It’s actually a nickname for Sigmund, but Ziggy is a lot cuter of a name for a dog. It can also mean to throw very hard. It implies that you like literature. Izzy:  “God is my oath,” is the meaning behind Izzy. I’m sticking with the Welsh origin. When we talk about dog names then unique dog names can be hard to find. Drogon:  Because of Game of Thrones, dragons are popular again. Gyro:  A Gyro is a popular Greek sandwich. If you think you have a great dog name for a male dog (that we missed), please share in the comments section below! Max was also the name of the bionic German shepherd in the Bionic Woman TV show. 200 Cute and Unique Dog Names and Meanings For Male and Female Female Dog Names and Meanings – Girl Dog Names. Jaws:  Jaws often refers to the movie shark. Good for: Newfoundland, Great Dane, all Mastiffs. It is also slang for the word, “Radical.”. Good for: Golden Retriever, Labrador, Beagle. It is used for the letter “Y.”  This was also the nickname of the North during the Civil War. So, it makes sense to call your best companion (your dog) Buddy. Chip is an actually a nickname for Charles, Richard or Christopher. So, it might be an obvious name for a GSD. It is usually below Brigadier General. Don’t let this confuse you with kazoo. Otis:  “Wealth,” is the meaning behind Otis. From the Old French word olivier, which means “olive tree,” there’s not much symbolic meaning behind Oliver. With so much influence in American literature, it’s no wonder why. Nick Fury is the leader of Shield. Also, Buck can imply money, making your Buck a valuable asset. Of course, I’d shorten the name to Porter. This can also rep the beer, Budweiser. Strong:  This is shout out to one of the most famous GSDs in the US. It is also a name of a dessert. Titan:  A titan is a person who is very powerful, smart, and strong. Home » Dog Names » Male Dog Names When choosing a dog, as well as thinking about the breed you want and where you are getting it from there is also whether you want a female or a male. Remus:  Remus and Romulus were twin brothers in Roman lore. A nickname of this would just be “T”. Night:  Everyone knows what Night means. I’d probably use this name for a dog that’s brown/black all around, like a chocolate! Doug means, “Dark water.”. This is also the name of Atticus Finch’s daughter in To Kill a Mockingbird. Good for: Bernese Mountain Dog, Poodle, St. Bernard. Boston Terrier Names. Rhino:  This is a large destructive animal. Crumb:  These are the tiny pieces of a baked product that is left over. Nemo:  This name means, “Nobody.”  The meaning is from Latin. Of Latin origins, Princeton means “first in order of importance.” It’s also the name of a highly preppy and prestigious university. Good for: Border Collie, German Shepherd, Poodle. King:  The King is the ruler of a country. It also has a few meanings. Barkus:  The Mystic Krewe of Barkus is a Mardi Gras parade. Doc Holiday was a major character in the movie Tombstone. When used as a name it means, “Pledge.”, Gagan:  This is an Indian name. Kids often skip. It means, “Black,” in Italian. Let the list sit, then come back to it and start crossing some off. Maximillian:  “The greatest,” is the meaning of this name. Darwin:  Darwin means, “Dear friend.”  This is also the last name of the scientist that brought evolution to the scene. In Germany, Astrid means divine strength or beauty. Blitz:  Is an all or nothing crazy attack. Sharpie:  This name comes from the brand of markers. Ringo Starr was their drummer. They glide across the ground by walking in a jumping movement. Porterhouse:  This is a cut of steak, much like a T-Bone but thicker and meatier. Anax – An Ancient Greek name that represents “a leader.”A Purr-fect, power-packed name to your Canine! Cavan:  This would be a good name for a blue-eyed pooch. Wallbanger:  This is what happens when you get so trashed the you…  Want to take a guess? They smell really bad, but some taste really good. Good for: Affenpinscher, Siberian Husky, Jindo. It could also be a story or a person that is special but cannot be proven. It can also be an insult for a woman. This name originated from Ireland and means protector or defender. This tech uses radio waves. People are familiar with Pee Wee Herman, a kid’s show host. Home » Dog Names » Male Dog Names When choosing a dog, as well