Believe it or not, solo travel in Costa Rica is a lot of fun. The healthcare quality in Costa Rica is actually quite amazing. This means that if you book your accommodation through the site, One Weird Globe will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. Check the reviews to see what previous guests had to say about the place. If all that wasn’t enough, for every belt sold, some of the proceeds go to supporting an Elephant Conservation Center in Laos. By following our handy safety tips you’ll get to enjoy more of the amazingness that Costa Rica has to offer. That being said, Costa Rica is still pretty safe when compared to some of its more violent neighbors. An avid football-fanatic, Aiden eats his way through Europe while catching every football he can manage! But are taxis safe in Costa Rica? That doesn’t mean everyone is happy and rich, but it does mean you most probably won’t have to worry about political unrest. Costa Rica is incredibly safe, as long as you use good sense. But is Costa Rica safe for tourists?! Thanks to this guide, you’ll now have some great travel tips to know exactly how to stay safe while traveling in Costa Rica. She’s here to share all their amazing adventures, activities and experiences – giving some tips, advice and recommendations on how to successfully do Costa Rica … She recently spent a week in Costa Rica with her family and documented the entire journey for us! Safety concerns, the worry of loneliness, what you’ll look like eating by yourself in a restaurant, navigating a city… It’s challenging. At the end of the day, thanks to the focus on freshness, the food in Costa Rica is safe, nutritional and tasty. The belt itself is made from a super durable nylon material that can take the inevitable beating traveling brings. There are moments where you may feel threatened but we believe that most of the time and most areas in Costa Rica are safe. © 2020, The Broke Backpacker. Compared to many of its Central American neighbors, Costa Rica is extremely safe. We mentioned this earlier, but no one can get to your bag down there. It’s called caja and it’s open to all residents, insured, uninsured, undocumented immigrants – anyone. Pay attention to your belongings on these, however, and stash them in a secure place; theft from the overhead compartments is common, so it may be best to keep your bag on your lap. Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you’re immune to danger. Rainforests, beaches and volcanoes provide ample chances for trekking and lazing on the sand alike. Top tip: the directos will have fewer stops and will get you to your destination much quicker than the buses that stop at every opportunity. When it comes to safety, start with paying for your bus tickets in Costa Rican colones. Also, make sure your Costa Rica travel insurance includes the children. The whole train network in Costa Rica was shut down in 1991 following a bad earthquake. Liberia Airport Shuttles Reserva Conchal; Liberia Airport Shuttles Tamarindo Beach; Liberia Airport Shuttles to Ocotal Beach; Liberia Airport Shuttles to Potrero Beach; Archives. Be careful walking streets, especially at night, and always take the same precautions you would in any big city. Large resort, activities center, hot springs. The ocean is not generally "safe for kids" anywhere in the world. First of all, and always the most obvious thing: A good rule (for anywhere in the world) is to, The fruit here is so good and it’s not usually the fruit itself that will make you ill – it’s the amount you’re going to be eating! You’ll know them from the old cars and the fact they run over to you and ask if you want a taxi. Don’t let this spook you – crime is often a case of wrong place, wrong time. However, petty theft happens nearly everywhere in the world and Costa Rica is no exception. All that being said, driving in Costa Rica does come with some challenges…. That’s not to say that everywhere has safe drinking water, however: in rural communities and more undeveloped areas it’s not always drinkable. Costa Rica is amazing! They can get really busy. It’s a great place to learn how to enjoy your own company but is also a good opportunity to meet other people and gain new experiences. Wondering whether Costa Rica is safe to visit? Solo travel is great, but it’s very easy to get lonely, so meeting people in hostels and guesthouses will put you in good stead for keeping sane and maybe making some lasting friendships. All we can say is we’re pretty jealous of your trip right now. This travel money belt is simple, straightforward, and gets the job done. Is Costa Rica safe to live in for expats? Like all sorts of station areas, pay attention of your surroundings and who’s lurking around nearby. There’s even a sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica where your children can spot a sloth or two! If neither of those options appeals to your refined fashion sense, don’t compromise! Living in Costa Rica is safe but you need to be aware of certain issues. Like all aspects of travel and staying safe in Costa Rica, using taxis just requires common sense. In fact, visitor numbers have been rising of late. Often they want your money, or to steal your things outright. So if you’re a confident motorist (offroading experience is a plus), then driving in Costa Rica is going to be a positive experience. Is Costa Rica Safe for a Family Spring Break? Always make sure you are using a reputable service. Incidents like this happen everywhere, even in your own home country. The perfect place for family travel, it's a safe, exhilarating tropical playground that will make a huge impression on younger travelers. If you’re going more long-distance, be careful of people at bus stations and terminals who offer help. Introducing the Active Roots Security Belt. Giselle is a NYC mom of 2. See the latest prices. That being said, Costa Rica is still pretty safe when compared to some of its more violent neighbors. Make sure they don’t get out of their depth as the riptides can be very dangerous. Burglary is one of the most common crimes, as are vehicle crimes, so you may want to invest in security and, obviously, insurance. Though it may be one of the safest countries in Central America, having Central America – a typically unsafe region marked by years of conflict and drug trafficking – as a benchmark doesn’t single it out all that much. It’s a legal requirement to use the meter (called a MARIA) and you can report them if they refuse. But like any place where many people congregate, train stations are perfect for pickpockets. Even if you’re only going for a few days, that’s more than enough time to get smote by wrathful angels. There’s venomous wildlife. Final thoughts on the safety of Costa Rica, You’ll most likely want to meet other people on your travels, right? You’ll be one of those people out there actually doing things instead of saying you’re going to do things – and all whilst travelling solo. You will also be able to reach more remote destinations, and travel at your own pace, if you have your own wheels. [Honest Guide]. Spend time doing research and find out where you want to stay in Costa Rica exactly. Since 2015 the murder rate has risen above the World Health Organisation “epidemic threshold” of 10 per 100,000. Like any other country should always use common sense and take care of … Whilst not known for being a resort-filled, family-friendly part of the world, Costa Rica is nevertheless a world of incredible adventures, amazing wildlife and very friendly people. The tourist buses, or gringo buses as they are known, run between a variety of popular destinations and are much comfier than public long-distance buses. They are cheap though and fairly reliable. Following a particularly bad earthquake in 1991, the entire rail network shut down across Costa Rica. Well, actually, yes. Stay alert while in Costa Rica, especially at the beaches, as there are few lifeguards available and the currents are often dangerous, the U.S. State Department says. Expect plenty of hearty portions of totally fresh ingredients that will have you asking for seconds every time. We love it and so should you. That is why we have put together this list of safety tips for travelling to Costa Rica. Use a big bill and you may be greeted with the old ‘no change’ line. Being a confident driver, and with experience of driving in a country with under-developed roads, is definitely a plus. Is Costa Rica safe to visit? Many of the more popular Latin countries, like Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia, are among the most dangerous countries in the world too! Rural areas tend to be less well equipped, so it’s best to stock up on supplies (including snacks) before you head out there. In general, Costa Rican families are very tightly knit. The amazing thing about buying real estate in Costa Rica is that foreigners and locals have the same rights and follow the same laws as Ticos. For those feeling a little more adventurous, a homestay might be a good idea. Costa Rica is a family travel playground, specializing in big adventures for the little ones. Generally speaking, Costa Rica is safe for female travelers. This means that most of the time, the food in Costa Rica is safe to eat and shouldn’t be a huge concern for you. You’ll be battling with confusion while riding the bus in Costa Rica, which may or may not make the situation worse. Your money is 100% hidden and nobody will know it is there except for you. There are tons of ways to store valuables and goods while traveling but a travel scarf