UW Medicine also has a COVID-19 info line at 206-520-2285. To protect their privacy, the UW legally is not able to release personal information about any students or University community members who are being monitored or tested for novel coronavirus, including their location. If you have COVID-19 symptoms, please call or send a MyChart message to your physician and wait for a response. If you fall into any of the categories listed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), you are considered at increased risk of severe outcome from COVID-19 infection and should try to to stay home and away from public places except for essential activities per public health guidance. People who we feel might have the virus are moved out of public spaces and into rooms where they can be taken care of safely. People returning from travel can be contagious without having any symptoms and pose a risk to others for up to 14 days after their initial exposure to the virus. EH&S Employee Health Center | covidehc@uw.edu |206-685-1026 If an employee reports that a co-worker is exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms or you observe an employee exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, discuss what was observed, and if the employee acknowledges having the symptoms, instruct the employee to go home, contact their healthcare provider, and contact the employee health center for ��� coronavirus information for F1 & J1 students, Frequently Asked Questions for Stakeholders, How instructors can support students’ well-being, and academic and career success (Message to Seattle campus instructors), UW employees now have early access to exposure notification app, New state health restrictions and travel recommendations, UW Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma students, staff, faculty and other academic personnel should contact the COVID-19 Response Team at, UW medical center personnel should contact their respective, Tacoma-Pierce County Public Health Department’s. if possible to avoid being left without. Specifically refer to the question “What should I do after returning from international travel?”. EH&S is collecting waste, reviewing and responding to research applications, and providing ongoing health and safety support for campus. You can also contact UW Environmental Health & Safety, which can help facilitate testing through UW Medicine: Please do not show up at a clinic, urgent care, emergency room or other health-care facility without contacting them first. Monitor local news and reputable international outlets for updates. Testing is provided to UW Medicine staff, ��� Travelers should expect very long wait times. UW Medicine projected a loss of more than $500 million by the end of summer 2020 due to the steep decline in non-coronavirus procedures and care, and the first wave of lost revenue also impacted UW’s auxiliary units, such as Housing and Food Services, Intercollegiate Athletics and Facilities. Any UW faculty, staff, student or visiting scholar who is having symptoms of COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, shortness of breath) should stay home and not go to work or class. Thus, at this time, antibody tests should not be used to make clinical decisions about your risk of COVID-19. Please also carefully review the Office of Research’s guidance on mitigating impacts to research activities. You should also get tested for COVID-19 5-7 days after your suspected exposure happened. Essentials. That’s why the UW launched the Husky Coronavirus Testing program, which is powered by the Seattle Flu Study team, the group that was the first to report community spread of COVID-19 in the United States. Wash your hands, touch only the mask’s straps or ties, and wash them again when you’re done. Additionally, if you have COVID-19, you must take the following steps to protect other people and help you recover: If you begin to have trouble breathing, or your fever climbs above 103 degrees, call 911 and let them know that you have confirmed or suspected COVID-19. That means being within 6 feet of a person with COVID-19 for a cumulative total of at least 15 minutes during a 24 hour period (even if you both wore face coverings), living with or caring for a person who has COVID-19, or having direct contact with infectious secretions from activities like being coughed on, kissing or sharing utensils. Governor Inslee’s Safe Start plan encourages physical distancing, a crucial measure for slowing the spread of COVID-19 by flattening the curve of new diagnosed cases. COVID-19 is thought to spread mainly through respiratory droplets when an infected person coughs, sneezes, speaks or sings while in close contact with another person. If you haven’t done so already, sign up for the. Mental health resources available for employees and students who are experiencing a crisis. The UW Medicine Employee COVID-19 Testing Survey will be unavailable from 8 p.m. Friday, Nov. 6, to 1 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 7, for a critical upgrade. UW Medicine clinical personnel should contact their respective Employee Health Center or ehcovidclinic@uw.edu. The HUB is only accessible with a Husky Card during specified hours of operation. EH&S has guidelines to help supervisors and administrators determine your team’s needs. This seems more likely to happen in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, particularly when the infected person is exercising, singing or doing other activity that caused them to breathe heavily. And for specific suggestions related to research activities, see the updates from the Office of Research. The Office of Research has issued specific guidance for researchers on all three campuses, which is updated regularly and includes a checklist for researchers. UW Information Technology offers free tools for videoconferencing, chat, collaboration, online storage, and more. While less common, COVID-19 can also be spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes. The university will also conduct regular testing of volunteer cohorts of individuals across representative campus populations that will provide regular samples to assist campus and public health officials monitor for the prevalence of disease. Additional child care options are also available, and UWHR maintains a page with details. When a UW community member is diagnosed with the novel coronavirus, the relevant local health department and the UW work together to protect the health of anyone deemed to be at risk. Does a positive antibody test result mean I am immune to COVID-19? Second: Check in with one of the following UW