and a fixed amount is payed every year. If it was purchased by a company, they'll have put the sale through their accounts and must raise a company invoice on sale of the vessel, to the next owner. MyBoat, powered by GJW Direct is the powerful, easy-to-use digital organiser for your vessels. If you're buying privately, you still need all these documents handed on to you. The boat also has a bathroom with shower. Owners of smaller runabouts and RIBS tend not to want to register on Part 1, but there is an option of Part 3, which has no legal title attached to it, but can be useful if you want, say, to take your ski-boat behind the car on holiday to France or Spain. Cities, villages and countryside are often very accessible by natural or man-made waterways. The answers will come from your own planning and research, helped by our articles on vessels and waterways and your research in other recommended publications. Catamarans may be too wide for the locks. You should keep good copies of all documents somewhere safe, but bear in mind if you're travelling outside the UK, you may be asked for your papers, and the VAT paid evidence will be top of the Customs officer’s list, with some EU states wanting to see the original. A plastic wallet in a plastic zipped bag to try and keep these documents dry is essential. The benefit of buying second-hand is that someone else has dealt with any wrinkles and probably fitted some extra kit. The adjacent countries of Belgium, Netherlands and Germany are all linked directly with France; the choice of vessel can be similar for this region. Hello, I would like to ask if anyone has or knows where I can find Info about Taxation when owning a motorboat. A new boat will have a pre-delivery inspection. In order to be prepared for the future, you’ll need to budget for: Operating expenses The costs of owning any craft are an important consideration when you are looking at buying a boat.There’s no escaping that boat ownership can be expensive, but if you count all the nights on board, days out and holidays afloat, it can still compare very favourably with alternatives. In the Netherlands the, So, a lot of questions and only a few answers so far. A statement by the original builder, by an owner or by anyone else that the boat is VAT paid isn't valid. Before you own a boat, you must make sure you have enough money to pay for a store. It's cold, it sucks, everythings dead etc.. however when summer rolls around and I get to rebuild it? It won't tell you about other pieces of equipment you might like to have fitted, and it IS NOT a guarantee that the boat is in as-new condition. Here are the biggest expenses and how you can calculate what it will cost you to own a boat. Draft is also a consideration if the boat has a keel that may be too deep for many canals. The other answers will be based on the need for space, handling of the vessel by the crew, the degree of restoration work involved and the aesthetics of the look of the vessel. It’s a place to store all your boat’s documentation together electronically - no searching th... Escaping the rat race sounds romantic, but could you live without instant power and a postcode? And there isn’t the VAT depreciation – just the same as a car. The modern boat has 4-bedrooms and a lounge area with a dining table and flat-screen TV. Boats that are RCD certificated will have a Craft Identification Number (CIN), which should be on all the documentation and on a plaque on the boat. Hi can anyone point me in the right direction as to the requirements of owning a boat in Turkey. With the answer in hand, I can argue that we cannot afford to buy a boat, or I can concede and make my husband extremely happy. //]]>. It can be complicated, but essentially VAT was payable on boat purchases after 1985 in the EU, or if the boat has been imported to the EU since then. The UK's number one marketplace for boats and yachts! But that doesn’t mean that sailboats are totally excluded, just that proper planning needs to be done. Draft is also a consideration if the boat has a keel that may be too deep for many canals. This is the document that passes legal title via the shares in the boat. A foreigner must bear in mind that in essence he/she, as an individual, has absolutely no right to own a Thai vessel. Also ensure you register/re-register all equipment. If you’re looking for something fast and exhilarating, a pontoon boat probably won’t cut it for you. There are Rules of the Road, speed limits to be adhered to, and safety equipment and other equipment to understand, as well as boat handling techniques. To get started, take a look at the. Re: Owning a boat in Zurich you can get an inflatable dingy with a 4 hp motor at the local home depot here for around chf 4000. If not then you must have a vehicle large enough to tow the boat you want to a place where you can store it. 4.Sep.2010, 02:22 PM. Whether one sails their boat to Europe or buys the boat there, itinerary planning will require increasingly careful routing if sailing a non-VAT-paid boat. There are similar open canals in Norway and Sweden that can be traveled by sailboat, with idyllic lakes for sailing between the canalised sections. To be specific Only inland waters not coastal. “It depends on what you consider cramped,” la... As increasing numbers are drawn to life on the water, Jo Roche considers the pros and cons. “But owning a boat is expensive. In the Netherlands the Staande Mastroute is available and is clearly marked on the ANWB planning chart; it allows traveling the entire north-south length of the country with the mast stepped (there are bridges, but they are all lifting type and overhead wires are kept high.) I want to conquer the unknown. If the boat was sold by the manufacturer to a dealer, the Builder’s Certificate will be to the dealer. A new boat will carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Cruising inland waterways is not arduous as compared to open-water sailing but a day or two of many close-together hand-operated locks can be exhausting for some. Check this carefully, then you won’t be surprised when you take ownership and the dinghy isn't there for example. A second-hand boat, if sold by a private individual, won't have any warranty. Traveling on your own vessel is an ideal way to visit Europe and experience the culture and customs of life in many countries. While just about everyone can be sufficiently fit to cruise in Europe, the choice of vessel depends on the capability of the crew to handle it in all conditions. July 30, 2013. A Bill of Sale saying VAT inclusive isn't valid evidence either. Bareboat charter in Denmark - boat without skipper for rent. Don’t rely on a mobile phone. Find the resources that will help lead you to the needed information and begin to put together a written and mental package that will lead you to a suitable choice. Our Boat Buyer’s Guide will help you get through the initial steps of buying a boat, but once you take ownership of your pride and joy some budgeting and financial planning is in order. This is where the dealer or, if you can’t or don’t want to afford buying a new boat, a broker can advise you. Used boats offer greater value but if you aren’t careful enough, a bad purchase will easily ruin your boating experience. refer to this very thorough website: //