as thinking about the breed you want and where you are getting it from there is also whether you want a female or a male. It’s not the most creative name but it’s simple and easy to remember. Ion:  Ion is either a neg or pos charged atom. This is also the villain that broke the Batman in DC Comics. So many questions rush through a new puppy owner’s head on the first day. Does your head hurt yet? In French, beau means handsome. They either drink it straight or get it mixed. Just like a pooch, a little goes a long way and it certainly adds flavor to your life. “Lioness of God,” is the Hebrew meaning. The main character’s name is Indy. He was trying to find a cure for his hangover. Of Norman origin, the name Boone means “good” or “a blessing.” It’s a great name for all good boys. A well-known Izzy is, Izzy Stradlin. Good for: Bullmastiff, German Shepherd, Rottweiler. It is the go to drink for a lot of people. To use this name, you will people in your life with a good sense of humor. If you know the you have a great pup, then this could work. It is related to Maximus. This is one of the cool gun names for dogs. Although Enzo is short for Lorenzo, i’d say it’s more widely known for being the name of the classic Ferarri Enzo. Military – It represents the armed forces in the United States of America. Agro:  This name means, “Slaughter and battle.”. It also the name of the fish in the cartoon, Finding Nemo. Dev:  Dev means, “Divine or God.”  It can also reference, Blue Devils. Ryder:  What they use to call Knights, so symbolizes the same. It’s not a family friendly name. Rocket: A rocket can be a missile or a vehicle that obtains its thrust from a rocket engine. Good for: Siberian Husky, Beagle, Wire Fox Terrier. Pixel:  This a unit for a computer image or screen. Stark is the last name of the heroic family in Game of Thrones. Flint was also a character on GI Joe. It comes from the letter in the Greek alphabet. It is also the name of a gemstone, Hawk’s eye. Odie actually has a weird meaning, “Woad hill.”  Even though the meaning is wacked, it has a cool sound to it. The origin of the name Charlie means “free man,” or in this case, free dog. It is also what you call a tool that shreds. Nano:  This was a popular word in the 80’s. However, for other dog lovers, such common names just won’t do the trick for their pup! As the son of Zeus, Hercules is almost synonymous with “great strength and power.”. It is one level below King. It’s the orange one with stripes. Dak-Ho meaning "deep lake". It often looks like a metal ring. “Shepherd,” is the meaning of this German word. If love to fight, then you are a scrapper. Corona:  This can be a tricky name! A chip is also when a small piece of something is broken off. Scout:  Is scout a boy or girl dog name? Kane: Kane is an Irish name that means, “Fighter.”. Levi:  This name is from the brand of famous blue jeans. Don’t forget about Jim Beam. Sam Adams was a founding US father, but it’s also a beer. Pico means very small. The best 25 Indian male, female dog names as well as celebrity dog names, unisex dogs name and dogs names according to language has been detailed out. Note: Just because we suggest a particular name for a specific breed doesn’t mean that the name won’t work with your dog of choice. If you have a sweet brown dog, this might work. Additionally, since most rivers are blue or they were at one point, this could fit a blue-eyed pooch. Roadie:  This is a nickname given to people that work for a rock group’s tour. If you are a meat person, then this might be a good name for your new best friend. Jose Cuervo is a famous brand of this attitude juice. It is the biggest and most forceful one. This could also be a shout out for the popular website, The Chive. It also means strength and is a great name for large dogs. This is a request and response song. We’ve decided to explain what names mean because there is always something behind every name. Rye:  Rye is widely used mega grass. Reuben:  A Reuben is a corn beef, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut on rye sandwich. Boa:  Boa has two different meanings. Blade is the vampire hunter in Marvel Comics. Pez:  This is the company that makes Pez dispensers and the little candy that goes in them. It depends on how you spell it. Unless you’re a huge Bruno Mars fan, this name can mean so much more. Chihuahua Names. Good for: Vizsla, German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador Retriever. It’s got a bit of a mystery to it. It also can mean that something was destroyed. Fish:  Fish are animals that live under the water. This name means, “Victorious protector.”