SYNOPSIS A ridge averaging 30.00 inches will remain over Lake Erie through Tuesday afternoon. It covers an area of 630 square miles (1,600 km 2) with an average depth of 12 to 14 feet (3.7 to 4.3 m).Some shipping channels are kept deeper through dredging. Historic Crests (1) 9.00 ft on 08/18/1969 (2) 5.41 ft on 08/05/2002 (3) 3.37 ft on 07/30/1995 (P): Preliminary values subject to further review. Two buoys in the Gulf of Mexico were close to the pathway of Hurricane Katrina; one buoy capsized and last recorded waves of 10.5m, the other buoy recorded the waves throughout the passing of the storm and found significant wave heights to be 16.9m. Waves 1 … Flood Recovery Guidance Method – Freeboard For areas north and west of Interstate 10 and along Lake Pontchartrain, the Advisory BFE is the effective BFE plus a Tide height (m) Sunday, Dec 13 Wind. View Station Page View Hourly Historical Data Dominant period 4 seconds. A weak trough averaging 29.80 inches will move across Lake Erie on Wednesday. Waves. waves in Lake Pontchartrain (ranging up to 5 ft in height) approaching from northwest, north-northwest, and north. NOAA - Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory TONIGHT West winds 5 to 10 knots. Waves 1 foot or less. Information from NOAA-GLERL. Wave height (m) Wave period (s) Tide type. In addition, a vertical seawall on the south shore of the lake tends to reflect a high degree of wave energy back into the lake in the vicinity of the lock site. Lake Pontchartrain (/ ˈ p ɒ n tʃ ə t r eɪ n / PAHN-chə-trayn; French: Lac Pontchartrain, French: [lak pɔ̃ʃaʁtʁɛ̃] ()) is a brackish estuary located in southeastern Louisiana in the United States. Weather. Lake Pontchartrain at West End: 30' E of Municipal Yacht Building, West End Harbor: 0.40 cm/yr: 4: Lake Pontchartrain at Frenier: 200' off shore from Service Road: 0.36 cm/yr: 5: Lake Pontchartrain at Mandeville: 0.5 miles N of Plaza Bridge at South Bound Lane of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway Bridge: 0.45 cm/yr: 1 inch = 2.54 cm Occasional wave height is the average of the highest 1/10 of the wave spectrum. Two critical processes related to sediment transport in the lake are (1) the resuspension of sediments due to wind-generated storm waves and (2) the movement of resuspended material by lake currents during storm wind events. The U.S. Geological Survey is conducting a study of storm-driven sediment resuspension and transport in Lake Pontchartrain, Louisiana. 00h 6 kts. For these reasons, the height of the waves in Lake Pontchartrain will never be more than approximately 4 to 5 feet, and wave length (from top to top) not more than 20 feet during strong winds. Owned and maintained by LUMCON 30.315 N 90.281 W (30°18'54" N 90°16'50" W) Links for real time data for station LKPL1 are listed below: (Times are in GMT, Wind Speed is in m/s, and Wave Height is in meters) Data for last 45 days: No data available. Please note that the wave effects, which are a key component of coastal flood elevations, are not included in the SWEL and must be calculated separately. GMZ530-082215- Lake Pontchartrain and Lake Maurepas- 328 AM CST Tue Dec 8 2020 TODAY Northeast winds near 5 knots becoming west in the late morning and afternoon. Indeed, waves in the eye of the hurricane were observed to be extremely high, upto 16.9m. The Environmental Atlas of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin provides citizens, planners, managers, educators, scientists and other professionals with a multidisciplinary and integrated source of information on Lake Pontchartrain and its surrounding Basin. Station LKPL1 - Western Lake Pontchartrain, LA. Tides. Time. Recent Crests … wave height to the Advisory SWEL.