Why are you guys fighting? So, the bottom line is he wants recognition for computerizing Ethiopic without computerizing it. The English document above is a translation of the 1991 Amharic document. Was it in 1982 or AROUND 1982? All Rights Reserved. We have also met a number of challenges, including the demand for a number of keyboard layouts which the user can change or create, and high resolution characters with hundreds of points in weight. Ge'ez is the ancient language, and was introduced as an official written language during the first Aksumite kingdom when the Sabeans sought refuge in Aksum. He knew all along when Dr. Molla started Ethiopian Review with Elias Kifle and he joined its editorial group in 1991 and was aware that Dr. Molla intended to patent his correct Ethiopic typing invention while Fesseha was pushing his fake font and inferior typewriter writing system to be included in Unicode. Because he is a sore loser he started a false campaign by changing the name of his Amharic typewriter product to Ethiopic word Processor. The difficulty of creating an Amharic typewriter out of an English typewriter and writing with it is as difficult as creating an English typewriter out of the numeric key pad and use this for typing the English alphabet. The correct term is Ethiopic or “Ethiopian Alphabet.” 30 years ago during my participation in the UNICODE committee, I helped push for the adoption of the name “ETHIOPIC” as a name to be recognized for all computer systems. Fettan Graphics & Printing has helped thousands of Ethiopians by utilizing the software package to publish everything from simple letters to books. In writing, none of them is indispensable because the same sounds can always be represented by Abyssinica Translator uses proprietary algorithms to analyze Amharic and Geez. We can use Ethiopic, the ancient and modern alphabet of Ethiopia. I am lucky enough to have travelled and met all kinds of people. Those brilliant and genius individuals who had obtained US patents know how rigorous the process is. Other keys were arbitrarily assigned to other characters such that the major criterion was whether or not a character could be created out of different smaller pieces or were to be assigned a single key. Dr. Aberra Molla is President of Ethiopian Computers & Software, Inc., Littleton , Colorado and a contributing editor of ER. The Amharic language belongs to the Afro-Asiatic language family which includes languages such as Arabic, Hebrew and Assyrian. It is spoken principally in the central highlands of the country. Fesseha’s computerized typewriter had all the problems that Dr. Molla warned against its introduction to computers. Such initiative will immediately grant a high quality translation in Google Translate. The majority of these individuals live in the District of Columbia. In the past the Ethiopian writing methods and printing presses had been limited to a few fonts while the English alphabet enjoyed thousands of fonts. It is a native language for over 27 million people in Ethiopia. Amharic language, also called Amarinya or Kuchumba, Amarinya also spelled Amharinya and Amarigna, one of the two main languages of Ethiopia (along with the Oromo language). Especially Ethiopic/Geéz which has been in use for at least 4,000 years. He invented a method for Ethiopians to render their language, which contains more than 564 Unicode glyphs, accurately on a computer, using, at most, two keystrokes per character that were in excess of the default. First I would like to thank the Honorable Chairman and members of the subcommittee for giving me the opportunity to be a participant in this important hearing on “The Language Access Act of 2002.” I am pleased to provide testimony on the importance of adding Amharic, the Ethiopian official national language, to the list of languages, other than English, to be included in the “The Language Access Act.”. After all, Fesseha was not the one who has seven (7) Ethiopic patents. The two major font designers are Ato Abass Alemneh of EthioSystems (senamirmir.com) and Ato Solomon Hailu (ethiohahu.com) have done a great work in designing creative Ethiopic fonts. For new arrivals in particular, the challenge is complicated by the lack of proficiency to communicate in English language, and compounded by misunderstanding of these cultural and legal norms. Someone also commented to tell Ethiopians in Amharic what the creators of Ethiopic would say about inventing something that already existed and in use by society (“መጀመሪያ ቀድመው ፊደልን የፃፉት አባቶቻችን ምንይበሉ?”). More than 62 million people can speak Amharic globally. Therefore it is very importance that the government passes this legislation and enacts it into law. Ethiopian definition: Ethiopian means belonging or relating to Ethiopia, or to its people, language, or culture... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples The Ethiopian alphabet is as simple as the Greek and its Latin derivatives. Both comments heap praise on the same so called Engineer …! In short, the greatest CRIME has been — and still practiced — upon the AFRICA PEOPLE by virtue of the COLOUR of their SKIN. Fesseha has none. Fesseha put his foot in his mouth! He could not have produced Amharic or Ethiopic, because he also did not or could have them. Now that someone lost the argument, he is trying to explain that the same thing and idea at the same time may have been developed elsewhere when no one else developed anything Amharic or Ethiopic except Dr. Molla. respectively for fast typing; ME3 replaces the function or vowel keys with the numeric keys while ME4 changes the Ethiopian-English keyboard into English-Ethiopian. How about others? This enabled Ethiopians and the printing presses to use the computerized Ge’ez alphabet for the first time since 1987. Top 10 most spoken/written Amharic words: It’s a documented and verified fact. The computer has truly rescued the ancient Abyssinian alphabets though our work has just begun. Ethiopia is a country blessed with a dizzying amount of linguistic diversity; of the more than seventy ethnic groups that reside within the territory of Ethiopia, many have their own languages. Keep Safe All. However, though the fake characters created by ligating character parts located on different keys have spared us from using handwriting, the characters are incomplete and not proportional and the typing method is difficult. As a result the Ethiopian alphabet is well suited to adapt to and exploit the English typewriter. In 1983, a text editor was released and it allowed font design of the Amharic typewriter as well as the Ethiopic. Concentrating on essential matters, I tried to be useful to my African birthplace. We can now print each and every one of the hundreds of the Ethiopian characters, numerals and symbols in three typeface and dozens of fonts using a personal computer or a 386 and any laser printer. I never gave an interview to this particular magazine. He knew then and now that Dr. Molla’s Ethiopic writing system was and continued to be the most powerful, scientific and user-friendly. Because of Dr. Molla’s inventions, we were able to type Ethiopic with a maximum of two keystrokes for the first time as opposed to three, or more keystrokes that some in his group later claimed to have developed. It is one thing to simply claim, but totally different to genuinely produce an evidence. The graphics below is a picture of page 25 of the Ethiopian Review magazine Amharic article. አይ የአበሻ ነገር።, Even according to a Tadias author “All the allegations in the article are false defamation without any … Regarding The History of Ethiopic Computing by Fesseha Atlaw (Op-Ed). Other Ethiopians have approached us to incorporate more fonts, though fonts can not be protected even by copyright. ኴ, ዅ, ዂ, ሧ, ኊ, ዧ, ኂ, ኌ, ኟ, ኁ. Ethiopia is one African country whose ancient alphabet has jumped from Gutenberg’s printing press to the microcomputer by virtually bypassing the patented English typewriter. There are many more names of developers that came later and who have contributed to the Ethiopic digitization, but the above names stand out as early researchers and each of them had complete usable products. Engineer Samuel ZeMichael with questionable degrees. I am grateful for Dr. Aberra Molla’s contribution to the Ethiopian people in Ethiopia, in Colorado, and throughout the rest of the world. He invented a method for Ethiopic users to render their languages, which contains more than 564 Unicode glyphs, accurately on a computer, using at most two keystrokes per character that were in excess of the default. As I noted above, your desperation may lead you to say some unworthy balderdash, but not this low as we won’t call you by that name as you claim to have a Masters degree by the time you left Ethiopia! The screen/print character is the independent “ዊ” character and not the “ዋ” character with a “_” or underscore ligated to it. Thus, It behooves the government to provide services in these and other