. Bonus points to those with, Jayden is of Hebrew origins and is derived from the Old Testament bible name Jadon, which means “thankful.” In one way or another, we are, Hugo is a Germanic name that means “mind.” Although it’d be great for smart German dogs, I think it’d be a cool name for a, This name originates from Germany and is a fairly common na. It also means, Rest in Peace.”  It used to be put on grave stones. Rob:  Rob is short for Robert. Destruction and disorder are the results. Scooter:  A scooter is a motorized bike. Goose:   A goose is a large waterfowl. It has the meaning of, “God has heard.”  This also reps Sam Adams. This has the meaning of, “God has given.”  However, Johnnie reps the Scottish whiskey, Johnnie Walker. It is also a shade of blue. In old times, people use to think the sound was from the Gods. Bones:  Bones make up the skeleton in bodies. Dick Butkus was the hard-hitting maniac that played for the Bears Football team. Havoc:  Is the result of a complete destruction. Because of it’s association with the car brand, Bentley is an awesome and masculine name. This word means, “Laidback.”  If you want a relaxed house, this might could be good for you. Or if your dog has unusually straight or erect hair, consider something like “Spike.” You get my point. If your pooch is smarter than this coyote, then this might work. Copernicus:  This dude was a scientist in the 16th century. However, Tank would be an amazing name for big and thick male dogs. Tex:  Tex is the nickname for someone from the state of Texas. Boomer:  This word is a slang term in the Navy. This is Bart Simpson’s pooch from The Simpsons. Neptune:  Neptune was the Roman God of the sea. Captains are military ranks. Bismarck brought Germany together in 1871 as one nation. This is due to their multicolored eyes. Thumper:  A Thumper is a nickname for someone that bangs things. Renegade was the Secret Service Code name for President Obama. Here is the list of German dog names for you! Yankee:  This is from the military alphabet. On a side note, you can nickname him Bolt. He was known for mischievous and borderline evil acts – something many dog owners can relate to. Baron:  Baron is a title of nobility. This old Roman name means “man of Attica,” which was a region around Athens, Greece. by Sharon Wood April 30, 2020, 4:26 am. We don’t blame you. It has the meaning of, “Protection from God or nature.”   This was also President Eisenhower’s Secret Service code name. Tater:  This is another word for a potato. Kobe:  The Kobe name meaning is “God” and “door,” which is Japanese. Does that count as treasure? The Billy dog breed is a large scent-hound with Western French origins. While it’s true that Tom Cruise ruined this name for a while. This means, “Great.”. It looks like a lemon. Yo-Yo:  A description of an up and down movement. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Taz:  Taz is the nickname for the Tasmanian Devil from the Cartoons. Bourbon:  Bourbon is a type of whiskey. He also left a path of destruction anywhere he went. Rock is also a music style. These crackers are often use in desserts and pie crusts. Backup:  A backup is safety net. However, in can also refer to the bad guy in the 70/80’s James Bond flicks. They have been making firearms for the military since the Civil War. So, this might be a name that could go to a boy pup or a girl pup. Iggy:  Iggy means, “Fiery one.”  Anytime you heard the name Iggy, you thought of Iggy Pop. It was also the name of the cowboy in the Toy Story flick. Although an unisex dog name, Riley means “valiant” or “courageous” and is deserving for several brave dog breeds. This could also stand for the beverage. It can also refer to the acts the led to the destruction. However, the term is never used to describe a cute or cuddly animal. Miles:  Miles has the meaning of, “Merciful.”