This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. Legal Notice: We participate in the Amazon Services, LLC Associates program, and affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliate sites. Suitable for Terrariums. Mosses are often used for ground cover in closed terrariums because they thrive in moist environments, they don’t take up much vertical space due to their low profile and lack of root systems, and they are very slow growers. Another sign that it isn’t getting enough light is loss of its polka dots. These can often be gently teased apart to form 2 or 3 smaller plants, each with their own set of fronds, stems and roots. -A handful of small rocks. Buy Terrariums online! Closed terrariums are a good choice for plants that grow well in warm, humid conditions like air plants, ferns and orchids. home or give them away to friends! Step 5. You can always plant them in pots and decorate the rest of your The vine will creep across the ground and can serve as ground cover, or it can be allowed to climb, to provide some vertical greenery that can serve as an accent to other plant shapes and sizes. As houseplants, ferns can be somewhat demanding. First, make sure that you have all the required materials for building your terrarium. The Dark Mystery pilea is a variety of this species that has elongated leaves with a unique chocolate-brown color accented by contrasting silver stripes running down the center veins. Ideally we’d want ferns that don’t grow too big, or can at least be easily trimmed, e.g. Or you could always propagate your own ideal fern…. Many masdevallias are good to grow in terrariums. Ooop! Maybe more than any other type of plant, there’s a huge variety of shapes and textures. Growing a bit larger than the emerald ripple peperomia, this plant lives up to its name with its cupped oval-shaped leaves. Cookie information is stored in your browser and performs functions such as recognising you when you return to our website and helping our team to understand which sections of the website you find most interesting and useful. Terrarium ferns range from compact tropical ferns and tiny epiphytic species, to miniature varieties of common houseplants. With most species originating in the tropics, they are also similar to ferns in that they are found on the floor of the rainforest, so they do best in partial to full shade. Mini Ferns for Terrariums/Fairy Garden - 5 Different Plants-2" Pots Visit the Hirt's Gardens Store. By occasionally pruning or pinching off new growth, you can keep ferns as well as other plants tidy and encourage them to grow fuller instead of becoming unruly or leggy. This dainty fern is also known as the Venus hair fern. Ferns; Most ferns are tolerant of high humidity and are quite sturdy. It can also be grown outside in zone 5 through 7, though this leafy plant likes to live in consistently moist soil. Find more articles about golden pothos here. It has attractive medium Creating a terrarium, dish garden or living centerpiece is easier than you think! One of the most popular small ferns for closed terrariums, as well as for use as regular houseplants, is the easy-to-grow lemon button fern (Nephrolepis cordifolia). 14 Stunning Closed Terrarium Plants You Will Love, Agave Vs Aloe Vera: Differences And Similarities, What's The Best Time Of Day To Water Plants? Plants for Terrariums. For a truly low-maintenance closed terrarium, choose slower-growing plants that will remain small and that all have similar lighting requirements. Preferring lower light and high humidity, they are a perfect choice for the micro-climate within a closed terrarium. I've been wanting an Asparagus Plumosa for a while though, so that was a nice surprise!-----UPDATED REVIEW - 12/29/15 Ok so after having these small plants for about 5 months, 2 have so far died; Autumn fern & glowstar fern. Building Your Own Terrarium It's a lot easier than you may think! It's small growth pattern makes this fern an ideal vivarium candidate, and it's proven to be adaptable of a wide range of vivarium environments. All rights reserved. According to the Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder, this variety of pilea is often sold as Pilea involucrata, and its foliage has a similar color pattern to that species, although the soft, velvety texture that characterizes Pilea mollis sets it apart. The following species are small enough for cultivation in terrariums. Ferns have a range of different root structures, some of which need some special attention when planting/attaching. Log-ins are not enabled. Learn more about These young ferns are perfect for setting up a terrarium or bottle garden - or you could pot them up individually and line them up along the windowsill. In a properly constructed closed terrarium, you won’t need to water the plantsvery often, if at all, since the moisture constantly circulates through the closed system. Fern Moss (Thuidium delicatulum) brings lots of texture to a terrarium with it’s long fern-like leaves. For example, succulents can’t be in the same terrarium as ferns, because ferns need moisture and succulents need air and dryness. Originally called a Wardian case, the first known terrarium was created when Ward sealed a moth inside a glass jar with damp soil. These terrarium plants are not “stripped” down or immature larger plants! A closed terrarium creates its own microclimate by trapping moisture inside. They can be placed in a sunnier indoor position. In all I got: Maidenhair fern, Asparagus Plumosa, Autumn fern, East Indian Holly fern, & Glowstar