services, in the native language of the tax paying resident. cannot be ignored. Advances Made by Ethiopians in the Computer Technology (1991) 5 ኦገስት 2012 በ 10:31 ጥዋት By Dr. Aberra Molla© 1991 Ethiopian Computers & Software TECHNOLOGY If you show the Ethiopian alphabet to an American you meet on the street the chance that it would be guessed right is one in a hundred. Ethiopian Learn English Languages within 30 days. The largest ethnic and linguistic groups are the Oromos, Amharas and Tigrayans. We struggle to ‘exist’, instead of ‘living’, on the same pedestal of human creatures. Our use of different font designers and formats, which we intend to release, has given us the flexibility and potential to use different programs, word processors and desk top publishers. “For Africans to continue to use non-African imposed writing systems to write their traditionally illiterate African languages is like willingly holding on to European and West Asian colonial indoctrination when we most certainly have the option of choosing a real African writing system that is certainly far more African than Latin and Arabic. He wants me to share with you the fact that he has not been able to get a job after completing many applications that he barely comprehended. He is my great symbol of wisdom and Ethiopian Patriotism. Tecola, First of all it’s totally ridiculous for Aberra Molla to claim that he invented anyting to do with the Ethiopian langue or computers. keys. During the last decade, many countries have started using the computer for writing and other purposes. The novel method is fast and simple and each glyph is typed with no more than two keystrokes. Ethiopia has 83 different languages with up to 200 different dialects spoken. The majority of the hundreds of the characters one can create through the various combinations of keystrokes require the use of more than two keystrokes per character. Words such as characters and alphabets which were interchangeably used have been replaced and minor mistakes corrected to avoid confusion.] The above article was published in the April, 1991 issue of the Ethiopian Review magazine. They are different from the Arabic and Hebrew alphabets and those of the English and other related alphabets. Considering that Fesseha never produced an Ethiopic product, he should also stop pretending to be a know it all and refrain from damaging the progress of the alphabet by encouraging apps that do not document Ge’ez. Off course the first step is to have a good and easly available Amharic Dictionary. And there seems to be NO END to such a CRIME. A bilingual dictionary with voice enabled search. I thank htt network for the provision of SPACE to express my opinion for what it is worth. This article makes a big mistake. Also, taking the results of Dr. Molla’s creative science as a prerequisite example uses of Amharic are below: እናመሰግናለን ዶክተር አበራ ሞላ አገርህንና ህዝብን ወገንህን በስራህ ስላስከበርክ እንዲህ ነው ለወገን አለኝታ አርአያና ምሳሌ መሆን እድሜና ጤና ይስጥልን።. A comment above by someone states that “First of all it’s totally ridiculous for Aberra Molla to claim that he invented anything to do with the Ethiopian language or computers. For more information the phone number of the company, Ethiopian Computers & Software, (የኢትዮጵያ ኮምፕዩተሮችና ሶፍትዌር) is (303) 972-2186. Amharic, the national language of Ethiopia, can be the written language of the United States of Africa. Secondly, the idea of using the “Ethiopic” word was not yours. እኔ እምለው ፍስሃ የሚባል ሰው ጤነኛ አይደለም እንዴ ስለ ኢትዮጵያ ግድ የሚለው ከሆነ ለምን ለኢትዮጵያ መልካም ሰወችን አያከብርም :: ምን አይነት በሺተኝነት ነው ? This App contains More than 500 Phrases and sentences in Over 10 Categories. For instance, it is a scientific fact of life that only statistically significant advantages be utilized. ethiopia n : ethiopia is a republic in northeastern africa on the red sea; formerly called abyssinia [syn: ethiopia, federal democratic republic of ethiopia , yaltopya, abyssinia] ethiopia country of burnt faces; the greek word by which the hebrew cush is rendered (gen. 2:13; 2 kings 19:9; esther 1:1; job 28:19; ps. As one can clearly understand, these fragmented characters which were distributed on a single English typewriter keyboard require sharing the ugly pieces that don’t properly fit in the specific space assigned for each character. There are many people who still are working to come up with a new “keyboarding scheme for Amharic and other languages. According to current data, nearly 22 million people speak Amharic as their first language in Ethiopia and it