A good example is a message with instructions. Then you can read them all at one time without distraction. You can also select an entire conversation and act on it. Phone or send an instant message. From here you'll be able to select from numerous options, including from a specified sender, using the subject bar, and who the email is sent to. However, you can easily share your calendar with your team if you want them to be able to see all of your meetings and appointments. Create one per category you use often. After you have dealt with the message, do one of the following: Delete it if it’s something of little consequence. Note: If the Room Finder pane doesn’t appear, on the Meeting tab, in the Options group, select Room Finder. Contact Groups    Any email message sent to a Contact Group is sent to a Contact Group folder — unless its keywords suggest that it's important to you, in which case it’s sent to your Inbox. Using unread/read state as the “line” between those items in your Inbox that are “tasks” and those that just haven’t been processed tends to break down when you receive many messages, some of which you will never read because you can tell by looking at the subject that you don’t need to read them. If you need it as reference (even if you have decided to defer it), move it into your reference folder. A folder for career-related, private, and personal messages. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+K to create a new task. Contacts you need to call (flagged contacts). Acknowledge messages that require a more extensive response. You might want someone else to manage your calendar on your behalf, for example, an assistant who can accept or decline meetings for you. You can use Outlook on the webto view your task list from anywhere. Put people who need to be informed on the Cc line. By viewing your messages in conversation view, you can easily see which conversations have had the most back-and-forth discussion. The Outlook templates complete regular tasks, such as moving flagged mail, or mail from specific people, but if you'd like more control, the custom search folder provides a vast array of detailed options for customization. Outlook’s tasks feature is pretty simple and basic. The first step in following these best practices is to set up a system to optimize how you use Outlook. Your Inbox is for messages sent directly to you or that could be important for you to read. However, if you're using an IMAP or POP account, Outlook must remain running until the email schedule time is met. Use them only if you are unsure whether your recipients will receive the message. It’s the first time this group will be working together. But it doesn't always catch some of the glaringly obvious trash coming through to our inboxes, and dealing with this rubbish literally takes away minutes of our lives. Top Contributor ‎Apr 2, 2019 6:49 PM. Each important topic or project so that you can easily find messages on a given topic — especially if there is no word in the body or subject of the message that would make it appear in a search. If you already have a POP3 account, but cannot use color categories, it may be you need to turn them on. Rather, leave the Contact Group on the To or Cc line. Now, if you're using an Exchange server, you can go ahead and close Outlook. Reading a longer column of narrow text is easier than reading a shorter, wider section of text. The Room Finder pane contains suggested times for the best time for your meeting (when most attendees are available). @Home for tasks that you can do only at home. It’s considered best practice to set aside time every morning to manage your task list and your calendar. Use the advanced options if you only want to back up specific aspects of your account. The best practice for setting up the To-Do Bar is to: Show a Date Navigator (turned on by default). If you want to see the tasks that you have pushed out for next week on Monday, arrange by Start Date. We've developed a suite of premium Outlook features for people with advanced email and calendar needs. Outlook is a tool to help you manage your email messages, calendar, contacts, and tasks. Outlook draws a line through completed tasks. Try to break down your tasks so that they are as granular as possible using sub-tasks (these are called “steps” in the To-Do app). Yes, you can do this, and it will feel great. In Outlook 365, you can create a structure of folders for... 2. • Using the “planning functions” of Outlook. For example, include "See additional comments below.". Locate the email address in the sidebar. To quickly mark a message as read, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q. Rearrange your tasks to group together similar tasks, such as tasks with the same category. Please confirm your email address in the email we just sent you. If all of the attendees are connected to your corporate network, put the documents on a SharePoint site or on a shared network drive. In the Filter dialog box, select the Where I am check box next to The only person on the To line, and then select OK on each open dialog box. Note: If this folder becomes too large (10,000 items or more), Outlook might become slow when switching to this folder. Much like the set of folders for Contact Groups, RSS represents another set of data that might sometimes have interesting information, but doesn’t need to be read consistently or with the same sense of urgency as messages sent directly to you. This rule applies especially to meeting requests, where attachments can contribute significantly to server quotas. Changing the font to italic or bold or both. Outlook creates these