This will make wiring as easy as putting red to red, yellow to yellow, purple to purple, etc. –          In some cases, car stereos do not come wired with a 12v Accessory/Ignition wire, making an aftermarket radio difficult to install and work properly. this doesn’t seem to affect the radio only the CD player. Everything powers up and works great until I turn the car or accessory off. When I change it back to what I want it just keeps changing. But then I find out that the plug will bypass the amp and connect to an AFTERMAEKET DECK. Double check the PTID-820B wire harness for a blue/white wire. I also have aftermarket hid headlights in my truck what is causing my alternators to burn up so easily, I have a 2000 ford ranger. Ever heard of this? When installing the amp and sub the direction said to connect the blue wire from the sub to the remote wire in the wiring harness for the deck. Should someone have experienced such problem, please let me know what might be the problem as I have already had some attempts with my techs but to no avail as the fault is more like intermittent although very frequent. 2003 Honda Civic – Only driver (front) speaker works. I spliced the wires and turned it on and it started up and worked great. Have you checked the fuses under the hood as well? Car Receiver, Car Stereo System user manuals, operating guides & specifications I’ve been trying to install a new XD1228 Dual aftermarket radio. I bought a wire harness, and I have more than triple-checked the wiring between the harness and radio wires, they are all correct. What could be the problem. This time I’ve tried everything I can think of and I cant get any music to play. When I first installed it would reboot, 5-10 seconds later reboot again. radio, CD player, auxiliary input, etc). All car speakers are connected well. I have my pioneer after market radio installed and it works great while the car is on but once you turn it over in idling mode the radio turns off, does the same thing if I turn my car lights on as well…. I brought my 2010 Dodge Charger to Chrysler Dealership for problem with car radio. It seems mostly random, but happens I had Best Buy put in an aftermarket Kenwood unit and it works fine. and sometimes the starter will continue to be ingaged. It just stays blank. Also, it’s installed in a truck I just bought last weekend. I switched my factory stereo to aftermarket stereo, everything works fine expect the DVD player didn’t work.. i noticed that my factory stereo has a 2 wire harness? We turned the ignition on and the stereo just turned on with the igniton. i have an 01 jeep cherokee and im having trouble with my kenwood aftermarket itll play the radio threw the back speakers and the sub but when i switch threw the other options it just plays threw the sub what could the issue be ive asked both my friends who deal with this kind of stuff all the time but even they dont have a clue. Please help!! Please help me. Dual AM/FM/CD/MP3/WMA Receiver with Detach Face Installation/Owner's Manual Depending on the amp, the red light (and the sequence of flashing) will determine what the problem is. I used them in my 05 elantra and they sounded great. Radio hasnt worked since that happend. we removed the factory installed radio and connected everything to the new stereo and it worked beautifully. I have a an old nissan micra. Had a kenwood double din installed in a shop with amps and speakers and everything worked great for a couple of months. I took it in to a shop and they insisted it was the module I bought with the aftermarket radio. Is it wired wrong? i have a 1998 ford f150 triton v8 4×4 and i put a new pioneer 350 watt stereo system in and it shorted out my four wheel drive and it runs off of my head lights. can you tell me what colored wires need to match up? The radio receives no power. i pulled it out of the car i wrecked and just inatalled it in a 2003 dodge intrepid. does anyone have an idea of what could be causing this mess?? The question remain is: where should I connect the blue wire which comes out from the wiring harness (Power Antenna Wire)??? It will be the blue/white wire coming out of the back of the stereo. It still plugs in and you can hear the disc tray start up and the red light under the face plate still blinks but the screen doesn’t turn on. I bought the correct wire harness and all. I installed a pioneer avh-1330 in my 2013 ram 1500 with an aftermarket harness that it required and now if I put truck in reverse the stereo turns off once in drive it comes back on. Right Rear Speaker Positive Wire ( ): White If you have a volt meter, make sure the red accessory and yellow constant wires have 12V. With all the right stuff I thought this system would sound at least decent, but nope sounds like But I disagree because it was doing it for a while before installing that specific module. So I have a 90 chevy lumina and a kenwood KDC-MP345U cd receiver and got a wire harness for it. Dual Car Stereo System XDM6825. I have the speakers connected but am unsure of the constant and switched 12v connections. The car is a manual and yes it is in reverse, I am just trying to figure what I need to do to try and get it fixed. Radio won’t even power on or have any sound. Add an Auxiliary Battery: Wire in a completely separate battery to power just your stereo. The screen comes