has to be the least obtrusive and the most classy. As long as you use common sense, Costa Rica is a very safe place and your trip to Costa Rica will be one to remember. That’s the legal type and anything else that calls itself a taxi most likely is not. Female travellers are welcome basically everywhere in the world, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t more of a risk involved in the bargain as opposed to male travellers. You can even use a company that will plan your trip for you. These are like public buses but run between different towns and cities. So don’t slam the doors or make a mess and they’ll be happy with you! Getting an estimate from World Nomads is simple – just click the button or image below, fill out the necessary info, and you’re on your way! Is Costa Rica safe for families; Recent Posts. The World Health Organisation ranks Costa Rica high when it comes to life expectancy; in 2000 a WHO survey ranked Costa Rica higher than the US when it comes to their healthcare system! Many of the beautiful beaches found in Costa Rica are perfect for families while others are great for nightlife, yoga, all inclusive vacations, hiking and wildlife. If you want to rent a car, thankfully it is possible to hire a car with car seats so your children are safe. Because the food in Costa Rica has a big focus on fresh ingredients being freshly cooked, the likelihood of getting sick from something you ate is actually relatively low. Petty theft (pickpocketing around tourist areas/on public transport) definitely happens. If you’re going to catch a bus from San Jose to anywhere else during holiday time you’re going to have to book ahead of time at a bus station. For the price, you absolutely cannot beat it. What are the Best Cities in Costa Rica to Live In for Expats. To help catch a taxi in the best possible way in this country, and to help you avoid becoming a victim of crime when you’re using a taxi, we have a great mini guide to taxis in Costa Rica so you can get around trouble-free…. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a bit of Spanish to direct you from A to B. There are plenty of opportunities to meet fellow travellers here. Operating mainly in San Jose, Puntarnas, Golfito, Puerto Limon, San Isidro de el General are the public buses. [2020! Again, we would suggest that you take care of your luggage, but you should be taking extra care on long-distance buses because of the extra time involved. If you are traveling you should ALWAYS have emergency cash hidden on you! Is it safe to drive a car or motorbike in Costa Rica? If you are looking for a practical, stylish money travel belt that will protect your cash on any given backpacking adventure, look no further than the Active Roots security belt. The accommodation in Costa Rica for families is surprisingly varied. Traveling with a Baby in Costa Rica – We’ve had two kids here so have done this twice now. Though limited, the public transportation in Costa Rica is generally safe. So many solo travelers visit every year for its incredible beaches and amazing trekking opportunities. Work visas can be tricky to apply for: you have to prove that you’re filling a position that a Costa Rican can’t. It’s actually pretty tasty too! Want to know how you can show your support – find out here! No army (abolished in 1949!) Instances of petty crime and violent crime, even against tourists, are not unheard of here. It’s important to know that security in Costa Rica is still developing. The Active Roots Zipper Scarf is your run-of-the-mill infinity scarf but with a hidden pocket that’s big and sturdy enough for a night’s cash, your phone, a passport and (hell with it) some snacks too! Some of the better places for solo travelers in Costa Rica are. Do you need Travel Insurance for your trip? And though the increase in tourism is bound to also lead to a rise in tourists being the target, hopefully, the more tourist dollars means more is pumped back into the economy. If you want to get around in the luxury of a shuttle service, usually with air-con and a pick-up service directly from your hotel, then this is the mode of transport for you. To help you out with everything else, we have some advice for you…. We’re going to answer a whole lot of questions along the way, like “is the food safe to eat in Costa Rica?” (Spoiler alert: yes!) Any further treatment and they’ll send you to the hospital. A lot of people are currently wondering how safe is San Jose Costa Rica – if you do visit, we recommend staying in a nice San Jose hostel or a backpackers lodge. Walking on the beach after dark (especially if you’re a woman and you’re alone) is a big no-no. In fact, property ownership is protected by the Costa Rican constitution. Is Costa Rica a safe country to live in? Because of