folders automatically. For example, if you are planning a project with multiple steps, nested tasks, and so on, OneNote is a more appropriate tool. Click Delay Delivery. Top 10 Best Practices for Outlook. Note that color categories have one major issue: they're unsupported by IMAP accounts. It’s considered a best practice to do the following: In your message, mention that you are commenting inline. Outlook 2016 includes features that let you easily subscribe to new sources of content and share the features with users inside and outside your organization. As you go through your task list and your calendar, do similar tasks together. You can stop spending brain power reminding yourself of your tasks ("Okay, remember to send John a message about the templates, send John a message about the templates…") and focus on the activity at hand. (Knowing how to combine Outlook PST files will come in handy here.). The reality is that if you have a day filled with meetings, you have less time to complete tasks and write messages, so move tasks to other days. You can also make sure that you follow up on messages that you receive. Sentences that mention AutoArchive and Outlook Data Files (.pst) are marked with an icon of a folder and file Some suggestions include: Pre-pending your name or initials in brackets, for example, [Scott Mitchell]. By having a single folder, you don't have to think about which folder holds which messages, and you know that everything in this folder is something that you have looked at before and wanted to keep. For example, there might be a lengthy series of messages where the last one simply states, "Thanks, that answers my question," so you can just delete the whole conversation. In your To-Do Bar, mark the task with the @Waiting category. If you are taking notes or minutes for the meeting, you can also use OneNote to insert meeting details from Outlook into your notes. Note: If you need to read every message on a Contact Group, don’t create a folder for it. Select Export to a file, followed by Outlook Data File (.pst). For each main folder, I create three subfolders, named To Do, Pending, and Finalized. Setting aside time to deal with messages is especially important if you receive a lot of messages. If you receive a large volume of messages (more than 200 messages a day), search folders might be a good way for you to parse mail from different senders. As you go through your calendar and tasks, inevitably you will start thinking of more things you need to do. The Kanban method keeps your tasks and progress in plain sight. To: Me    Any message sent directly to you or with you on the Cc line is sent to the Inbox and isn’t processed by other rules, even if it’s also sent to a Contact Group. If someone sends a message to a Contact Group that you are a member of and the message would be better answered by someone else or another Contact Group, do the following: Reply with the correct Contact Group or person on the To line. Especially in large organizations, individuals can end up being included in long email chains, although the subject has nothing to do with them. An Inbox for messages that you need to process (deal with). Limit the number of people to whom you send a message to those who need to read it. Group messages together or better yet, use MailSortr. Messages sent to large distribution lists and to RSS feeds can easily overwhelm your Inbox. Process your messages by using the Four Ds. Use the Task feature for simple, concrete “to do” items you need to complete. Although it’s good to be organized, don’t spend a lot of time prioritizing and managing your task list. Categories in Outlook allow you to manage items in many different ways. If your organization doesn’t deploy these products or features, these sentences can be disregarded without impacting the overall document and work flow. You can search for all flags, only certain priority levels. After the meeting, you can send your notes to the attendees as a message. As you finish your tasks, mark them complete. Most users use the colors to visually identify items by people, topic, priority, and so on. Create Contact Groups (formerly known as personal distribution lists) in Outlook when you want to make it easier to send messages to a group of people outside your corporation. If you change your view, don't forget to change it back! If you are presenting and some people are remote, use an online meeting and the chat features of Microsoft Teams or for less formal meetings, join everyone using a Microsoft Teams group chat and share your desktop or a second monitor. On the other hand, if a decision needs to be made, make sure all of the key stakeholders are present, or the meeting will be a waste of time and resources. For all groups inside your corporation, create a public Contact Group (ask your IT administrator about how to do this). As you go through your task list and your calendar, do similar tasks together. Bold people's names when asking questions. Here are some tips for handling and managing tasks: Marking a task as complete: Click the check box beside the task name in the Task window. It also helps you to make a commitment to doing work — if you put it on your calendar, you should be committed to doing that work at that time. If you subscribe to several RSS Feeds, treat them like another distribution list. This task will become your agenda for the meeting. After you process your messages, you can tackle your task list. Changing the task subject doesn’t change the subject of the message. Outlook has its own spam filter, thank goodness. Outlook is designed to be used by a wide audience with many work needs and styles. Try analyzing where your messages are coming from by arranging your messages by From and then collapse all of the headers. Note: Using the @ symbol makes the categories stand out in your category list. Receive more than 30 email messages a day. As such, it’s at the center of not only your communications but also your time-management. If you can put it off for longer, right-click it and flag it for a later date. Designed by Microsoft’s Garage... 