on but it wont do anything else-nothing happens when i hit the source button, its one where the face plate slides down to put cds in it wont eject etc. Try to determine the cause. The Dealership wants me to replace radio at the sum of almost $800.00. Also none of my guages will work when it fires and the odometer says no bus. The factory radio was a Delco. To turn on the stereo I need to press the eject button and do the same to change the sources. I have a 15 inch sub hooked up to an amp and my car speakers hooked up to an amp. Q2: Is that right and/or okay? All week last week it did not do it a single time. Car stereo works. Wha if you have an older vehicle that did not have a 12v constant? Almost like the machine is resetting its self. I put my stock radio back in and it still plays music. Any ideas? I am positive I connected wrong first try and blew the fuse. I have read some of the suggestions on here and found the blue/white amp turn on wire to be a very logical suggestion, however the ONLY wire coming out of the aftermarket head unit is the wire for the microphone for the bluetooth phone option. I have a Sony WX-GT908T in my 2002 Toyota Camry. Product Title Dual Electronics DXDM280BT- Double DIN In-Dash Car Stereo with Built-In Bluetooth, CD, USB, MP3 & WMA Player Average Rating: ( 3.8 ) out of 5 stars 103 ratings , based on 103 reviews Current Price $73.69 $ 73 . Buying an aftermarket antenna since stock is a windshield antenna. Couldn’t find antenna /- though. HI I bought a new stereo and installed it, everything works fine except I can’t for the life of me get the faceplate to stay on. The deck i installed is only powering on when the headlights turn on….not with the ignition do i have a wire hooked up wrong ? Dual XD1222 Car Stereo Item: Dual XD 1222 Car AM/FM/CD player Problem: No output from radio - CD player worked fine. The following steps help guide you through the common problems. Shop for Double Din Car Stereos in Car Stereos. Station or menu or anything, if I leave it on it will goto a moving around DVD LOGO. Do you have any sugestions or solutions? What could be the problem? It has something to do with my radio and I cannot figure out what it is. 2. 1 decade ago new Dual XDM7510 dash radio not working properly (no sound)? I can’t tell if it’s an issue with the wiring or if the antenna is damaged. I hooked the blue & white wire from the new harness to the Antenna of the KIA wire. is there possibly a wire that wasnt properly connected? I have a 1994 jeep cherokee and I have a problem but I dont know what it is. It can be a problem with signal wires? The Blue or Blue/White wire on your aftermarket head unit is what powers a powered antenna. installed aftermarket radio in 2001 ford focus, while idling works fine go to drive it flashes, get to 30mph is fine, then when i come to a stop it will flash and shut off, then flash until i hit about 30 again then will be fine….. Did you purchase an adapting wire harness? Many cars have built in amplifiers that require a 12v signal to be sent in order to turn on the Amplifier, most common being Bose, Infinity, and JBL. However it has cut out again, and I done the same trick again but it never came back on. The orange wires are typically for illumination and dimmer. One has to do with the car stereo turning on and working just fine, but the music intermittently cuts out, or the stereo … Then today it did it all day. Before purchasing, make measurements to be sure there is no interference with dash accessories such as A/C vents or shift levers. If I turn the gain up… it doesn’t do it anymore but the speakers aren’t that powerful and so I need the gain lowered. I want to be able attach the wire to another one that is controlled by the ignition . Is it just a bad unit or am I missing something? Finally I got it working then it randomly started losing power and shutting off. Some of this can be caused by a broken amp, but all of them can be caused by other underlying issues that will still be around if you try to fix the problem by throwing a new amp at it. Among the parts that you have the opportunity to explore are Dual car radios, CD players,woofers, woofer tubes/boxes, speakers, 12V multimedia, and marine electronics.If you take any one of the marine components, for example, you find that they come with a … I just installed a Kenwood detachable face stereo in my niece’s Toyota Echo. I am reaching out hoping some one may have any idea what could be causing all this…. I can only play one or two songs if I’m lucky. They are not definitive in any way. I just tried to install an aftermarket stereo (Pioneer 4 speaker car audio system package no. My radio works fine for 5minutes sometimes a half hour then the audio just shuts off, no sound and adjusting volume, nothing. Ever since the guy installed it, my factory lcd either turns off for a day or two, or reboots and i have to set it back to what kind of car it is in the miscellaneous menu. Connecting Samsung Dual Sim to Car Stereo From Henrique on February 07, 2014 :: 1:51 pm I have a Dual Sim fone Samsumg GT-C 3752, that I pair ro my car’s stereo Medianav. I just installed new (front and rear) speakers (kickers) and deck (pioneer ) in my 2000 KIA Sephia LS. The cigarette lighter is always on, not connected to ignition. CD Receiver. I have a Sony MEX-N4200BT car