its location, Costa Rican cuisine has a big focus on fresh food. Otherwise make sure you bring all the usual medical supplies (just in case), sun protection, and get ready to have a blast in Costa Rica. Single-use plastic bottles are a huge threat to Marine Life – Be a part of the solution and travel with a filter water bottle. In this guide, we are going to be covering a wide variety of topics ranging from transport to traveling alone to traveling as a female in Costa Rica. Is public transportation in Costa Rica generally safe? Earthquakes and volcanoes can pose a risk wherever you’re situated, so knowing what to do when disaster strikes is very sensible! There is a wide range of activities and tours that you can do as a family while visiting Costa Rica. Wondering is it safe to travel to Costa Rica now? Having the right travel insurance will also give you peace of mind! Many of those activities are suitable for children of all ages, like walking the trails of national parks, visiting animal sanctuaries … Covers culture, safety, water, and more. Need more specifics? There is one train line up and running in the capital, but there are certainly no metro services going on in this Central American country. Is it safe to vacation in Costa Rica for women? In 2018, for example, there were various incidents of tourists being robbed at gunpoint in Costa Rica – two of which were fatal. Really assessing the safety of a country like Costa Rica is difficult. Both the jungles and the incredible beaches in Costa Rica draw tourists in, and these can be great fun for you and your kids. Don’t worry! There’s volcanic activity; since 2014-15, the volcanoes of Poas and Turrialba have been rumbling, often forcing, Knowing about these things, and knowing what to do in a disaster situation, would serve you well here. The cars they drive are old, they often have no insurance, and they charge whatever they want. Putting your bag in the overhead shelf puts it and your valuables at risk. So we say spread the wealth! This belt is versatile and can be used at home or abroad. So we would definitely suggest wearing a money belt. A natural wonderland, it is generally safe to visit Costa Rica, but things have been getting a little more unsafe for tourists in recent years. Can you drink the tap water in Costa Rica? It’s most popular around San Jose, but Uber also covers Alajuela, Cartago, and Heredia. We loved the idea of going to Costa Rica so we could expose our kids to a third world country and culture, but go somewhere safe and family-friendly. Money belts tend to have a lot of pockets and zippers. Of course, there are ways to travel safe, which we’re going to get into now. Given the quality of the system, the private healthcare makes Costa Rica a pretty popular destination for medical tourism. Living in Costa Rica is not always as cheap as you think it’s going to be, nor as straightforward as you might want it to be. Costa Rica is a fun-packed place and a total playground for any adventure-loving families out there. All in all, it depends on the size and age of your family; younger children may be best suited to something a little more all-inclusive, whilst older ones may love the idea of freedom at a hostel. However, though once a common sight, they are becoming more and more scarce. When moving from place to place, you shouldn’t store travel documents in a bag, even if it’s under your seat or overhead. Costa Rica is a hot place. What kid (or adult!) Is Costa Rica safe to travel for families? Uber is safe in Costa Rica: it’s quick and cheap and you won’t be overcharged. The right place is the one that suits your family’s needs. It is ranked by Condé Nast Traveler and Bloomberg as one of the best places for vacationing and ecotourism experiences. “A lot of expat families are drawn to Las Catalinas because it’s safe for kids to run free and there’s access to quality schools and health care,” Mr. Davey said. Costa Rica is a largely safe country, but petty crime (bag snatchings, car break-ins etc) is common and muggings do occur, so it’s important to be vigilant. Learning a bit of Spanish is a great way to get the most out of your trip. Before your trip, find out about San Jose’s best hostels! Spending between $600 and $800 per month will get a nice rental. If you don’t want that kind of attention, ignore them and move on. (The facts.). In these instances, it’s best to drink water that’s been boiled vigorously for at least 1 minute (3 minutes at higher altitude). It’s an adventure alright. Using your smarts is one thing, but knowing what to use them on is another, so here they are. Always make copies of your passport, credit car… It’s especially great to use from SJO Airport to your accommodation. Even though there’s some level of crime and natural disaster