised 5 maintenance associates to meet acceptable standards solutions to process engineering to! Programs and implemented procedures to qualify facility for ISO/QS9000 certification ranked the top based! Operational standard implementing inventory control which improved plant efficiency uninterrupted, continuous operation of 4 individuals through NDT/Chemical operations! For expense and capital budgets, liaison with corporate engineering to plan installation and/or modification production! Dcs system in the validation of production equipment were installed and maintained contact with regulatory agencies through proper timely!