stereo installed. Make sure the amp turn on (Blue/white striped wire) is hooked up properly from the head unit to the amplifier. Here is the colors i have: I recently bought a new touch screen stereo for my 2007 Honda Civic SI and i have it installed and most of the wires connected. thankyou. The accessory should only have 12V when you turn the car on. 69 I have a 2004 chevy venture LS with a built in DVD player on the center top. head repair technician-install manager. I’ve got two dual sitting in my living room right now running off my house speakers and I Georgia Power Wheels Barbie power wheel for the kids they outgrew the power wheels so we use the the wall plug in I’ve been using it for months and it runs just fine I Bluetooth everything off of it so if you got power outlets in your RV you can take in just get you up a wall adapter plug like a pro power wheel or something plug it in wire white wire Donette the only thing is different there is you got to take the accessory run it straight to the the 12-volt power just in the other then run it to that positive on the you know the cord that you use in and then that’s all I do is read works just fine for, Installing new radio radio’s working music working all the sudden music stopped radio still works, I have a jvc kdr300 when I have it hooked up right with constant and accessory when I drive the radio cuts on and off as if its losing power but if I hook both uP to constant it works fine. i measured 0.07V coming out to the speakers which seems too low(?) Help me please? Never had a problem too now. Post questions and find answers. I have a Jensen car stereo and it is a CD and auxiliary capable and it has FM and AM but the fm and the AM does not work for some reason can anybody help. Currently, the company is working hard to come up with high-end Dual car stereo products that will continue placing its name on top of the competition. i have pioneer 5450sd. After fitting an after market stereo, which allows a reverse camera to be connected, (although I have no camera connected), when I turn on my side lights or head lights, the stereo goes into reversing mode, and shows a blank screen and stops all music. Several weeks later, it happened again. Check the manual to see if dimming is a feature your unit comes with. How do I fix my dual radio in my truck it Wont tur. Okay here’s a troublshooting question, 2015 mustang added 2/12″ punch subs with 1000W mono channel amp using pyle line out converter with remote power and after turning off the car and getting out the amp will stay powered for 1-2 minutes before shutting down and subs will thump when amp powers off, any ideas? Now I’ve already tried disconnecting the wires and then reconnect them and sometimes it works but then the next day it always doesn’t turn on. I simply took the head unit out and unplugged it and it started playing music again. Car Radio Accessory Switched 12v Wire: Orange/Black After I plug into stereo it shows 21.5v. 2012 audi a3 has factory fitted front speakers installed but no rear speakers. Installed a kenwood dnx575s and it flickers during the day not at night. On 15-18 occasions now, when I was driving, a VERY loud pop / bang noise came from the car and all speakers stopped working. Anybody have any ideas? I am worried that it will drain my battery. HI, we just purchased a 2013 Mercedes Smart Fortwo vehicle. There is no amplifier in my car, so should I leave the “blue & White wire” unconnected? I took it to the shop and after two hours they said it was the radio was defective. I have just installed an aftermarket head unit in my wife’s 2001 vectra and now the power windows and mirrors do not work or the computer display on the dash. There are rare occasions that it stays on for about an hour or so. I clipped those off and just matched all the wiring. You didn’t mention what year, make, model you had or any of the parts you used so there is little anyone can help you with without that information. Single DIN: 1 DIN dimensions will work with all single DIN installation kits we have to offer. the cables was Plug and play and I did the the installation exactly as the instruction said. Thanks!! Some car audio problems that are commonly attributed to amps include sound distortion, no sound at all, and even bizarre sounds like farting. I tapped into the orange just as the illustration said and I get power but no memory and no right channel and I know the speakers work as I plugged old one back in and it works as intended. Compare the output of your alternator with the power demands of the stereo or components that you added to your car. I used all the factory wiring for acc, constant 12v, earth & front speakers but ran my own wires for rear speakers (didn’t have factory rears). Thanks. Of my bass the plug in wrong plug hole ? To ensure our content is always up-to-date with current information, best practices, and professional advice, articles are routinely reviewed by industry experts with years of hands-on experience. The wind is from the alternator being overloaded. I am having DEH-4290SD model car stereo.It turn to DISPLAY OFF mode immediately after the unit start functioning. This is the first car I’ve ever had this much trouble with while installing a radio. I bought an aftermarket headunit and I have everything hooked up and all of my connections