Write a review. Watch the sunset as you enjoy the last of your glass. Gentleman Jack is a whiskey that delivers a very well rounded experience. One of the most delicious drinks I have ever had the pleasure to experience. I must admit I'm not a Jack Daniels fan but aa a whiskey lover I decided to give it a try. Just don't like it, everything that makes the others drinkable is gone. Bought a bottle today out of necessity today because the backwoods bottle shop connected to a gas station I was limited to had nothing better. 689 K č. I say neat is the only way to give this whiskey it’s due. Well rounded, smooth with just the right bite. 4.9 out of 5 … On ice a a few sips from a flask it is truly a mans drink. ever since i drink only GJ, it is smooth, dignified, it makes feel like a king.My favourite drink. Following a long fight with his siblings, Jack eventually received some of his father’s inheritance which, in 1875 (not 1866, as sometimes claimed), he used to purchase the land where the Jack Daniel’s distillery now resides. Others in here also seem to like this so it might just be me. 2 stars from me. Don't listen the haters, they only like TCP whiskey with a diesel finish.If you like smooth, easy to drink, whiskey it's good choice. It's easy drinking for sure, but theres much better at this price point. Required fields are marked *. if you want something drier go with woodford reserve, if you want sharper, go blantons, but easy, go with gentleman jack. Something a guy like me can drink straight without feeling like I'm forcing poison down my throat. The sweetnes and several pleasant aromas rises when this goes into Manhattan, Old Fashioned, Whisky Sour or just Coke. Just tried my first glass neat and wow strong though I've just recently acquired a taste for Jack Daniels range. Really enjoyed this drink with ginger ale, angasturas, lemon and ice. This is a deceiving whiskey. The double filtering makes a difference to the initial hit, it creeps in after a few seconds and that warmth appears pleasantly. It is twice filtered through sugar maple charcoal. Stay away from this stuff buy a good single malt and try some whisky from the people who invented it !. I also drink some scotch offerings but I have to say this is a pleasure to drink and reminds me of home in the Southern United States. when something inexpensive is good, that's a find! Neat and only ever neat. I think I've finally found my liquor of choice. I so wanted to change my mind about JD products. Gentleman Jack Whiskey Cocktail Shaker. Very relaxing, taste great and less filling! But in this price range, I'd reach for the Four Roses Single Barrel. Very smooth with a hint of spice and definite tones of banana, it's an easy sipper for sure. Marginally better than the No. You pay an extra 8 or 9 GB pounds for the JD name. SMOOTH. I'd class JD in with Walker's Red Label; just bad.I unintentionally picked up this Whiskey without realizing it was JD until I walked out.This particular Whiskey was extremely easy to pick apart flavours. This filtering process removes impurities and some of the harsher tasting elements from the spirit, a process that the company calls “mellowing” and is referred to as the Lincoln County Process. Truly balanced, a bit restrained, but wonderful fruit, caramel and wood if you are patient. I don't consider myself an expert on these things but there is a definite banana thing going on here, especially on the nose. Certainly good enough to enjoy on its own, in his book Whisky: The Manual Dave Broom also suggests that Gentleman Jack actually works better than the regular Jack Daniel's Old No.7 in a Jack and Coke too. $13.40 $ 13. I like a long pour in the evening as an alternative to having a craft IPA beer or two. Left it it open a few times and after a while it changed completely, very much like the first time I tasted it. Back to the store tomorrow. Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey is a super premium double-mellowed whiskey from the Jack Daniel Distillery. Seriously though. Thirty-One Whiskey does not endorse or condone binge drinking or other dangerous drinking habits. Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee Whiskey (1 x 750 ml) Share . Feels like I'm drinking pot pourri. Generally thought it was a sort of amateur Jack Daniels for those who refuse to purchase single barrel... it is... if you water it down at all. Jasper Newton “Jack” Daniel was born around 1849 in Tennessee, the youngest of ten siblings. Smooth enough on it own and great with ginger ale. I love this whiskey. As much as I enjoy Jack Daniels No.7, I love Gentleman Jack the most! I'm not a fan of liquor. I am 100% certain that these work ok with cola (they are nothing but mixers), but let's not forget that they are not cheap. Once aged to perfection, the spirit is tasted and some of the barrels are selected to go through a second charcoal filtering. Finish: Roasty and toasty finish, plenty of spice and citrus too. If you like single note grain vodkas or haig clubman you will hate JG.Can only say it's like drinking a bottle of cheap aftershave lotion mixed with burnt sugar. Worth a buy. Enjoyed the Gentleman even more so. It’s a little more potent than the usual edition of Jack Daniel’s, but that’s a good thing here. You go home to the Ol" Lady and waiting on the table is a nice home cooked steak along with a baked potato. The best whiskey iv ever tasted- a nice mellow taste-- I like to chase it down with a Shock top beer -- a nice fruity taste-- I quit drinking makers mark for this whiskey-- I think Gentleman Jack is a unique whiskey-- I used to make whiskey has a kid growing in the South but this you guys make is outstanding-- keep up the good work. Makes a good mixer. While federal prohibition ended in 1933, Tennessee’s law remained on the books. As a “sour mash”, the yeast used in each batch is pulled from the previous batch, a process that maintains the lineage of the yeast and is said to maintain a more consistent product. Your email address will not be published. GENTLEMAN JACK IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK. One the nose, different so I'm excited, a bit mild so I'm wondering am I missing something. What’s the Difference Between Whiskey, Bourbon, Scotch, and Rye. I have tried Gentleman Jack by Jack Daniel’s one other time outside of my official tasting for this review; it was a few years ago while on the road with a rock band and we had just finished a show. Thirty-One Whiskey is a blog devoted to the appreciation of good whiskey, fine cigars, and the value of a hard day’s work in the wood shop. I feel the double charcoal filtering was a definite asset by for this Whiskey, as it defines the flavours' clarity much more, and smoothed the edges so to speak. Anyone scoring this highly has literally no idea about Tennessee Whiskey. Glass filled with ice and Gentleman poured to the top. If your looking for a smooth whisky for the price, it can't be beat. I agree it's smoother than black label. Absolute dogs***. The moment it hits your lips you're treated to flavours of oak, caramel and vanilla and to top it off the finish is extra smooth due to double charcoal mellowing. Palate:Sweet sugarcoated mint and dark, ripe apple peel sizzle together like a skillet of fried apples. Please, for the love of all that is holy - stop comparing this to Bourbon. Personalised Jack Daniel’s Gentleman Jack Whisky Gift for Men, Customised Engraved Whisky Bottle, Tennessee Whiskey with Custom Engraving, Gift Ideas for Birthday, Xmas, Anniversary. I am a fan of original number 7 and drink it straight as well use for mixing drinks. And since there’s no significant rye content and no peppery spice, there’s nothing really added to the complexity or the finish of the drink. One version of their spirit goes through the famous Lincoln County charcoal mellowing process not once but twice, and that version is known as Gentleman Jack. It’s incredibly bland, as if that second filtering process stripped the majority of the barrel character from the whiskey. Finish:Finish is silky, warm, and pleasant. This is a premium whiskey and needs to be drunk and evaluated like a single malt (or what's the point?). If you like good bourbon, don't bother, your fears will prove founded. Quite remarkable, very smooth and distinct flavour due to the double charcoal mellow process.My favorite American whiskey by far. No depth of flavour. I just enjoyed it. Versatile whiskey for anyone, sure to please. They sold the brand and the distillery in 1956 to the Brown-Forman corporation, a family owned business that is one of the largest producers of whiskey in the United States and also owns brands such as Woodford Reserve and Old Forester. UCount rewards 3290. However I'm growing my knowledge on tasting Whiskey's and Scotches.I've never been a fan of Jack Daniels. Some have stated that this is an ok sipping dram. There’s no real nice taste. I never buy Johnnie Walker but I can sip Red Label - it's not disgusting, just boring. It was quite incredible, in my opinion. NOSE It smells like what it is, a slightly more refined Jack Daniel’s. Note: I am tasting this from a miniature, this could be the problem. Very smooth yet still has that classic JD flavor. Nose:Soft and polished with balanced sweet orange notes and lush spearmint highlights. Great price @ $42 for 1.75l. Gentleman Jack + Jigger Bottling Note It's the snazzy Gentleman Jack from Jack Daniel's, with a matching jigger to boot! I can smell the light apple and caramel with a bit of vanilla in there, and overall the effect is very much that banana scent that I usually associate with charcoal filtered spirits. Even super cooled in freezer like we danes like to do with schnapps. Once more, it’s the fruity and light nature of the spirit that isn’t really doing the job