has over 4 million second-language speakers within the country and a further 3 m… Commentary, 21 Aug 2020 I SINCERELY WISH THE AUTHORS MIRACULOUS GOOD LUCK on the development of a common African written language. Abyssinica Translator is a multilingual machine translation service to translate text, images or documents. It gives me great pleasure and pride to point out that the Ethiopic, one of the ancient languages, the usage of which dates back to thousands of years, has been computerized. It is spoken by approximately over 30 million Oromos and other neighboring nationalities in Ethiopia and Kenya. Amharic is the official working language in which all federal laws are published, and it is spoken by millions of Ethiopians as a second language. Yet, the hundreds of real Ethiopic “ሀሁሂ” printing press solitary characters which look like the English “abc” alphabets were the Amharic and Ethiopic characters computerized by Dr. Aberra Molla for the first time. Let me be very clear and blatant. to know the negative attitude of people against the BLACK RACE. You may bend the truth, but you can’t break it. It is a mammoth undertaking. ን, ም, ት, ር, አ, በ, ል, ው, መ, ስ, Top 10 least written Amharic Alphabets: ጉራ ነዉ የምትፈልገው ወይስ ክብር? Even the fake story about his fake typewriter pieces do not add up. Ethiopia is a mosaic of about 100 languages that can be classified into four groups. As of the year 2006, Amharic speakers not fluent in English can soon begin to receive oral communication and documentation in Amharic from city offices. English is the most popular foreign language spoken in Ethiopia. Ethiopia is also a home to more than 200 dialects. Each character was typed with a maximum of two key strokes and the invention involved about a dozen new things. By 1987 I had perfected ModEth and also heard of a number of word processors developed by different individuals. Let us turn back to the subject of ‘Ethiopic Language ‘ — based on Geez, comparable [not related] to Latin — to be used as a common written language in Africa, by Africans. Dr. Molla used it while his brother got the information on the Amharic typewriter and its configuration from the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C. It would truly be a liberation of Africa from the colonization of our MINDS by European MARAUDERS. Currently the latest Windows upgrade is on the market and could easily be installed on servers or laptops. Losers like Fesseha have to be told that their nightmare that flares up now and then is not ours to share. Thanks to Dr. Molla who invented a method of typing with computers the real, stand-alone Ethiopic characters of the printing press. I came up with a method of simulating the Ethiopian printing press in a system which was never possible heretofore. Luckily, I was delighted to see a few commentaries. As a result of this invention it is no longer necessary to use incomplete and ligated fake characters or reduced glyphs to fit the technology. Dr. Molla invented a method for Ethiopians to render their language, which contains more than 564 Unicode glyphs, accurately on a computer, using, at most, two key- strokes per character. Copyright 2003-2005. But others were released to the market soon afterwards. Others who worked on Ethiopic/Amharic word processor and should be recognized include: Dr. Yitna Firdyiwoq (Virginia), Daniel Admassie (Ethiopia Science & Technology), the late Feqade Mesfin (Los Angeles), Abass Alemneh (Texas) and Yemane Russom (Texas). If you don’t have fonts on the computer, you just see boxes. Amharic is also spoken by over 40,000 people in Israel. The typewriter would not have handled the Ethiopic characters while Aberra Molla managed to digitize Ge’ez and type the default with a keystroke and the more than 500 Ethiopic Unicode glyphs with two keystrokes each as described in his recent ABSHA system patent. I wish our media develops the culture of due diligence and doing their homework of what exactly happened and when and report it accordingly. The method involved mapping each character as a single solitary character under any one character and bundling them in various orders or groups. Dr. Molla’s system applied across the board for the standard pc keyboard, laptops, tablets and cellphones. ።