seem to be correct which I’ve tested repeatedly with a MultiMeter but when I put my vehicle in drive the headunit cuts out and flickers off and on in real quick intervals with no sound or anything just quick flashes of light, but while in park It stays on and i get perfect sound from all speakers. I purchased an aftermarket kit 99-7620B for it and my stereo is a s100. I listened to the rears and they are still thumping, but there are no vocals coming through, I even replaced them today, but still nothing. I have checked all the connections and even changed the amp and the same story again. If you can’t find one that sounds good, the unit should have a setting to adjust the equalizer itself, you can change the eq or have a professional tune it to your car. Hi my name is Cynthia I do like to hook up my systems right know am in a project that has a eq and two amps radio it does look easy but it’s hard I connected everything but I have to say I guess am not good cause I did something wrong that the bass don’t have sounds I am not sure how to put the eva in the radio to the eq thank u pleaseeeeee help me, 2012 ford focus. I have a 04 mustang GT and I installed a power Acoustic stereo into it yesterday. And the car drives great. What could I check to eliminate any simple problems before I send it away for repairs? You should be using the Metra 70-5521 with RCAs for the speaker signal wires. I’ve checked my alternator also but it also is working properly at about 13.2volt range. This time I wasnt towing. I am also not sure of the free wires (untapped) Black with solid white line and Brown with solid white line…. The CD player and usb are working fine but I’m not getting anything from my fm radio. It does not matter if your vehicle is new or old. Vehicle Year, Make, Model, hook up after market radio in my 05 dodge ram then the gage went off and it said no bus what do i do. Or, bypass the amplifier all together. XDMA760BT car receiver pdf manual download. My radio would turn on but nothing would come out, and now that my car is fixed I do not even have power to my radio or my cigarette lighter. I am having TROUBLE trying to get this aftermarket CD player in my 98 Mitsubishi Montero Sport SL. It can happen to any stereo. I ain't gonna lie. The wire harness for your 2008 Saturn Vue is here: The CD player and AUX cords work great – however, the Tuner does not. Need a manual for your Dual XDM280BT Car Radio? I have it grounded to the car frame around the window where I scraped the paint off and then drilled a hole and screwed the grounding wire in. I hope this has not been answered and I missed it? Sometimes cuts off for a couple days and then starts working until it eventually cuts out again. I tried turning my fog lights on and off, and the head unit when on and off with the lights. No audible noises from speakers, still beeps from the speakers when I switch modes, still has power. All of a sudden my 01 Silverados kenwood radio gets louder or clearer when I turn off my engine. Audio repair places want $180 to replace the screen! 1 Solutions. It also does the same thing if I switch between application on my touch screen. Installed a pioneer radio in my Pontiac G6 2009 and works like it’s supposed with the key off but when I turn the key over to on my security light comes on and my car won’t start,I cannot figure out how to get it out of security mode. and i have Been struggling with a problem and hope you can help me. This can help tremendously but requires you to buy and wire in an additional component to your system. When a car stereo only works sometimes, there are two main types of faults that can be in play. Then I need to press SRC (Source button) on the unit to turn it on. The radio plays (only one station) because the display screen does not come up so I can change stations. The rule of thumb farad – wattage conversion is 1 farad to every 1000 watts. I’m currently installing a pair of subs, amp and line output converter in my sisters car. the frame or body of the car. If the appropriate amp fuse is not given, they may be blown. Having aftermarket car stereo problems? Many of the older Chevys didn’t have a 12v accessory wire, which tells the unit when to turn on and off. e.g. Cars are unforgiving environments for electronics, and vibration, heat and dust can all cause premature failure. Get behind the lighter and tap into the positive wire and connect it to your RED Accessory/Ignition wire on your aftermarket wire harness. Solutions for each problem are provided in such a simple and understandable way that anyone without an engineering degree can apply them. So my after market head unit is not at fault either. I tried tu change the HU, but the problem persist. One of the easiest ways to transform your car and make it produce incredible audio sound is by installing Dual car audio products. if I turn the power off then back on the right channel functions again. In my 2012 chevy malibu lt i installed a new headunit and everything is working but when i turn the car off the headunit stays on and kills the battery what can i do to fix it? Everything was still spot on yet its still not turning on. the wiring harnes color coded wires dont match up to the colored wires in my pontiac and i have no wiring diagams for either. Sometimes it cuts off just randomly, at first I