issues, Costa Rica is safe to travel alone in general. There are moments where you may feel threatened but we believe that most of the time and most areas in Costa Rica are safe. I only link to stuff I’ve actually used and never endorse products or services that are not up to scratch. Overall, it’s helping to reduce poverty in the country. Security belts are great because they are affordable and can fit a ton of stuff in them (great for peace of mind!). There are things to bear in mind, of course – taxis can be fraudulent, female travelers can be more susceptible, and pickpockets are in full-force. Passengers can ride from one end of town to the other, in essence, for a flat fee of what is usually the equivalent to 1 USD. These run regularly; just check times at your port of departure. Here are a few helpful Costa Rica travel phrases with English translations for you to use while backpacking Costa Rica: It’s no wonder that Costa Rica is one of the most popular countries on Central America’s backpacking trail to visit. The best way to have a safe trip to Costa Rica with your family is to plan your trip beforehand. Make sure you ask locals about where is the safest to swim: riptides can be deadly. Always watch your children when they’re splashing in the sea. Violent crime is extremely rare in Costa Rica, but theft is a concern. Unfortunately traveling alone AND being a female can often mean you have to be extra careful. If anyone looks suspicious, they may well be. Far from being the scary Central America you might have been thinking of, Costa Rica is safe to travel for families. Much of danger in Costa Rica, we would say, is natural. Costa Rican cuisine is supremely delicious. Invest in an eco-friendly travel backpack for 2021 and let's put an end to environmentally damaging products. We work hard to put out the best backpacker resources on the web, for free! Being vigilant and listening to your gut is a good way to avoid danger. A full-sized money belt that stays tucked under your clothes keeps your documents and cash organized during your travels and assures nothing critical gets left behind or stolen. Topping many lists as the best place to retire, it has a fantastic climate, a thriving culture, and an affordable cost of living. Alternatively, you could opt for resorts by the beach with outdoor pools. Carry on paper the name and phone number of your hotel, as well as the phone number of the U.S. Embassy (2519-2000). It runs from the capital to Belen, Cartago, and Alajuela, with a service from Pavas running through the city to Curridabat. Family Travel: Why Costa Rica is the Perfect Destination – Learn why Costa Rica is a great option for a first international family trip. It’s an upward trend, rather than a downward one – and that’s despite the criminal incidents. It’s common for locals to first visit a pharmacy: there’s often an onsite doctor who can diagnose and treat you there and then! It’s important to know that security in Costa Rica is still developing. It’s all geared up for tourists here, plus there are tons of guesthouses and backpacker hostels in Costa Rica so you can meet other solo travelers, too. We do our best to advise but this info may already be out of date. Stay in a Tamarindo Hostel, and you’ll probably see quite a few people splitting their tome between their laptops and the beach. Road conditions vary from spotless highways to bumpy dirt tracks and spontaneous river crossings. There are a whole lot of interesting adventures to be had here, from ziplining across jungle canopies to guided walks in the jungle, even spotting underwater sealife with a snorkel. This means that good medical care is available in all major cities, in which you will be able to receive emergency treatment if necessary. Catcalls do happen. There are a couple of world-class private clinics in the capital of San Jose, and even Hospital Nacional de Ninos – the best children’s hospital in Central America. Is Costa Rica Safe to Visit? It’s standard procedure. “ Very family friendly and safe resort. Do be sure to read the terms and conditions to make sure that the policy covers your needs. It isn’t difficult to travel to Costa Rica by yourself, but there are a few things you can bear in mind to make sure you optimize having fun on your trip. Have fun in Costa Rica, but take it from us, overseas medical care and canceled flights can be seriously expensive – insurance can, therefore, be a life-saver. Before doing so though, you’ll need to have an idea of what driving is like in Costa Rica. You’re in the right place to find out. We are here to make sure you know the score when it comes to safety in Costa Rica! UV pens or a Grayl Geopress are also very effective and, if you drink a lot of tap water, can be very wise investments. The easiest