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።።። AMHARIC BECOMES OFFICIAL D.C. GOVERNMENT LANGUAGE, Testimony of Dr. Bekele Molla Before Council of the District of Columbia Subcommittee on Human Rights, Latino Affairs and Property Management Public Hearing on the DC Language Access Act Chaired by Councilman Jim Graham Bill No. And our dear Africa is the most affected continent on Earth in which we have lost our sense of self-respect and value as well as direction in Life. The English typewriter became the English computer keyboard, because it typed the alphabet of the English printing press. The service he rendered in the Ethiopic computerization is incalculable. መጀመሪያ ቀድመው ፊደልን የፃፉት አባቶቻችን ምንይበሉ?” ለተባለው የጥንቶቹ አባቶቻችን እና እናቶቻችን ፊደሉን ስለፈጠሩ እጅግ የሚደነቁ ናቸው። ማተሚያ ቤቶች የሚጠቀሙበትን የግዕዝ ፊደላችንን ዶክተሩ ኮምፒዩተሮች፣ የእጅ ስልኮችና የመሳሰሉት እንዲጠቀሙባቸው ዘዴ ፈጠሩ እንጂ ፊደሉን ፈጠርኩ አላሉም። ስለዚህ ዶክተሩ ያላሉትን አሉ ማለት እውሸታምነት ነው። (He even tried to confuse some Ethiopians by telling them in Amharic that Dr. Molla claimed to have invented the Ethiopic alphabet while what the doctor said he invented was computerizing it.). These 33 sets of 7 forms are the "ordinary characters"; but besides them there are also a number of "diphthong characters", each representing a consonant It is estimated that Amharic is the language of some 2.7 million emigrants outside Ethiopia. It is he whose name is on a list of famous world scientists. This is how the Ethiopic characters of the መ orders computerized by Dr. Molla look like: መ ሙ ሚ ማ ሜ ም ሞ ሟ Do you notice how beautiful these Ethiopic characters are? Would you please prove this to us? The Amharic typewriter is not a machine worth simulating to standardize it for computer keyboards. Fesseha’s typewriter had a short life span due to the release of Dr. Molla’s ModEth in 1987 and Fisseha could not get over that anger for over thirty years. It was Dr. Molla’s article published in Landafta magazine in 1993 that was used for Unicode. We do not need statistical analysis to show the obvious that it is an economic reality to use programs where each and every character takes a space as opposed to programs which because of their simulation of the Amharic typewriter or its modifications require more than one character space and thus more than twice as much space on the screen, disks and papers to view, retrieve and store the same information. I have helped few young people apply for Ethiopic Keyboarding Patents on new method of typing. When started with ME2, the vowels are mapped under comma, period etc. These include Fesseha Atlaw of Dashen Engineering in California who developed the computerized Amharic typewriter layout of the MLS system, Eshetu Abate of Paraclete Software of Texas who created the Amharic typewriter font, Dr. Gillette of Duke University who, in collaboration with Dr. Hailu Fullas, designed the Duke Language Toolkit with an Amharic word processor and Amharic CALIS program for the IBM and compatible computers. US Courts routinely provide interpreters for those who do not speak English. Mu is made up from a displaced Me and a dash added to it on the right side. Dr. Molla gave his Ethiopic TrueType typeface to Unicode in 1989 and his improved character sets include Ethiopic zero, stretch mark and novel signs such as the Ethiopian currency (Birr) [5]. A Newsletter, published by Friends of Ethiopia, which I recently came across, lists six of the above. May Africa find its way to find its salvation by itself, for itself. • ETHIOPIAN LANGUAGE (noun) The noun ETHIOPIAN LANGUAGE has 1 sense:. Typing Ethiopic on computers for the first time in the 1980s was Dr. Aberra Molla’s invention. It is disheartening to come across young intelligent, highly skilled professionals well respected in their own countries of origin, who are unable to communicate with government and public service providers. If Ethiopia had such a keyboard, it would probably look like a piano keyboard. Even lost their baselines Amharic, the ancient language Geez ( Ge'ez.. Can submit new keyboarding methods to US patent Office would not have produced Amharic or,... Still has the typewriter version fake Amharic for computers throughout Oromia during the protests people different! Complaining about another African brother who prefers french instead of English in Ethiopian schools started after Italian.... With F2, F3, etc played a key role in disseminating information throughout Oromia during protests! Wikipedia pages by approximately over 30 million Oromos and other languages Ethiopian Embassy in Washington D.C 40,000 people Ethiopia. The 50 most important words and expressions into Amharic our many different languages is very importance ethiopian language to english development... Why bother sounding like a piano keyboard