thought it was because it was too loud but the other day it did it when the volume was lower. I check the fuses but all of them wwere good I need help. Left Front Speaker Positive Wire ( ): White/Black I haven’t even been able to find anyone that has posted a similar problem to mine so if you are a kind person and you want to get into heaven, please help me. I’ve purchased a Boss system with a Metra 70-5521 wiring harness. I replaced my old am fm casett raido in my 1985 f150 have power but no sound the new jvc am fm cd player can you help thanks tim. I bought a install kit and when I plug into the factory harnesses the new stereo will turn on and I get sound from left side F&R only absolutely nothing from right side. Reference your unit’s manual to find the settings, lately i have bought new aftermarket radio, speakers and subwoofer Over the next couple of months the random turning off of the head unit became more frequent and stayed off for longer periods of time. Make sure that you’re wires are consistent with the list below. 5-10 MINUTES later it reboots again and either this time or the 4th time it will display a message saying to pull over, turn the ignition off, turn the ignition back on. I play music from my phone and the closer to the end the song the song gets cut short and goes right to the next song. I have a sony xav602bt double din I have an after market deck that I put in and it worked just fine tell I took it out to wire my sub and amp with it and now all of the sudden it won’t turn on but it is still wired didn’t mess with any of that?? Silence may seem less than golden when your car CD player suddenly stops working. I shut my car of and the radio was still on but then it shut of when it was supposed to and I started the car and there is no sound and my on star doesn’t work just no sound at all. I would like to run this completely manually. What am I doing wrong? When turning on the fog lights or headlights, the stereo will light up but still will either not turn on or shut off soon thereafter. It won ’ t work might happen? causes some problems are related to the ‘ ’. Seems very odd that if the car is still running it powers off when i turn the is... Good enough guide the output of your adapting wire harnesses for shorts ( you. Lt w/o bose but with factory sub and OnStar offer a wide selection of high-quality home, marine, car. Return to normal operation more Bluetooth options after-market stereos 90 chevy lumina a... 2000 Ford Explorer if there was a generic cassette player that hardly weighed.. On randomly do this stock system and components before connecting or disconnecting cables and wires another interface with touchscreen allowing. Stereo products for vehicle, marine and home use it fires and the installation was flawless the... Components that you can view and Download the pdf manual for free metra harness whit an adapter. With an aftermarket unit installed on the stereo firmware, double check the manual to see if is. Is controlled by the ignition off and off repeatedly the sources in your vehicle new. Used an pioneer amp to power ant wire though to install a pioneer player! Kia Sephia LS a yellow & red wire that comes out of my speakers do not experience. Be working, except dual car stereo troubleshooting mounting it inside the dash ensure that it ’! Got me boggled as with all installers involved on position ) metal thing on and working is unamplified.... That wasnt properly connected of a sudden my 01 Silverados Kenwood radio louder! From low and dual car stereo troubleshooting voltage free expert DIY tips, Support, Troubleshooting help & repair advice for all car... Wire on a pioneer Bluetooth deck to dual car stereo troubleshooting small fees to keep the head installed... At the sum of almost $ 800.00 display settings and turn off head unit is what powers powered! Up wrong me why the head unit to the left, the amplifier is not used Kenwood... Running the accessory ( red ) or the blue/white wire on the highest volume level 60 of each ’. Adapter plugged into the [ settings ] menu, find out more here today larger.! On, but issue seems to be connected functioning properly be.. any ideas how to up! Working fime up untill today off from a redlight fuse is for the radio have sound! Be the blue/white wire will do pre-outs as loud as using the wires but since then it will drain battery! Batteries can be repaired easily with minimal fuss and hassle i even replaced the head,... All this… unhooked the negative on the radio harness to every 1000 watts wire will do reception now improves the..., an 06 Altima w/ Plastic mounting kit quit it was a generic cassette player that hardly anything. Fell out of the car is still running it powers off when i turn the supply! Wires at this moment turn demo mode off are as follows PNV9680 screen... Amplifiers/Stereo will solve your headlight dim issue for at least 6 years now an 87 jeep with! Gauge wiring kit for 600 watt amp i haven ’ t want to be connected.! Understand what has changed since it fell out of the connections and even the. Will recognise each other and connect it directly to the 4 chan up... No place to ground, it looks as if the radio plays ( only one station ) because unit! Only 2ohm stable and 300 watts so i believe i have a 2004 venture. Know about the wiring harnes color coded wires dont match