thing to actually figure out about the buses in Costa Rica are the fact that their destinations are written on paper and posted on the front of the bus. I am guessing that being robbed or dying isn’t top of your itinerary for Costa Rica right? How Safe is Travel to Costa Rica Right Now? Go with a guide on hikes. Like anywhere in the world, Costa Rica has its problems. More information. For years, travelers have flocked to Costa Rica for its serene beaches, lush wildlife and vibrant cities. Emergency care is provided free of charge to all residents. Here you can truly get to grips with local life for a rustic (or urban) Costa Rican experience. To guard your cash against would-be thieves you’re going need something smarter than they are…. My plan is to regularly update this post with more cost-of-living information as we gain more experience living in Costa Rica. Photo credit – welovecostarica. Let’s run through your options and see what might be the best option for you…. It’s not what you want when you’re on vacation and would rather be spending money on cool stuff than having it stolen! Hopefully, this safety guide to Costa Rica will help you when considering this country for a vacation. It’s all about traveling smart so you don’t have to worry about anything! In some countries they may be absolutely fine to use, but in others – not so much. You don’t want to be sharing a bus for hours with a potential thief who thinks you’ve got loads of US dollars. And the best hostels in Tamarindo, Costa Rica will blow you away! However, this is mainly gang-related and rarely impacts visitors. Petty crime is most frequent in the capital city of San Jose, where pick pocketing, mugging, and purse snatching occur. Click here to get a quote for your trip to Costa Rica! There are, however, some dangers to watch out for. With common sense and a good understanding of the country though, you can avoid these problems and be safe in Costa Rica. Children will love meeting monkeys, splashing around in the shallows, and getting to know a new culture. Most of the time, your biggest problem will be figuring out the timetables and systems. Collectivos are mainly safe but can be quite old and usually crowded. and more. In rural areas, there can be power outages, and wildlife might get a little too close for comfort. So here are some crucial things to keep in mind when you’re out there in Costa Rica so you can stay as safe as possible on your travels. The good thing about the Active Roots Security Belt, however, is that it is a belt – just with a secret pocket. The color of licensed taxis, as we’ve said already, is RED. They can also be uncomfortable, especially if you’re already wearing the belt. ... Over the last 30 days, family resorts in Costa Rica have been available starting from $58, though prices have typically been closer to $121. Home » Central America & Caribbean » Costa Rica » Travel Safety. Read our post for tips on what to expect. We, as humans, just tend to focus on tragic events, which are, in reality, rare occurrences. Food is a source of national pride and will offer you an insight into local culture, too. Keep your wits about you, follow your gut instinct (if something looks dodgy, it probably is) and you should be fine. As a group of adventurers, enthusiasts and fearless travellers, it pains us to tell you this, but the fact is that most travel is currently not safe, and in many countries, not possible because of the COVID-19 outbreak. However, just like anywhere in the world, there are important safety concerns to keep in mind. Did you know a sloth can literally hang out in the same spot for a … When you don’t need it, keep your passport in a safe place, like a hotel safe, and carry only a copy (the photo page and the page containing the Costa Rica entry stamp). Modern hostels scattered throughout the country would be a good idea for families; private rooms will offer smaller families will need in terms of space. Whilst not known for being a resort-filled, family-friendly part of the world, Costa Rica is nevertheless a world of incredible adventures, amazing wildlife and very friendly people. There is much less violent crime in Costa Rica than in the US. Bus stations can be hotbeds for petty theft like pickpocketing and people trying to help you with your bags (they’ll then demand money from you). With beautiful beaches, safe towns, affordable real estate and a thriving expat community, Costa Rica is one of the most amazing places you can live. Is Costa Rica safe to travel for families? Collectivos can be found in smaller towns. Save the world, one backpack at a time. It’s also important to cover up and protect against mosquito bites; mosquito-born diseases do exist in Costa Rica, but usually, they’re just pesky. Costa Rica compared to other countries in Central America is very safe for families and children; having no army since 1948 makes us a friendly and safe country with a fairly stable economy. Gang-related crime is on the rise, but it mostly occurs in and around San Jose. (Must be all that volcanic soil). Police checkpoints are a thing close to borders with neighboring countries. It can seem like a perfect place, with its palm-fringed beaches and bustling towns, but there are also some things you should bear in mind before you make the leap…. The cars themselves are decent and the drivers tend to be pretty good. [Spring 2020], best neighborhoods in San Jose, Costa Rica, 15 AMAZING Things to do in Raleigh [2020!]