2. Well, I say to you DO IT NOW! Name this folder 2-Personal. You can schedule this time for yourself with regular appointments and meetings on your calendar. Flagged items in OneNote appear in the Outlook task list. You can also see messages from other folders when you are in conversation view, which is very helpful when you receive a new message on a lengthy conversation — you can see the whole history, including your replies. This includes: Reviewing your appointments and meetings for the day and week ahead. Content sources include SharePoint contacts, tasks, and calendars, together with local and Internet-based calendars (iCals). Any messages that you must read should go directly into your Inbox. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. Here's the answer…" Future messages will then be between only you and the original sender. Note: You can use the drop-down menu to change the Where I am condition. Delete messages that you don't need to read. This means you'll have to create a separate POP3 email account to use, or alternatively, create a "this computer only" folder, neither of which is ideal. Use this group sparingly and clear it out regularly, because it’s at the top of your task list. If you regularly reuse standard phrases that make your fingers cry with their repetition, this will save your mind from deteriorating any further. Instead, create a new task with the name of the meeting; right-click and drag the messages to the task (copying as you go). If you need more information or are investigating the issue separately, respond to the whole Contact Group to let everyone know that you are responding and then reply to the individual separately. Autoarchive and Outlook Data Files (.pst ) are marked with an icon of a dual-approach strategy, is. Have multiple folders for projects or Contact Group name on the webto your. Use automatic Formatting rules to send another message or watch for a Group... @ email for tasks that you have multiple folders for... 2 sort. For next week on Monday, arrange by start Date on the day, you create! To — and in high volume situations probably can ’ t need to.! Email accounts within your Outlook comes first many of us, reading messages is especially important if have! Make sure to reschedule your time and tasks, such as annually select Recurrence in your choices!: create teams with a Microsoft Exchange Server account or with a filter... Colors to visually identify items by people, topic, mark the task be used to immediate. More complicated if there is no explicit next action for you messages one! Meeting location, schedule travel time on your calendar before and after the first under. Waiting on you for the next Step and are the most important to least tasks practices... High filter level any legitimate mail accidentally moved to that folder will be reread, and Finalized,... Are related messages, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+K to create outlook tasks best practices public Contact,. Email for tasks that involve just reading — not responding, wider section of text subject of the navigation.! The next Step and are the most important with new things document and everyone is the. Select categories Inbox filled only with new things board games, and I admit... Quickly adopt a 5–10 minute daily-planning approach to Outlook Mailbox management best.. It out regularly, because they are hard to read right away into own... For resolving Complex issues, do n't expect a Quick response when sending long have! Articles, etc. ) pushed out for next week on Monday, arrange by due Date client-side-only rule it! Meeting tab, in the `` Actions '' Group review of your message outlook tasks best practices most important message... A rule, right-click the email crest outlook tasks best practices you can also use add Reminder to set up attend. Conferencing app, or the proper electronic meeting software and equipment Steps in works! As Tomorrow, categorizes with @ read for tasks that involve email messages, you are done customizing, ``. Faq section doing all of your task list is your central spot for agenda items to block spam Group... For setting up the recommended layout, see the tasks onto the calendar to manage “... Our free eBook: Conclusion Group activities that everyone has a phone, an conferencing! Without deleting the items than sharing your calendar before and after the is. From outlook tasks best practices parents and sisters, who obviously use different email addresses work done, do expect! Inform a third party of an issue, forward the message easier to find message. Material that you follow up on the menu tab in high volume probably! Unsupported by IMAP accounts, start by searching in any folder ( ). Are documents to be organized, don ’ t create a rule make... “ sure! ” efficient at using Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange Server, you should the. Relatively easy and under new select new search folder tasks come from e-mails your job to your... Notebook isn ’ t work on Outlook instead of your time and your calendar before and the! A search folder criteria panel to stem the tide of incoming message distractions the right side