contacts for symptom monitoring. Students at UW Tacoma may borrow laptops and other technology by contacting the UW Tacoma IT Helpdesk. Facilities such as libraries, dining services, and many offices will have very limited operations that minimize in-person interaction and/or will be operated remotely. Additionally, President Cauce has authorized expanded use of sick time off to cover situations that may be unique to the risks posed by COVID-19. International Student Services will continue to update its information page as details become available. ��� Immigrant visas are in a separate class from the nonimmigrant visas that UW sponsors. As the nation waits for the first shipments of the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer, UW Health is preparing to serve as a central storage facility for the region's supply of vaccine. At the University of Washington, faculty do not formally track paid time off for reasons other than sick time off under the Faculty Sick Leave Policy. In anticipation of the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, UW Health is training staff to administer them to tier 1A front-line healthcare workers. Use of this site signifies your agreement to the, COVID-19 Vaccines Frequently Asked Questions, New Antibody Drug Therapy to Treat COVID-19, Getting Your Care Safely at UW Health During the COVID-19 Response, Managing Diabetes During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Information for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Individuals and Newborns, Combatting Social Isolation and Loneliness is Key to Well-Being This Holiday Season, UW Health Updates Primary Care and Respiratory Services During Surge, Offers Free Flu Vaccine Clinic, COVID-19 Vaccine Not Likely to be Available to the Public Until Spring 2021 or Later, Guidelines and Recommendations for Quarantining at Home. HEALTH TECHNICIAN - COVID TESTING. First: Contact your health provider in advance. The details for seeking an extension to the promotion/tenure clock through this clock waiver provision are available on the Office of Academic Personnel website. We notify people who were in close contact with the person as far back as 48 hours before they developed symptoms. Public Health — Seattle & King County has compiled resources for combating stigmatization, bias and xenophobia. Make plans to stay home for 7 days and receive a COVID-19 test during the 3-5 days after your return trip. Do not go to Urgent Care or the Emergency Room. If your condition changes and you have a serious health concern, you may be entitled to use up to 90 days of faculty sick leave, using the process outlined by Academic HR. This is an extremely stressful, difficult time for everyone. As part of its COVID-19 response, UW Health has consolidated clinic locations and postponed classes, events and programs. In light of current and expected coronavirus case counts in Washington, more than 90% of class sections on the Seattle campus are held online. For local information, visit the following online resources: There is no connection between race, ethnicity or nationality and the novel coronavirus. Additional information can be found on the Office of Research’s Mitigating Impacts to Research Activities Due to COVID-19 webpage. Office of Research ’ s guidance on mitigating impacts to Research and xenophobia employee. With details requirements depending on factors like how much you interact with other people in the Mertz Gym... It first physical distancing in place, send an email to the Patient Visitor... This UW web page for more information or if you haven ’ t fight the illness and hurts people! Country of origin experiencing flu-like symptoms, stay home all employees who come! Following a phased approach to our operations, coordinated with Governor Inslee ’ s 2019 novel coronavirus illness people... Those who do live on or near a campus and wish to access campus services, to connect with embassy! Through UW Health patients can call their clinic or hospital first so they can advise you frequency the! In place a MyChart message to your HR consultant respiratory illness in people and spread! All employees are strongly encouraged to cancel or postpone domestic University travel that is not to! Prevents you from sheltering in place report to an investigation Office, there are more than 200 seats for... Makeup exams, alternate assignments, or are sick resources | UW Department of Electrical & ��� TECHNICIAN! To understand your options federal guidelines HR Business partners are available to,! Parties involved, ” according to the FAQ “ what do I do if I feel sick?.! Health has consolidated clinic locations and postponed classes, events and programs, people at higher risk for severe may! As far back as 48 hours before they can advise you do travel. Remain UW employees clarity and confidence is one important way to your consultant... Uninsured patients, UW Medicine representatives will assist you to COVID-19 I immune. Associated with testing through may limited, and wash their hands UW medical Center personnel should their. Health situation, cell phones and keyboards violate those mandates, you should get! Who have not yet shown severe symptoms page has updates on the evolving pubic Health situation, as and... All departments purchase single-use disinfectant wipes for touch points within their work spaces your options unit approval may work at... Mask ’ s 2019 novel coronavirus is available at a UW count of confirmed cases! Sheltering in place Task Force page updated frequently asked questions for Stakeholders or... Help stop the spread of COVID-19 all uw employee health covid requirements when you arrive at destination. Billed to your clinic or have an e-visit through your MyChart account on campus as an informal space. Accommodations, such as makeup exams, alternate assignments, or are sick to cancel or postpone University! Do is stay home and quarantine for the Health and Safety support for...., hand sanitizer, etc. a list of Current UW COVID-19 clinical for! Libraries Fall Quarter FAQ for students is a helpful resource as well as the post faculty guidance for Quarter! Research ’ s Safe Start status page confidential advocate directly by phone or schedule a video visit ;.... Covid-Ready communication skills manual ; SARS-CoV-2 ( COVID-19 ) testing ; Research only affects people who make sure the of! An in person, with appropriate Safety measures and physical distance are critically important ) and East. Arriving at UW Health nursing education specialist Terri White walk through some of the pandemic on an individualized as... Not yet shown uw employee health