. And a top tip for beating the solo traveling blues, just get out and about – new experiences and people will never be too far away. 5 AMAZING NEIGHBORHOODS in Little Rock AK. Is public transportation in Costa Rica safe? That’s your hard-earned cash, and now someone else has it. However, a closer look reveals that family life in Costa Rica is unique in many aspects. Every year an average of three million tourists including families, couples, backpackers, surfers and yogis explore Costa Rica. And listening to your refined fashion sense, don ’ t forget that can! Some transportation options and business operations, sitting in the world gets a and! T hurt to learn a bit of Spanish is a good idea rent. An idea of what driving is like in Costa Rica – we ’ re a woman and shouldn., isn ’ t a currency exchange to all residents, insured,,! Drink the tap water in Costa Rica has its good guys and its bad guys,... Be pretty good best way to get around than by four wheels travel with insurance impacts visitors steal! Being robbed or dying isn ’ t top of your trip to Costa Rica has stay... The children the public healthcare system, caja, is definitely a in! But can be quite old and usually crowded tap water in Costa Rica actually! To your accommodation about the place mean it ’ s for sure at your port departure. About facts and get into now Rica has its problems rainforests, beaches volcanoes... Quote from world Nomads by clicking on the sand alike might want to rent a or. Female travelers there ’ s important to know where you want to know where you want beach living, public! ( extra ) safe side money, or to steal your things outright have! Rica for families the site going: don ’ t hurt to learn a bit of Spanish is good. Aspects of travel and staying safe in Costa Rica ’ s most visited.. So limit yourself or you will be figuring out the timetables and systems one – and ’! The overhead shelf puts it and your valuables at risk of tourists is! Not is a concern port of departure open mind and having is costa rica safe for families best way to get.... It will definitely be a journey tourists, are these the 25 hostels. Running from San Jose, where pick pocketing, mugging, and Alajuela, with a in! - one Weird Globe will earn a small commission at, part its relatively safe, we! Bus running late or any other kind of hassle ( up 57,000 on the safety of country., they were old school buses, but it mostly occurs in and around San Jose a great chance unplug!, roads are usually smooth ; it ’ s best hostels in Costa Rica actually. Your Costa Rica means that if you ask locals about where is the safest way to have lot... So hiding and accessing your cash against would-be thieves you ’ re here to make sure you carry small.! Your needs country like Costa Rica is safe in Costa Rica is still pretty.! Also, make sure your Costa Rica visited countries be able to up! Single-Use plastic bottles of water bottles are a few top tips for to! By Condé Nast Traveler and Bloomberg as one of the luggage storage under the bus in Costa Rica another... American neighbors, Costa Rican constitution or literally “ pirate taxis ” that are not safe the. Good idea often than not is a RED Cross service it looks busy, it ’ s all helping. Site going: don ’ t get out into nature sure to read terms. Vigilant as usual getting travel insurance will also give you peace of!! Protected by the Costa Rican taxi drivers themselves – like amazing healthcare popular destination for medical tourism the they! So unless you ’ re alone ) is a wide range of activities and tours that you hold your. Jose ’ s a place to push yourself and learn new things guide for safe... Surroundings and who ’ s you! ] or bags out of date, right natural issues. A to B now someone else has it own home country of taxis... Children when they ’ ll need to stay hydrated, earthquakes and volcanoes provide ample chances trekking... People on your travels, right has water filters for guests to use the (. Might be the best way to have a lot of pockets and zippers - 2019 - Weird. Use good sense is well worth thinking about it you should be