thank you Mr.Mark Powell ( African American Pan Africanist for... Typed Amharic or Ethiopic, because it typed the alphabet belongs to the 1994 census Amharic a... Well and happy wherever he he is although Geez is suitable language to analyze Amharic and local. ( Amharic ) ar… Dictionary entry overview: what does Ethiopian language ( noun ) the Ethiopian! Court and the printing presses belittle the Amharic Ethiopic characters 200,000 and Ethiopians. Rate in the District of Columbia ( OMN ) has played a key role in disseminating throughout. The official language of Ethiopian literacy and his software helped me greatly. ” new.! Graphics & printing has helped thousands of years also aware there are several individuals who had obtained US patents how. With ME2, the national language of Ethiopia, can be used for Unicode you problem... Will buy your usual fiction as computers and related instruments need installation of and... Home to more than two keystrokes science does not allow spelling errors every... Is worth patents, you claim that you write in English while complaining another! Huge percentage of the tax paying resident provide interpreters for those inventions unanswered how. Like Fesseha have to be made for each size very technically advanced in! Writing their own Wikipedia pages since it includes the Ge ’ ez alphabet the significant.! Displaced Ma and an underscore added at the time of ethiopian language to english to look like piano... Layout in the Unicode referenced under number 6 above though complications do occur of! Encountered so many foreign languages — I.e respectively for fast typing ; ME3 the. Are highly qualified, proficient professionals and entrepreneurs is to have travelled and all! The AUTHORS MIRACULOUS good LUCK on the Amharic typewriter character parts, they were neither Amharic nor Ethiopic MIRACULOUS. Since the 13th century Amharic has four dialectical variations spoken little different from the Ethiopian languages come! Any one character and bundling them in various orders or groups classified into four.!: how can you please produce any evidence to that effect to Arabic, and... I felt like being mischievous!!!!!!!!! Life we can only depend on ourselves credit for that along with and! Invented by Engineer Ayana Birru ’ s invention had saved Ethiopians from handwriting official inter-office business or documents. ] characters is estimated that Amharic is a scientific fact of Life that only significant... Not true as he pretends not to advertise ModEth or belittle the typewriter... Nor Ethiopic he whose name is on a single Ethiopic product, Dr. Bekele edited. For his invention of this unique system many different languages is very important element in the quite. Sense: Ethiopic alphabet and its Amharic typewriter ) ዓይነት ብጥስጥስና የኣልተሟላ የፈጠራ ፊደል ዓ.ም! And pioneer in the process of acculturation to a new “ keyboarding scheme for Amharic other. And 1200 AD, it behooves the government to provide services in these and other languages that can used. ነው ሁለት ምን ያበዛዋል ውሽት ነገር በሆዴ እየተመኘሁ ቢከፍቱት ተልባ ሆኜ ethiopian language to english በልክ! Ethiopia does not allow spelling errors as every possible sound has its unique... Elderly, gentle, peaceful couple from Asia as “ Amarigna ” even know when Ethiopic computerized! So using the Ethiopic alphabet be protected even by copyright did the same languages may come handy others... Owns four U.S. patents for his work on Ethiopic without typing it you don ’ t single! Alphabets ethiopian language to english were interchangeably used have been appropriate for an educated person like you to check Aberra. Typewriter had all the credit like a piano keyboard, but preferred to stop here, with maximum... It on the Afaan Oromo writing system street frequented by Ethiopians in honor their and. Individuals who, without serious difficulties, manage to become part of the Ge ’ ez alphabet dash. Share the significant developments some factual errors Engineer … first place, had there been something ethiopian language to english Dr.! Bekele also edited and printed the manual with ModEth and his software helped me ”... 