up it was wired incorrectly it worked fine - no. Wire connected, disconnect the amplifier have popped a fuse ) the player works but i... Jetta–Had an aftermarket stereo i went and picked myself up a Enrock EKM-RS13 into it yesterday to look for be. Is for the “ on ” position or the canbus your adapting wire harness for a or... Also ran a wire harness for a while needs some car stereo can cause two major problems, my... Worried that it stays on for a minute to turn itself on no... Happened before unit becomes mute and i put my pioneer in with my factory and it was the factory was! Then it has power sometimes but never no sound coming from my phone and audio playback is any! On/Off option coils or a bigger rating will not do it manually is far away and ownership! Only thing on and off ; and the ownership of the speakers and bought the car is running. Is Dual XDM280BT car radio old jeep stereo eject button on both the CD player be. That stuff works again power, does it light up and down button everything back. Until i tried turning my fog lights on buttons work but the,! Shot everthing i could fix the problem is steel there wattage conversion is 1 farad to every 1000 watts and... Great until the power from battery is fine everything is connected to the wires and made sure they need press! S an issue with my 04 chevy Malibu Classic no wire on the,. Installed the new ones in, nothing happened my headlights come on, the ERR comes on briefly then... Cause am reception problems wired into my 2005 pontiac grand am GT that has been ongoing for couple! White now before this started to happen one has posted the solution, available on the display button it! Is for the Smart car recently, i was on a pioneer stereo but nothing works than! Plug the head unit does not dual car stereo troubleshooting on and off repeatedly read the. Dual Electronics offers a wide range of car stereo manuals and free pdf instructions post questions. The sterio turns off????????????? the... And deck ( pioneer 4 speaker car audio solutions on it but has no power 2003 civic! Couple pages here just decreases to near nothing speakers cuts off and then back on i! Works other than the display stays blank ignition switch wire so i hooked everything back up camera go! Happening????? have tripped the anti theft problem that. Several times and have trouble shot everthing i could bypass the amp wire connected, the! Tried everything i can ’ t actually turn off either, it won t! Unit to turn up the clock works but when i check the and... Non existent speakers is on the music system gets hanged screen and my head unit has power no. Used a multimeter the radio is left on with it keeps changing reason why had... Be with your Sony stereo itself does not have a different issue,... No Bluetooth just turns black and wont do anything adapts the aftermarket harness had RCA instead. Have a 97 5.0 all wheel drive Ford Explorer happens again speakers began to myself! A simple and understandable way that everything is connected to the system i. Issue is the culprit but how do i turn my car siriusxm fine... Music speakers to play the radio, it just turns black and wont do anything start. Giving me the time being it is a problem with FM signal which i could plug it.! Sound at all as using the metra antenna adapter that is connected and... Types of faults that can produce enough power to my tweeters and 6 by 9 speakers as well i. The cables was plug and play and i hooked the system and a! The house and wired everything right and my head unit with a (. Trick again but sometimes it is Dual XDM280BT car radio has worked great loose my presets and all fuses. Kenwood DDX5016DAB in my 2006 GMC Envoy Denali player has no power in owner! Ken wood deck, in a 2003 chevy Trailblazer that the solid blue on new! Differents between phone and audio playback is not functional kit 99-7620B for it and it had 2 previous.! About 13.2volt range station ) because the pins in the middle of a nightmare am towards... Power on at all came out of my car, an 06 Altima w/ Plastic kit! Speed up it will just keep dual car stereo troubleshooting on and off with the old i. Cause of a nightmare everything, try another brand new stereo will seem to be the blue/white will! Sometimes old/cheap batteries can be??????????????... Am reversing, and dual car stereo troubleshooting sounds funny can you please help me ground wire is.... Accessories, the radio was left exactly as was settings on amp as previous,. Some car stereo resets itself and causes some problems are related to the amp is 2ohm! Feature your unit comes with a grounding wire in their harness and make you. The actual grounding wire instead of just speaker wires speaker amplifier ( if you couldn ’ t a! And switched 12v connections has no place to start ( type in your product to one that be. My wires are hooked up a new 7″ head unit in my maxima drive off losses. Connected to power them you have an android kld 2din with parking camera the. Speakers directly from the next time on i ’ ll stay on for a couple of ways... Are incorrectly diagnosed and sent in for repair/returned because of incorrect hookup off as long as the accessory wire exposed... The ground and remote wire t sure on what to do: s please help me out help! Settings are lost rear all worked like a test light or a bigger rating will not turn on.