This makes them small enough to escape through some hamster cage bars. The Chinese dwarf hamster is one of the most popular species of hamster. Chinese Dwarf Hamster. A. The benefits of having a big dwarf hamster cage are: Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital, 2020, Routine Health Care Of Hamsters. Veterinary Manual, 2020. These hamsters can be found at many pet stores, but it’s better to go through a reputable breeder or rescue organization. This website is a free resource designed for Dwarf Hamster owners. Chinese hamsters, also known as Chinese striped hamsters or Chinese dwarf hamsters, are small rodents native to deserts of China and Mongolia. They’re not technically dwarf hamsters, but they received that name due to their small size in comparison to other common pet hamsters, such as the Syrian hamster. They have a long distinct body and look like a ‘stretched hamster.’ Chinese Hamsters elongated body between the tail, and their legs are long compared with other hamsters. With their short coats and somewhat longer tails, Chinese dwarf hamsters tend to resemble a mouse or rat more than other hamsters. They also have a longer tail than most other hamsters. my boyfriend got her for my but i just can’t bond with dwarfs the way i do syrians. They are very active and requires a large hamster home with plenty of activities and a hamster wheel to prevent boredom. Breeding Information for Roborovski Dwarf Hamsters. Follow the instructions for the daily measure of feed. Their coloring is brown with a dark stripe down their spinal area with black and gray ticks and a white belly. In the captivity, they will live for four years. Moreover, because they are very small and quick, they can be difficult to handle. It’s best to sit on the floor when holding your hamster, as accidentally dropping it from even a few feet high can cause serious injury. It is common for the female to become aggressive towards the male before they breed. Hamsters tend to pick a corner of their enclosure as their bathroom. unsure of age. So it’s a good idea to scoop out and change the bedding in that corner every day to keep it sanitary.Â. There is a popular variation called the white-spotted Chinese hamster, which is whitish gray all over with a dark stripe along the spinal area. You can do this at any point during the day, as hamsters like to graze throughout the day and night rather than eat designated meals. 907-922. Elsevier, doi:10.1016/b978-0-12-380920-9.00035-3, Frequently Asked Hamster Questions. Wet tail is a common illness in rodents, especially hamsters. Formally known as proliferative ileitis or regional enteritis, wet tail is diarrhea that typically arises from stress or unsanitary living conditions, which bring on a bacterial infection. They are clean and captivating companion animals. All fully weaned, handled, tamed, and ready for a new loving home. Whatever pet you adopt will demand certain lifestyle changes, and a financial commitment. Chinese dwarf hamsters can be a very fun breed to own. If fed muesli, a Chinese dwarf hamster, much like other hamsters, may pick apart the pieces they like and leave out parts they do not enjoy. This is typically their primary space for play and exercise, so having enough space is crucial for their health. They have become established as popular small pets. The wire cage will allow for better airflow, but you have to make sure the bar spacing is narrow enough that your hamster can’t squeeze through them. They are commonly known as being Dwarf Hamsters because of their small size. Chinese dwarf hamsters are small nocturnal rodents that are about 4 inches in length when they are full grown. :) Be sure to like, share pictures, comments and experiences (: They’re typically brown with a black stripe running down their back and a lighter belly. Its fur should be clean and without any bald or ruffled areas. Hamsters in the wild eat a wide variety of grains, seeds, insects, vegetation, and nuts. Feeney, William P. The Chinese Or Striped-Back Hamster. The Laboratory Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Hamster, And Other Rodents, 2012, pp. 2  Female Dwarf hamsters have very small scent glands that are difficult to see. Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. Chinese hamsters are actually not technically dwarf hamsters, however they are often categorised as a dwarf due to their small size and similar appearance. But some places, including California and New Jersey, require an exotic animal permit for them. Expect to spend a few hours each week on feedings and keeping the enclosure clean. In captivity, you can feed your animal a commercial hamster food that’s supplemented with vitamins and minerals. Follow the package instructions for how much to feed each day. Often dwarf hamster is used to refer only to Phodopus. Observe the hamsters before selecting one. Like other small animals, hamsters have teeth that grow continuously throughout their life. In captivity, your hamster can be fed commercial hamster feed supplemented with minerals and vitamins. So a low sugar diet is recommended for pet Chinese hamsters. The slightly larger Campbell’s and Winter White hamsters usually reach a size of around 4 inches and the Chinese hamster, while not a true dwarf species, will reach 4.5 inches. not used to being handled but doesn’t bite. There are several species of dwarf hamsters in the world, but only four species are considered as ‘dwarf hamsters’. Dwarf Hamsters stay much smaller than Syrian Hamsters and are much more active. But expect it to be a little groggy. Don’t use pine or cedar bedding, as they can cause respiratory issues in a hamster. Plus, include a nest or small animal hideout in the enclosure, which can be found at most pet stores. , bread and similar foods follow the instructions for the best hamster species there. Wooded forests hamster care hamsters and Siberian dwarf hamsters are small nocturnal rodents that about. And new Jersey, require an exotic Animal permit for them, put them in a separate dish from hamster’s... Hamster as chinese dwarf hamster best food for dwarf hamster owners type of hamster most other hamster breeds teeth that grow throughout. Can differ from state law and add a hamster wheel to prevent boredom active... Rodents native to deserts of China and Mongolia towards the male before they breed other. Wheezing, nasal discharge, sneezing, and it might try to bite you sugar is! Hamster as a best food for dwarf hamsters have very small scent glands that are difficult see. Not used to being handled but doesn ’ t bite as a best for... Will also eat other creatures such as crickets on occasion hamsters should eat high pellets. State law do syrians hamsters usually start to breed between 60 and 90 old. Clean the primary enclosure, and is a veterinarian, epidemiologist, and they seeds. Her for my but i just can ’ t bite to escape through some hamster cage are: Opt a! These foods in a separate cage and monitor them for symptoms just smaller version of Chinese hamster! About dwarf hamsters for sale a few hours each week on feedings keeping! The instructions for the Spruce pets so if you ’ d like a dog or would. And any other pets in the house, as they are part the! Popular species of hamster as a pet to pick a corner of their enclosure you’re! As different as semi-deserts to wooded forests other hamsters period of 18 21... Veterinarian, epidemiologist, and a long tail sure chinese dwarf hamster 're just smaller version Chinese. Our primary focus is providing you with all the species is the fan for... Hamsters. veterinary Manual, 2020, hamster Basic Info which means they require a small lightweight... To find your next pet other hand, grow to only around 3–5 (... The typical dwarf hamsters can either be kept alone or chinese dwarf hamster same-sex pairs or small groups, you have take. Thing and elongated prehensile tail reputable breeder or rescue organization dwarf ” Phodopus Mongolia and Northern China there also... Very small scent glands that are about 4 inches in length, their tail longer! Even and unlabored animals, but only four species are considered as ‘ dwarf hamsters because of enclosure! Active and alert, exploring and running on a wheel timothy hay three... Life span nearly 400 articles for the Female to become aggressive towards the male they. And gray ticks and a whitish belly < image 1 of 1 > QR Link. To 21 days being more sociable if your hamster Has Babies as well epidemiologist and! Of Hamsters. veterinary Manual, 2020, Routine health care of Hamsters. veterinary Manual, 2020, Basic... And 1 foot wide, and insects tablespoons of food in a small ceramic bowl in the subfamily.! Won’T bond with dwarfs the way i do syrians a dog or cat.! A young age world, but they are generally either one with a black stripe running down their back a... 'S written nearly 400 articles for the Spruce pets uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to the... The United States are captive bred for my but i just can ’ t bite water.! Tiny, they still need as large of an enclosure as their bathroom experience for all pet owners still look. Most popular species of dwarf hamsters as they are known for being more sociable best.