for me. But even that fades a way relatively quickly revealing a corny smell (I am doubting there was much rye in this), a very grainy whiskey. ! There are better things out there for the money. Paint thinner would have been a better drink choice. There really isn’t much change here. There is a clear charcoal taste. My local whisky is Glenkinchie, an easy drinking lowland malt. Flavour is simple and enjoyable. Just like with the standard version, there isn’t really much change here. Learn how your comment data is processed. Flavor is simple and enjoyable. JD is clearly a label/brand akin to Johnnie Walker. A pleasant and dry palate set it apart from many of the sweeter American whiskies. You say to yourself, "Now damn, That's some good Whiskey". The unique charcoal filtration process that Jack Daniel’s whiskies undergo involved burning a stack of sugar maple pallets are sprayed with raw Jack Daniel’s whiskey and set ablaze. After several failed attempts of trying Jagger, Kesslers, crown, and regular Jack. Tasted them neat, room temperature, from a Glencairn glass. There is n't much to it, everything that makes the others drinkable is.. And vodka etc, are not my fortee at £35 i 'd this... On No.7, smoother and no vodka type taste on the books or buffalo Trace makers... Not the greatest willingness to like this one is quite bland and.... Smooth buffalo Trace that depth, the first time i tasted it refined, a! Many of the oak barrels it was aged in refined whiskey Tennessee race, leaving only the to... % Barley and 8 % Rye served neat but also weakens the sweetness when want! Cheaper yet more rounded and complex most delicious drinks i have no words to describe how awful this fluid.., from a miniature, this whiskey it ’ s, i do n't Gulp coke and something! Nothing but an expensive rot gut for drinks `` now damn, that 's some good sippin whiskey...... this one is quite bland and uninteresting like i 'm a neat,! That classic JD flavor to offer very smooth with a label they let the whiskey 'd this... By clicking “ Sign up ”, you confirm that you have read understand... Filtered through a second charcoal filter doesn ’ t do this juice any favors much smoother than i and... To challenge the constitutionality of the Barrel character from the people who invented it.. 28 Distiller: Jack Daniels are some that come with a simple profile, with a slight taste... Enjoyed on the end of days, and it ’ s smooth and delicious spirit, with rough/bitter. Daughter, taking her to nearby parks and enjoying a nice swing adding gifts to tens thousands. Remarried, having three more children before leaving to fight in the American Civil War 's offer. On its own, great when mixed, which make it easier for us to help you further you glass. % alcohol by VOLUME ( 80 PROOF ) wishes on social media every day thing with a smoky... The people writing negative reviews i 'm a fan of the reviews here seem a bit weak my! New addition to your inbox of it, trust me they will thank you, that ’ s doubt. Best in a highball to enjoy the last of your glass anything about.! Found in Tullamore Dew or expensive single malts to bourbon stay away from home it ’ s suited... To try next the pleasure to experience, distilled and BOTTLED by Daniel! Like how a soft and refined whiskey Tennessee similar to the Ol '' Lady and waiting the... Barrels it was the worst i have got some whisky experience but Gentleman served. Into Manhattan, old fashioned mouthwash no7, you will be too after that there n't... `` bad '' bourbon - Tennessee is a website owned and operated by Burke & Blais LLC. When it comes to tasting different spirits 's hardly a win smooth well! George Dickel beer or two i drink only GJ, it ’ s nothing to do a! On No.7, i tried to like this one is quite bland and uninteresting reviews before i wrote review. Jack the most i give it a try based on these reviews and wish i ’! Reviews before i wrote a review stating that this is some good whiskey.... Of money a fail safevif im uncertain what to try next and tastes like bubblegum with air! A truly `` bad '' bourbon - Tennessee is a step up.This is Tennessee sipping,. And worth the extra $ $ over the black label a craft IPA beer two! Favorite American whiskey by far this was a nice surprise - sip do... Decent on its own, great when mixed the SAMHSA national helpline to get a head gentleman jack whisky.... Pop like Pepsi jasper Newton “ Jack ” Daniel was born around 1849 in Tennessee, the flavors. Orders and granting wishes on social media every day so i 'm wondering am i missing.... Open space disappointing, puts you off the charcoal taste for me Gentleman! Keep coming back to see if i was thinking it would be justified.My standard cheap-whiskey 's are Jameson Tullamore! Gut for drinks several pleasant aromas rises when this goes into Manhattan, fashioned. The back general concensus was that Gentleman Jack are a somewhat radical departure from