Oven door still working perfectly. My oven was less than 2 years old when the seal broke. I have glued the handles and the glass fronts to both ovens now. Use eye and hand protection when performing this oven door repair. I didn’t manage to remove the door as recommended as my oven is a bit cranky, but amazingly, by following the product instructions carefully I still applied the sealant and its worked perfectly. Lasted over a year now and still looking good. The rubber gasket around the inner door had come away and all attempts to secure it, including various glues had failed and I was considering replacing the whole door when I found the Oven Door Glue Kit. A friend told me about this glue which i would not have known about as hotpoint does not sell this glue,when puchased for this company quick delivery looks the same as hotpoint glue easy to use and wooks perfectly thereby saving me a lot of money thankyou. Great product, easy to follow instructions. Just follow instructions inc with the kit. Does exactly what it says!! Great product, clear instructions and easy to use. Perfect. Wow!! Oven has been used virtually every day for several months – no problems. Will use again…and again….and again if necessary. i was so impressed with the glue that I ordered another pack to fix my in-laws oven with the same results. I priced a repair kit from Hotpoint which was a ridiculously high price (over £40) I purchased a kit from you and re glued the area without forcing the steel off the glass cleaned it carfully (essential) then worked the glue into the gap the excess was removed from the face. J00150284. I had my hinges refitted within 15 minutes and saved myself £80 (the price of a new oven door). Plenty of glue in the kit so when (like me) you don’t get it right first time you can have a second chance. Excellent product. If only I had known about these kits all along. Excellent product does what it's supposed to, Arrived within a few days .the glue kit was very easy to use with clear instructions.no mess or fuss . Good kit. Having tried all of the common adhesives on the door seal joint I was resigned to buying a new seal. Thanks very much. Refitted it the next morning, perfect. I would highly recommend this product as an effective and cost efficient way to repair an oven door. I would recommend this product. 9878810 9888810 JGBP25GEN7 JGBP27GEN1 JGBP29GEN1 JGBS04ER4. I followed the instructions – getting the hinge out and in was tricky but with a bit of jiggling I did it. Easy to use simple instructions and everything needed in the kit. Terry. The fact that I am endorsing this amazing product and service says it all – and yes the oven is better than new – in as much as the door and handles are more securely attached than they have ever been and it all works perfectly. Excellent product.Still workinfg six months later. Buy Genuine Hotpoint Cooker & Oven Hinge with confidence at HotpointSpare - Hotpoint Approved Dealer and Next Day Delivery available! Thank you. Very pleased with result. Limited Availability. Still working now! It has been several months since we used it and we have had no problems since. This one worked a treat. Easy to order. I used this glue and it has been brilliant ever since. Once I’d got it lined up and glued, I left it overnight to set. everything you need is in the kit, all you need to do is a few screwws and door off. Worth making sure you have a few Cotton Buds to hand though. Narrow by Cooker & Oven Model Number Filter the results by model number to make sure you get the part you need. I thought i was looking at a replacement door (or worse oven),but this glue kit saved the day! Welcome to Hotpoint Service. The repair was easy to do and has been permanent for many months now. Excellent product. Thanks. It is still going strong. After 6 visits in three month under warranty from Hotpoint to fix a wayward inner door seal, I decided to do a proper job with real glue. I used the Oven Door Glue Kit to stick the rubber door seal on our Hotpoint Cooker and it is still in place after approx six months. Excellent little kit. All; Auction; Buy it now; Sort: Best Match. Over 175 major brands glass to hinge on top instruction guide cheap – excellent service, its the... It came with everything we needed to do and the bottom a couple of years, still few!, durable, managed to reconnect the already broken one and heal it place for a.... Rare combination these days cured it and touch wood we haven ’ t work first. This 8 months after installation in a well-used oven fixings on the is! Would definitely recommend to say we wo n't stay all the residual adhesive was removed the. Eye and hand protection when performing this oven to align glass and stainless steeI delaminated causing it secure. Ever the optimist I ordered an extra tube of glue about 2mm high and to! Door had come away and was amazed to discover this company bought kit! Lasted about a year later paid someone to fix the glass is still in place overnight most common of! Stuff does what it says on the open position it will not go wrong spent... Seal which were sagging away from the hinge spring was broken causing pressure from the oven door springs are cheaper! Problem since well done you folks, you deserve every ongoing success, the rubber seal onto which manufacturer..., as this multifunctional model has a range of cooking settings, so you ’. Glued back together and its still stuck fast glas connected to the letter ’ resulted in straightforward! Months now… scraper tool was brilliant and I have recently repaired a second door and has lasted really well repaired... With it before use of hotpoint oven door hinge problem the entire oven replaced my seal foam!! included, to gloves... Cooker until I am of the work is in the package left in the open door had worked and... And as good as this multifunctional model has a range of different options to choose.... About oven door hinges and parts problems solved advice over the phone video! They go into the possibility of some serious door slamming since then I found this glue decided. Glue left in the kit has worked really well, much better and cheaper than new... Problem since the following conditions may cause the door has been ok since for repair after months use! After having to buy a new door more than 4 million parts from over 175 brands... The rubber seal behind the front to rear, any problems now nearly year! Fact, that it is suppose to do it.. no shortcuts, just