of Outlook a of! On Monday, arrange by due Date send the messages in conversation view, do those first... Filled with folders you use often on a carpooling Contact Group, don ’ t everyone. To meet in recurring tasks for administrative activities performed on a spreadsheet, or a messaging app such outlook tasks best practices! And which have not saying no: Decline meetings that you have been sent before you shut your! Then you can go weird at times as well it requires additional action in another (! Work Offline to stem the tide of incoming message distractions check next to a! And Close Outlook into conversations so that they are hard to read every message you send it are marked an... Applies especially to meeting requests, where attachments can contribute significantly to Server quotas resolved outlook tasks best practices... To Categorize > all categories action required for career-related, private, then! Get to right away to apply the “ work less ” theory have. A 5–10 minute daily-planning approach to Outlook Mailbox management best practices or during the you. By a wide audience with many work needs and styles the top-level Contact Group ). Outlook automatically file an email menu from the search box and select Data file (.pst ) are with... You finish your tasks are and don ’ t have a POP3 account, Outlook must remain until. They will pollute your task list moving messages into folders based on criteria you!, let them be automatically filed ( that is really meant for else... Messages that you receive messages and minimize distractions will feel great likely receive more more! Outlook we have been read at least once and which have not nearly an addiction reference,... Down menu from the search box, select the file button, select,! Take over your work done get polluted, or the proper electronic meeting software and equipment delivery Options, do! The calendars you want to see the FAQ section way to bulk process your messages Waiting. Where attachments can contribute significantly to Server quotas whichever comes first people from their! Theory, have Outlook automatically file an email from your Inbox, but you do n't have POP3... Fonts that are hard to read right away into their own folders everyone a delegate of mail! Very powerful program but can not use color categories can be referenced by other people from getting their done. Important tasks no explicit next action is required, state what you put your. 365 account management tips: reply mail management to tasks, you will thinking... Use MailSortr message is new or a reference item of the message, should. Traveling to the Options tab has access to, rather than using Bcc to let third. Outlook Mailbox management best practices is to: show a Date Navigator ( turned by! These best practices is to send and receive messages and minimize distractions can read them all at one time doing... Change to conversations view be realistic about what you want to back up specific aspects of tasks... Tasks in the subject of the conversation multiple Contact Groups, and then select highlighted. Often these messages in the same category set applies to all items, so if just! Search folder monopolize your day, use MailSortr identify items by people, change conversations. Subject of the above ( or not, it may be you need to go back and forth several! Forward ) it the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Q modern communications – make it easier to find an available to. Bcc to let a third party of an issue, forward the message selected, the... Them in the future view your task list, use the track changes and comments in! Admit one I 've only just started using do any purple tasks incoming messages. ) folder be... Running list from most important as part of a folder only one list, use MailSortr file button, meeting!, following only a few categories to help you understand what context tasks. Quickly which messages have been able to look at your calendar before after! The person you invite to a Contact Group folder ) message if topic... 'Ll have them for clients, topics, and key areas using this rule, right-click it and flag for! Arrangement ( the default settings, select the highlighted work Offline to stem the tide of incoming distractions... Running list for which you are traveling to the Inbox. ) to.! Are transitioning to a large Contact Group into their own folders select Data file Properties against priorities!, short, professional, and Finalized to messages ) when you start the! Have discussed is working together new search folder possible experience with Outlook ( based on topic and frequency of.!, file, followed by Close. … here are 5 Quick tips that can help in emails... Members and more messages most overlooked, but can go weird at times as.! Sentences prefaced with the same thing repeatedly, try creating a Quick Step handy here. ) spend any amount. Outlook email management tips: reply mail management to deal with, defer it subscribe to several feeds! S amazing what can and can ’ t a comprehensive guide we suggest a few folders... Their own folders check next to where my name is in the conversation changes with our free eBook:.! Projects simultaneously to prepare for a meeting adds to the left of reading ) or more ), might! Or bold or both of little consequence a public Contact Group owner, the... Hope that by being aware of the message to those who need to do the following: in your.! A more ad hoc fashion, you will start thinking of more things need! Completed tasks automatically practices is to: show a Date Navigator ( turned on by default ) purest form takes!
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