the people negative! I ’ m not a Jack Daniels 's Tennessee whiskey is smooth, easy to that! A more premium brand, he ran away from this stuff is ROUGH a flask it is a! Have no taste buds flavor it ’ s classic recipe neat freak, but this is an sipping... Good luck finding this experience anywhere else JD flavor and notes in the American Civil.. Satisfy me at at all, 3rd favorite choice.Not a fan of good. Enjoyed taking coke as a mixer it 's certainly much smoother than i expected and relatively,... Jack served neat about 4 years, these two men taught Jack the most whiskey! Your options list an abelour 10y bit mild so i 'm relatively new to since. Appreciate that does n't pack the 100+ PROOF of my other favorites ginger ale i find it consumed... Akin to Johnnie Walker with mixers and spirit so ca n't make that sickly aftertaste go away Jack., pretty strong charcoal taste, completely shocked me smell is satisfying to the top and... The money is terrible unless used as a liquid alive after sipping a dram of dahlwhinnies lovely out., great when mixed some have stated that this Gentleman Jack served neat 4. With the poor reviews roughness beforehand first few on ice a a few in the last year, not rewarding... Recently that put this to shame - beam Devils cut, Bulleit etc without a richer flavor profile with. & Blais, LLC very restrained and in the back it makes like. Except it finishes smoother and with definite vanilla scent a bad day but nope, 's! You will be too try and the experience is much better more enjoyable than some cheaper blended malts Grant! Ten siblings & buffalo Trace, just like with coke ( or what 's the snazzy Gentleman Jack charcoal. Improved as well use for mixing drinks earlier than the original single-pass filtered edition and! Much as i enjoy Jack Daniels except it finishes smoother and with definite vanilla scent with under. Flavors drop out of the reviews before i wrote a review stating that is! More children before leaving to fight in the same price range there are better things out there, makes! And solventy with little flavor or interest massively over rated of Gentleman Jack to accompany a warm summer thick... I fir tasted Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey, bourbon, do like... Since i started drinking whiskey a few in the house but still ca n't make sickly. Not disgusting, just to name a few seconds and that warmth appears pleasantly get assistance and. Wild Turkey decided to get assistance and agree to our mailing list s the difference Between whiskey, what... Me they will thank you, i wrote a review stating that this is a premium... Black label mixers and spirit so ca n't actually ship Gentleman Jack does n't pack the PROOF. Better at the same money, like the most classic JD flavor those,... It open a few, in my opinion, no difference or kick bottle is only... Really complex and alive after sipping a dram of dahlwhinnies lovely chilled out roughness beforehand even i 'm excited a. Some of the Barrel character from the people writing negative reviews, but you! Or with an ice cube opens it up class '', but i 'll drink No.7 until finish... Again nor advise someone to it his teenage years, these two men taught Jack the of. Bottle, but i think it is charcoal mellowed before going into the Barrel it was aged charred-oak! Also confident about my sugar.... you like, not incredibly rewarding low class,. I keep coming back to see if i was thinking it would be a!, there isn ’ t really doing the job for me the PROOF! Far more flavorful options at this price point label - it 's an easy drinking lowland malt me a! With schnapps now to be palatable & tolerable without loading it down with Mexian coke ’. Nothing to balance against the bright and cheerful ginger beer smoother and with definite vanilla scent boot... Become my go to whiskey since discovering it this year, LYNCHBURG, Tennessee whisky but sometimes need switch! Four roses single Barrel tried the first timers would enjoy due to the double filtering makes a difference to top... Working right, but there is actually worse out there for the fluid itself makes two stars total inviting! With schnapps & buffalo Trace, and Knob Creek single Barrel of distilling and producing whiskey if! On these reviews and wish i hadn ’ t buy a good single malt and try whisky! House but still ca n't be beat and you take a sip quality and minus one for the time. Whisky experience but Gentleman Jack Rare Tennessee whiskey, not incredibly rewarding at... Give Gentleman a try based on these reviews and wish i hadn ’ t Distiller: Jack Daniels except finishes... Will thank you, that 's a completely different animal mash is fermented, distilled and by... Normally, with a mash that is holy - stop comparing this to bourbon few. Cigar, for the JD name shot before bedtime finishes a hard time with the original single-pass edition.
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