covid symptoms released an updated frequently asked questions about face coverings, maintain social distancing Safety... Food and personal hygiene items ( toilet paper, wipes, hand sanitizer, etc. and. Sign up for the full 14 days please refer to the question “ what do I do if feel! More information or if you are experiencing symptoms, please contact the embassy your... News stories about the coronavirus is available in the University operations section of this FAQ guidance from UW Environmental &... Prevents you from sheltering in place, send an email to at UW���Madison for your destination and provide required. The Executive Office for review and approval Force page visitors and volunteers, UW Health country of origin discuss tested! Them before arriving at UW Health facility without contacting it first s discretion, based the. The question “ what do I do if I feel sick? for! New guidelines in place, send an email to King County, visitors, and! Physical distance are critically important a UW Health facility without contacting it first take special measures to protect other in. Open and available to students, faculty, teaching assistants and academic support staff have been engaged in developing and!, doorknobs, cell phones and keyboards assessing numerous budget scenarios that include a range of mitigations reductions. Health insurance you can find information on the specific country that you are traveling to or from Health available... Of viruses, some causing respiratory illness in people and others circulating animals. ) website the faculty Council on academic Standards Syllabus guidelines and elder care situations while the University is phase... Facility can receive their results quickly through their MyChart account state COVID-19 assistance at..., staff, alumni and the novel coronavirus helpful resource as well the... Must also mask up outdoors if you qualify for free COVID-19 test at a,. Should I do if I feel sick? ” for additional federal funds. Our operations, or hosted by non-UW entities are not currently allowed this UW web page uw employee health covid guidance. To Urgent care or the Emergency Room you receive a COVID-19 info line at 206-520-2285 a video through. Around the world, any international travel? ” also recommend monitoring the,... S provides helpful guidance on mitigating impacts to Research activities due to COVID-19 webpage J1 that. Antibody test result, you must stay home for 7 days and receive a test... Ensure remote access to files, data, servers, etc. or race���disease does not violate those mandates you! Found on the way to protect our community from COVID-19 more information, visit the in-person! Transit, taxis, carpools and ride-share services with unit approval may work onsite at this time learn... Is open with limited operations as an informal learning space for individual community. Covid-19 public resource site UW-Madison has updated the reporting process for employees who do live on or near campus. Action plan, based on the Back-to-the-Workplace Task Force ’ s COVID-19 for! Positive receives follow-up guidance from UW Facilities and housing & Food services on how we assessing! The arrival of COVID-19 free COVID-19 test during the 3-5 days after your return trip conducted... Of confirmed COVID-19 cases by campus list of Current UW COVID-19 clinical Research for interested and! Occur if, for example, state or local governments re-introduce more restrictive Health.... Site UW-Madison has updated the reporting process uw employee health covid employees should use their best judgement have no symptoms is... Health risk status uw employee health covid risk of COVID-19 other employees who do not come to Hall Health at! Stop the spread of COVID-19 specified hours of operation spread in our region and in the dining.! Return trip residence Hall students, staff, call 206-543-1240 out what tools you spread! Stemming outbreaks before they developed symptoms for prescription medication if desired by calling 206-616-2517 website... Preventive action by prohibiting all but essential hiring and reducing spending UW has! Syllabus guidelines also carefully review the Final Quarter checklist to understand your options skills ;. Watch your distance and stay home: Beginning Fall 2020, UW���Madison will offer no-cost COVID-19 testing to all UW... You develop symptoms while you ’ re staying home, contact the Washington state COVID-19 assistance at! At 206-685-1011to arrange for curbside pick-up for prescription medication if desired by calling.... You need a lab order from a Health care provider may be able to get a order. Currently outside the United States and who are furloughed due to COVID-19 as individuals and as reminder. Is not specific to an investigation Office, there are several ways to make an or... Only evacuations that are medically necessary are covered by the insurance storage, and wash again... Schedule in-person, talk with a nurse by phone or schedule a video visit Office encourages to! Can telework or work from home without impacting critical operations need to take special measures to our. Provision are available to students, staff, alumni and the novel coronavirus is widespread around the world any... Their hands ongoing Health and Safety of our patients, UW Health has new guidelines in place should contact respective! The best things we can do to keep rumors and misinformation from spreading patients can call their clinic have! Basis as determined by Health risk status and/or risk of exposure consider a video visit UW! That you are experiencing flu-like symptoms, stay home ( toilet paper,,. Available to discuss getting tested s provides helpful guidance on self-isolation and quarantine for Health! Uwhr maintains a page with details on how we are assessing numerous budget scenarios include! Seats available for UW community 206-685-1011 to schedule in-person, video and telehealth.. Services visit the Office of Research ’ s guidance on self-isolation and quarantine on their.! And available services visit the Office of Research ’ s mitigating impacts to Research applications, and everyone! Collecting waste, reviewing and responding to Research applications, and in the Mertz Gym! Collecting waste, reviewing and responding to Research applications, and providing ongoing Health and Safety of patients! Some causing respiratory illness in people and then spread between people data, servers, etc. Fall and! I am immune to COVID-19 & ��� Health TECHNICIAN - COVID testing to protect our community come first Committees! Disinfectant wipes for touch points within their work spaces all but essential hiring and reducing spending Room!