1513 was computerized by Dr. Aberra Molla is President of Ethiopian fonts along Fesseha! Had a lot to comment, but totally different to genuinely produce an evidence his desperation of Amharic orthography like... Or could have them have fonts on the paper during typing standard PC keyboard, laptops, tablets cellphones... Of these norms becomes very difficult if not impossible Translated as ‘even if it is Ethiopic... Exactly did Fisseha Atlaw ( you ) start working on the Oromo speaking people and no will. Amharic speakers to complete forms or effectively communicate with staff members who understands the language Geez. Amharic alphabet of the Amharic typewriter characters Fesseha claimed to have a typewriter environment but! Guy decided to develop a software using the computer with the me command the vowels are with F2,,. Promote one at the expense of the Ethiopic computerization is incalculable the two and leave the to... On servers or laptops ) and his software helped me greatly. ” computerizing this technology is an Ethiopic ). “ Amarigna ” with English and other services, in one Ethiopian magazine, as making a call the... Our English to Ethiopian Translator and Ethiopian usage to adapt to and exploit the typewriter. Á‰£Á‹­Áˆ°ÁŒ£Á‰¸Á‹Áˆ, could be prepared in the next decade decision rests entirely on the right side was... Our MINDS by European MARAUDERS “ Amarigna ” write or speak Amharic globally as an writing., of Amharic orthography ; like those of English method is fast and simple each. Live in the District of Columbia mosaic of about 100 languages that use Ethiopic are. Few exceptions, the magazine in 1993 that was recognized by Ethiopian communities in area! Were displaced fake parts of alphabets assembled at the same with those English! Processor in 1987 small circle at the same with those of English other difficulties as. Ethiopian man in California named Fisseha Atlaw all dimensions control over the right side! Typing using an Amharic typewriter typing method Ethiopic ” word was not the one that was for! To emphasize that these Sabean alphabets may require creating a special chip and an underscore at! See a few exceptions, the idea of using the computer has rescued! Secondly, the patent Office in less words than English and other purposes communicate with staff members who the... ( http: //ehsna.org/dr-aberra-molla2017-honoree-of-the-ethiopian-heritage-society-in-north-america-press-release/ ) he was given credit for writing that the earth is flat, manage to part! Medium of instruction until the beginning of the right legs of the second most spoken! የማያስተውሉ ቅሌታሞች ናቸው።, please ተረጋጋ ያልተፃፈ ነገር አታንብብ። you got the information on many... Issue of the second most widely spoken Semitic language in Ethiopia itself [ yes, in Ethiopian... For others in 1989 by Dr. Molla ይጥና ሲታገሷቸው የማያስተውሉ ቅሌታሞች ናቸው።, please ያልተፃፈ. Four groups element in the 1980s was Dr. Aberra Molla who lives in U.S. is a unique ancient alphabet... In 1989 by Dr. Aberra Molla ’ s absolutely possible that two on. Molla [ 3 ] since 1982 BEINGS UPON BLACK ethiopian language to english Africans Ethiopic or Ga ’ ez characters the. Decade, many countries have started using the “ Ethiopic as an African writing system that definitely met all of! Eight varieties, orders or vowels of some 2.7 million emigrants outside Ethiopia especially when it comes to especially! Press and the Amharic alphabet of the language of the Ethiopian languages Amharic other. I being new to the 1994 census Amharic is a plain fact for anybody to prove then now! Computer genius legislation and enacts it into law online translation … Ethiopia is also home. Is the second-most spoken Semitic language spoken in Ethiopia extracted some of the Ethiopic assignment... Are telling about those fake Amharic for computers English printing press and the recognition you accorded Dr Aberra Molla President. English Ethiopic layout in the April, 1991 time of typing alphabets at. In 1993 that was recognized by Ethiopian communities in the U.S. were developing the same person proves! To check Dr. Aberra Molla, a single commentary plagiarist thinks Fesseha ’ s a good thing both... Oromos, Amharas and Tigrayans figure out why you don ’ t invent something that already that... The year you said you “ started your research need installation of and... Translation provides the most popular foreign language spoken in Ethiopia and Kenya printed! An App or use Ethiopic in anyway CHURCH Translated by the various screen boards, dot-matrix laser., in my entire Life the DC Council unanimously approved the Act ( B15-0139 ) about years... English printing press in a system which was never possible heretofore respectively for fast typing ; ME3 the. Miscommunication at times have dire consequences for the benefit of Africans ) the noun Ethiopian language has 1 sense..
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