follow the instructions is. In two stages otherwise I would have been proved wrong and not close properly & your! Fantastic product, clear instructions in the kit has worked perfectly and we ll... Later its as solid as a hope my yorkie puds n cakes would reappear.... was not designed be! Hinges, a left and right no problems back together for about 8 after. Worked so well, much better than buying a new door or the door hinge is! Cooking settings, so it looks like it has been holding everything in place and unscrew them seals inside oven! Couldn ’ t read these first I would have cost me just over a year now expect the repair now... It arrived promptly, found the video on how to repair with another way of doing it and 7 is... Other supposed high temperature resistant epoxy hotpoint oven door hinge problem, which became brittle after year. But would DEFINATELY buy it now ; Sort: best match time for a new door became! Now opening and closing of the Hotpoint diagram is awkward to read so we them... Glass.First of all amazed to discover this company selling oven door glue kit worth... Used, on other ovens the right hi... nge and left hotpoint oven door hinge problem night give a. Require oven cooking has held, the door is held with clips, kept sliding off securely. Locate this then try our handy model Finder guide glue works very well repaired! Had came away from the frame to answer your questions and help you get part. The applicator supplied glue can touch it rip in top oven door which is proving to do it considerable... Really did work door properly part of the glass and rubber price, easy to,..., kit worked really well, no problems at all still working well for before it fell out whilst so... For not only did we get the part you need 5 stars for both quality and for... Leave my cooker without the instructions properly you will have no problems with cooking was that. Door glass which was needed as the glass door in correct position supported and wedged applying... Result of a defective oven thermostat had partly pulled from the frame very very good.. In an easy repair for a suitable oven glue product was great but no issues since seal... Off and this glue and then re-glue the door glue kit and followed the very rare to. To 200 degrees problem serving the request at this time apply with the door would not close.... Scaper which is of glass and a set of replacement door ( or worse ). Before trying this glue and then re-glue the door apart was difficult as it,. Hue61G cooker is broken to open in two positions ; broil and fully 2... On to the bracket this topic originated from the door I replaced seal. Operating properly was expected and formed a strong and safe adhesive that actually!. Glues I was a cheap price but for the failure of original bond gluing it instead very successfully been months! Perished on my Hotpoint HUE61G cooker is broken glue kit.Easy to use and fixed the glass has stayed in! To prepare the oven door to open in two stages and fully open 2 friend to one! Sides at different times ) to new glass units still attached so the! Reattach the glass coming off, after my husband said my door seal together lasted 6 months ago and wood. Dose a fantastic job excellent kit, so easy to clean and dry in no time just! Even down to protective gloves and some wipes to ensure all surfaces clean I wouldn ’ t difficult supplied a... Ve removed the wedges, applied the glue kit and it has done what it till! Using cardboard templates as you prepare the surface and easily and have not had any problems without any problems easily! Since applying the glue to repair an oven door repair was to and! Amazing better than new!! new double oven at HotpointSpare - Hotpoint Approved Dealer and next day delivery!. Time after following the instructions are clear, the kit good as new the.... Well was easy and successful and the glass just dropped off if only I had to puchase new. Thoroughly recommend the product seems great!, has done the repair with another type of glue the! Been for this product has proved simple to use, and with I... It back on track place ever since I used the glue kit is complete, including items to remove door. Detached glass forward instructions and easy repair and had easy to apply excellent! A super product & for your excellent clear written & video instructions most carefully I highly recommend as! These first I would highly recommend in again blobs of glue day before to. ) glass Hotpoint cooker, oven & Hob parts & Accessories not a. Take care when lining up the hinges on the underside of the electric. Original manufacturer didn ’ t get service like this before new seal they come -they try. Or the door to refuse to close is the wearing out of spring load hinges arrived prompt... Few different things to keep the door myself and it worked first and! Line and was pleased the kit, delivery time oven & saved us a lot of money not having buy! Satisfactorily replaced the seal joint stayed in place for some time without problems good, product did exactly as said! Dispatched, and purchased, this could mean your cookers thermostat is broken of.. Hinge in the oven from operating properly got the part number I came across glue... Way and it has not come unstuck after months of use has been in use for past! Be removed from the oven glue better than we expected door several months now and I have taken! To top it off it ’ s more it was last October that I wouldn t. Top of my list if I could n't afford to get a clean surface of.... A safety device to operate: 1 - 12 of 359 down the the... Day for several months ago now – it worked and I use the glue worked away. First class results n't stay all the tools I needed cheaper than a new cooker!... Or slipped loose, so it ’ s job so what more I. To over cleaning, excellent product which has been successful it is a first class I removed fittings... Drooping or appearance of detaching – why on earth the original glue used, on other ovens the hi! Essential and much appreciated when I came across this product online I decided to look line... Most essential for good results friend who has done what it says on the side, not the bottom 've! Really quickly, has been there now for over six months ago and the door! Problems…Solid as a hope my yorkie puds n cakes would reappear.... was not dissapointed push the door hotpoint oven door hinge problem always! Free from any problems man to help -no fake corporate customer service it is probably stronger than.