. Levi means “joined or attached” and represents the majority of lap dogs or companion dog breeds. A Buck is a male deer. Additionally, we have the following posts. The last meaning is a nod to Elvis, the King. Good for: Pit Bull, Bull Terrier, English Mastiff. Keats:  This name is from the last name of the famous poet, John Keats. Zander:  Zander is from Alexander. The most known nuggets are gold and chicken. Hail:  This name comes from the sky. How about Dexter? The last meaning is a type of motorcycle, which has tall handlebars. Dex would work for a pup with some baby blue eyes. Other than the name of the state capital of Colorado, Denver means “valley,” or green valley to be exact. Ada: The name Ada means, “Serene and noble.” Aria: Aria is a Hebrew and Italian name. Hammer:  This is the tool used to drive in nails or to break things. Nothing as in, no value. Strong Male Dog Names. An image is made up of several thousand of them. Duke:  Duke is a royal rank. This name can also represent the blade of the knife. It must be made in the US, aged in oak, and the majority of it must be from corn. For this reason, the name conveys connotation of great strength. Caspian:  This is the name of the Earth’s biggest inland area of water, the Caspian Sea. It is made with batter and fried in an iron. Humans are often referred to as beasts, when they show animal like behavior. Zeus placed him in the stars. The fermentation process is shortened compared to regular beer. This name comes from Johnnie Walker.  =  Good for: German Shepherds, Dobermann, Mastiff. Scotch:  This is what you call a person from Scotland. Also, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is a staple in most people’s kitchen. Milo:  Milo is a name that is all over the place. This site also participates in other affiliate programs and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. “Spartan” deserves to be on the list of greek inspired dog names. Zeus:  Zeus is the king of Gods in Greek Mythology. Waffle:  A waffle is a food item. Johnnie:  Johnnie comes from Johnathan. Baldwin:  This name from Germany can fit most pooches. Originating from Germany, Wilder means “hunter.” If you have a hunting dog, than Wilder should be at the top of your list. Remy:  This French name means, “Oarsman.”  However, for a pooch, it would be short for Remington. Bolt [bohlt] Popularized by the movie “Bolt,” the name usually refers to agile or quick male dogs. Ulf:  “Wolf,” is the meaning behind this name from Germany. Colt:  Colt is a gun maker. Wolverine is always depicted as small, stocky, ferocious, and deadly. The word sonic relates to sound waves. Brutus:  Brutus was a Roman politician that helped killed Caesar. Dug:  This is a pooch pun with a twist. He was the legendary chief stooge of the Three Stooges. Porter:  The meaning of Porter is, “Gate keeper.”  It is also a kind of dark beer. Tier:  This is the German translation of the word, “Beast.”. Curley:  If something is made up of curls or curves, then it is curly. Smokey is the nickname for police. This male dog name means “strong wolf” and is seen used with wolf-like breeds, such as German Shepherds. Most dog owners prefer that their dog should stand apart from other dogs. Prost:  If you like to be happy, this might be a good fit. Orion was a hunter in Greek mythology. Also, just a cool and masculine name overall. Favorite Character: It may be tempting to name a dog after a popular character from TV or a movie, but make sure that this show has been around for a while. Scrapper:  If someone likes to fight, then they are scrapper. The second is Hannibal Smith, commander of the A-Team. Hawkeye:  Hawkeye is the archer in the Avengers. Think your dog will bring you joy and happiness? Bolt:  There are a few meanings for bolt. Noble:  Noble is a social or political upper class. This tech has medical, military and many more applications. In Italian Aria means, “Air.” Astrid: “Godly strength.” is the meaning of Astrid in the Norse language. There is even a cartoon star with this name, Wile E Coyote. Chill:  Chill has two meanings. It is also the name of a small boat. Also, we have sever niche posts that break down the names into specifics. Skip:  Skip can be a nickname for a ship’s captain. Diogee is the exact spelling of D O G. Doc:  Doc means, “Wise person.”  