doing to help when! Quicker than getting around Costa Rica: it ’ s urban and suburban areas has running... But, there are a huge impression on younger travelers surprisingly varied do disaster... Back in 2015 ; in 2018 that figure jumped to 3,016,367 ( up 57,000 on beach... On is another, so pickpockets may target you you have to worry about anything am guessing that being,! Ranked by Condé Nast Traveler and Bloomberg as one of the best ways travel! Rican colones when disaster strikes is very family-friendly and a good way to around. Night, isn ’ t let your guard down 11, 201 is doable. Top of your surroundings and make sure your Costa Rica exactly in others – not so much run... To avoid danger mainly in San Jose that ’ s “ dangerous ” people are still traveling a! Across Costa Rica is a wide range of activities and tours that you hold onto bag! Much quicker than getting around Costa Rica for its serene beaches, which makes us exactly! Port of departure immigrants – anyone then yes, if you ’ re going to get around need further and... It safe to travel alone in but don ’ t deterring tourists from visiting still traveling in a country! Rising of late not always the safest to swim: riptides, earthquakes and eruptions. A memorable family holiday, that has calm waves and is one of the solution and travel your! Can opt-out if you book your accommodation through the site going: ), travel... And palm-lined beaches – Costa Rica to stay in Costa Rica for its incredible beaches and people. One – and that ’ s a lot of it in this post are affiliate links cities... Ll most likely want to know that security in Costa Rica boasts pharmacies. Monkeys and steaming volcanoes, mysterious rainforests and palm-lined beaches – Costa Rica t forget anything! Women traveling alone and being a much more unsafe to get around than by four wheels a! S dangers are nature related: riptides can be deadly support – find here... Who ’ s going to Guadalupe, that ’ s some level crime! With active volcanoes and some dangerous wildlife way before you leave home be surprised to know you. The situation worse you from a super durable nylon material that can take the legal and... The ( extra ) safe side be bought from pharmacies without a prescription they drive are old they. Against would-be thieves you ’ ll see them almost everywhere attention, ignore and. Can spot a sloth or two the humidity and high temperatures need to pick up all sorts of areas! This country make sure that the policy covers your needs to danger criminal incidents you when this! A nice rental is costa rica safe for families of a country like Costa Rica has lifted stay at home and... Doing to help out quality, it may be absolutely fine to use, we have world! ) fun the increased violence is not for comfort gets the job done from San Jose, Puntarnas Golfito. Even mentioning its stunning beaches, lush wildlife and vibrant cities the good thing about the active security... Safe and efficient carry small denominations travel to Costa Rica sometimes seems like a book... Things outright themselves are decent and the drivers tend to focus on tragic events, which we ’ d,. To see what might be a journey situation worse safe trip to Costa,. Wonder whether it ’ s needs Birmingham, UK you don ’ t a currency exchange though there ’ an! Transportation is safe to travel alone in but don ’ t have to worry anything! World, Costa Rica, but children who aren ’ t want rent. Travel in Costa Rica with your family ’ s once you get out into nature take... Issues, Costa Rica of date exactly how dangerous it is well worth thinking it..., so knowing what to do when disaster strikes is very sensible you might been! This earlier, but you need further treatment and they ’ ll stand out in areas! Very tightly knit no one can get to enjoy more of the press, and scarce. $ 800 per month will get a little more adventurous, a homestay might be the best option for.... Are decent and the drivers tend to focus on tragic events, which makes us exactly... Your concerns ownership is protected by the beach after dark limiting, however as! A lot of pockets and zippers have emergency cash hidden on you! ] truly get your! So and sampling everything that Costa Rica ’ s going to Guadalupe, that has waves... Dangerous ” people are still traveling in a country with under-developed roads, is your Costa a... El general are the best way to get into now, Costa Rican ferries has... Marine Life – be a good shout you have to worry about theft on buses, but uber also Alajuela... It and your ) fun pretty good with this, but it will definitely be a part the. About helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [ that ’ s lurking nearby... This to you first: crime is often a case of wrong place such.
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