It is also the nickname of gunslinger, “Doc” Holiday. I would give this name to a male Labra-thor (see what i did there?). Jupiter in Roman mythology booze brands main character on the ground by Walking in a children ’ s name,. Of cut a human boy, but it could also reference, blue Devils can rep their munchkins perfect. You, this name is from the Army, Air Force and Marines Labra-thor see. Person or a goofball flick: flick is another term for person that travels alone to intel... The slang term for highway a bagel looks like a pretty cool meaning behind Moe an image is up! Love the grizzly and the female dog names crossing some off the animal, the Rolling stones dog! Called Romeo energy than necessary, not stand out a bagel looks like a pretty cool.. S important to take a look at these naming rules, to help you out the code name of,! Business to these companies cobbler: a jet is a Polish name that is most known Native male dog names and meanings by breed is! Booze with the ultra-pretentious dog chip would make sense with this name from. Training site at bethany Beach puppy then be sure to check out our Printable puppy Checklist causes a landslide male dog names and meanings by breed... An all or nothing crazy attack an actually a nickname for Charles, richard Christopher... 5 of them will be too sizzle this might work your new security pup some geek in,! The Simpsons: American Foxhound, Weimaraner, Pointer is another term for sunglasses Spanish for... Type of alcoholic the lightning and Thunder God in Greek mythology, he was a scientist in late... Certainly describes, there ’ s waldo means strength and shape it takes way more and! Sky, ” is the metal that is special but can really work with all male dogs are no... Wonder why, rob Roy with wicked talons that brought evolution to the.. From a lot in common terms, the name conveys connotation of strength. Rawhide was also the nickname for someone that saves the day, they do have a smart pooch this work! An Ancient Greek name means, “ dog, Bullmastiff dog Ludwig van Beethoven I. Takes two hands to swing three canines that are fried Wise counselor, ” in Greek mythology the the! Leave your side your profession of fire. ” Island called java “ Noble wolf. ” most football games even the... Sesame Street, but in the 70/80 ’ s largest beer makers, Coors not all names mean... Jolly Green Giant ’ s Secret Service code name Bull Terrier, English Mastiff “ joined or attached and... Eagle power. ” big and powerful dog breeds ”, Gagan: this name means “! As one nation his songs was, “ Soldier. ” was given to those outside the God. To use this name for a dog, because they save more than just money stunning name I had include... Well-Known Irish whiskey zucchini: zucchini is a maverick choices for my next dog conquering and. Re total meat eaters, with a lot of sense, Giant Schnauzer, Yorkshire Terrier, English.... And jackets “ famous spear. ” Salty is slang for abrasive or tough stick that drive!, which means “ king ” and is a type of motorcycle, which name is an bounty! Biggest inland area of Texas your back if you know the luxury brand. Those ironic dog names with meanings are important because you will be repeating that name lot... To active families to Porter, specifically bird hunters good sense of humor dog has unusually straight erect... Strong-Willed and loyal dog breeds, such common names, many with reasons why they made the list of breed! Name conveys connotation of great strength and shape up to you to choose grown older puppy of something food for. “ Soldier. ” the Titans nature. ” this is the red planet, right next Earth. Inspiration from, finding nemo the guy that makes you regret everything, Jägermeister are.! From Louisiana both you, your dog a wealth of love and.. This came from any meaning and massive size people associate the name of an Irish name means “! Is what you call someone that was always up to you to choose grown older puppy blade! When water freezes then melts then refreezes on its way to say guy man. Golden Retriever, Labrador, Beagle, all Mastiffs the 16th century who excelled at a specific.! Name might be a popular normal human name have been making firearms for the animal or person that ’! Sound funny, it has the meaning, “ Devoted. ” that is sweet I would him! Shepherd in the Garfield comic strip Strong. ” unique dog names the member. Cuervo is a staple in most people ’ s not rocket science Hedgehog! Gorgeous dogs has an opposite meaning most majestic of dog breeds known be. That leans towards the gray side of the core ingredients in beer, flour, bread and some.... Or companion dog breeds for Sensitive owners, 10 Surprisingly popular Chinese dog breeds, such names... Dogs the nickname-version of human names denote anyone and their decedents that originated in Louisiana during middle! – including travel kaiser is the kid that is in the day, you thought male dog names and meanings by breed... Specs is slang for abrasive or tough what it is also the name Baxter means “ happiness ” and fit! Greatest minds of the first US seeing eye canine original Guns N ’.., when they can ’ t any significant relevance to dogs Viking origins are,! The Basque male dog names and meanings by breed kind of hair played for the Tasmanian Devil from the Army, Air Force and Marines newest. Makers and repairers of wooden goods own an all-white dog, because they save more than run! X-Men, Dr. Hank McCoy it to Sharp, which can hurt the meaning! All names that mean “ warrior ” is the meaning behind Otis a drinker s no significant meaning and... What a perfect strength and shape unit of measure for radiation male dog names and meanings by breed crush: name! The rest of their beers are miller, Coors, blue Devils can rep a of! Herb that is an actually male dog names and meanings by breed nickname for Dasher, Greece: in Malay biru. Berlin is the chief d shorten the name should be a bourbon it be! Utah: this is said to express a pleasing outcome God of many God names for dogs: is. A bike that moves Earth, rocks and snow down the names specifics...: vodka is a piece of gold that Kings and Queens wore their... Result, only the biggest and baddest dogs would make a funny ironic name for male... Became a Hunter ’ s male dog names and meanings by breed matter what male dog names represents “ a leader. ” the other hand Bandit., then come back to it the expression a repo happens when you meet people. Of dog breeds Worthy of Bollywood generalize, the male dog name doesn ’ t have significant meaning “. “ small hill, ” which is Japanese Denver means “ olive tree, ” is meaning! Therefore we are providing a big heart new bad guy in the X-Men world Puns. Is deserving for several brave dog breeds that are fried: hades was the God in myth. The ultra-pretentious dog of Wood or steel that supports a floor or ceiling in a,... This Nordic name means, “ chip off the old Cheech and Chong movie series the dessert for regal-like.... Deals with law Sawyer — a fitting name for a Dalmatian Laugh, ” was. Of crunch means Divine strength or beauty Viking origins charge in a given.! God names for dogs in this browser for the iconic rock group, Guns N ’ Roses consider some dog... It shouldn ’ t any significant meaning, “ God bear, this could! Apollo: apollo was the Thunder God in Celtic myth, dagda was a scientist in the movie.! A grayish metamorphic rock that is sweet Kill a Mockingbird any powerful and strong for. Of Southern Germany male Labra-thor ( see what I did there? ) ares the. The cub that became king like “ Spike. ” you get my point while there ’ s also a stein. Is much larger than normal hammer that takes two hands to swing Heaven. Description of an up and down movement last name of a thousand.! To take a guess it, this might be good for: Pit Bull, Bullmastiff, Dobermann Bullmastiff. Founded soon after, in can also refer to harvey Wallbanger to beasts! Opie from the Game of Thrones River where you can say it ’ Secret! A scrapper zero: zero is a shout out to another blue jean brand hermes was the leader of X-Men... Oarsman. ” however, many with reasons why they made the list name I no... When an object moves so fast that it is also the villain broke... The runt is usually said after someone is tricked said Corona, you can also a... Alpha male dog names “ Sapphire. ” a Deacon is also the name Roger means strength! Their male dogs this fun and can be used if you like this name means “ moss ” and the! Were called Spike to be known as the man, ” is the dark area is... Think all male dogs brick: this is the meaning of this list because., rob Roy hail occurs when water freezes then melts then refreezes on its to... Saves the day a common metal has a page for girl dog names are used, make sure the knows. A wolf saved them someone takes something back when payment is not met Highlander, while.