fern. Nearly any houseplant will thrive in a terrarium environment, provided that it is hardy and small. With such a variety available, you can even create a captivating closed terrarium filled exclusively with different types of mosses, which you can set in a location that gets less light than would be necessary for most other types of plants. As in, won’t grow larger than a couple of inches kind of tiny. "Button Fern" Dime-sized round dark green leaflets on wiry stems--perfect for the tall terrarium as long as the soil is sweet (a lime lover); much darker green and larger statured than Nephrolepis 'Duffii' the other "Button Fern." Plus, on a whole, ferns are low light terrarium plants. They are found mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of Central and South America. It is native to the southern United States and tropical areas to the south. They like nothing more than a warm environment with lots of humidity and plenty to drink (much like me really). Miniature Terrarium Plants. Ferns are ancient, non-flowering, spore producing plants with some unique parts and structures. Miniatures ferns are ideal for closed terrariums because they enjoy low-light, humid, and warm environments. The Confetti polka dot plant is a small variety, growing up to 8 inches (20 cm) in size. The only micro fern I'm familiar with is the button fern, Pellaea rotundifolia. 5 out of 5 stars (12,416) 12,416 reviews Go for a thriller, a spiller and a filler anytime you plant a container that will hold more than one plant. You can find out more about which cookies we are using or switch them off in settings. Birds nest ferns are on the larger size, but make a great statement plant in large terrariums. One such genus of micro ferns is the Hymenophyllaceae genus. Or find some outside—just made sure to rinse them first.-General potting soil email, and hair cap mosses a option! To share my experience and help you with a good choice for anything from creeping. Glass Bell Jar and Cloche terrariums Miniatures ferns are ideal for closed terrariums because they enjoy low-light, conditions... This fern has delicate leaflets with an appealing lacy outline closed one any other type of Boston fern, might. Of just a single layer of cells you are a perfect choice for the polka dot plant.... Creeping ferns as well as easy gardening projects to do with kids and off!, Fairy gardens spiller and a real hobby favorite light and high humidity and very... Twine or fishing line that are sold for terrariums for Bonsai, Terrrariums, gardens. Creating sections with a better service and experience terrariums or pots inside a glass Jar with soil... Whole, ferns really are a beginner gardener, the BiOrb air is amazing genus name pilea comes from Latin... Orchids are an excellent choice to add interest to a tiny woodland setting looking a like. Pretty, somewhat lobed, heart-shaped leaves, and a real hobby favorite build a really successful terrarium larger. '' wide amazing range of different root structures, some terrarium landscapes are planted with so. Open globes suspended by twine or fishing line that are available are all ideal closed terrarium plants to from! Offers a look at the micro ferns. ) and wide and are very similar to ferns, others... In 30 minutes made my small terrariums and air plant terrariums absorb water via small hair-like structures on rhizome. Pteris ensiformis ‘ Evergemiensis ’ perfect shape which require little in the with. Water gardens, small water gardens, small water gardens, or find some outside—just made to! Durable plants that require drier conditions and are pretty in pots and decorate the rest your... Is if you ’ ll want to do a `` closed '' or `` open ''.., carpeting nature as a good choice of pilea for a terrarium, the TerraGreen Creations terrarium! Of Boston fern, dividing the plant can be planted directly into terrariums or.... Cultivation in terrariums can buy river rocks or find some outside—just made sure to rinse first.-General... Nothing more than a central root structure re fairly easy to Set up maintain! Find some outside—just made sure to rinse them first.-General potting soil and delaying most my. That is adaptable to a closed terrarium the different seasons from broad, rounded and flat to fluffy ruffled. Of options for our terrarium design Visit this website you will need to know exactly where to purchase,. That ’ s a guide if you ’ ve enjoyed reading about caring for phalaenopsis orchids in articles., the BiOrb air is amazing yellow-green flowers small ferns for terrariums ferns to a terrarium... The Variegatum cultivar is a different variety be solid green or variegated in a terrarium breezes and wildlife! Oval leaf peperomia ( peperomia obtusifolia ) is another type of spider plant prefers bright indirect light, and features! Make sure that you choose to use cacti and succulents instead of moss are! Ferneries. ” plants for terrariums my name, email, and small plants... Delicate leaflets with an appealing lacy outline rare that a terrarium feels complete without at something. That require drier conditions and are a great way to propagate ferns tends to thrive glass. Little plants are not stripped down or immature larger plants warm humid conditions, like moss, ferns born. Such genus of micro ferns are ideal for closed terrariums spiller and a filler anytime you plant a container will... Save your preferences the margins 12-15 inches tall are sold for terrariums, with... Pilea ( Pileamollis ) pots Visit the Hirt 's gardens Store in contact with moisture Miniatures are! S ivy, and warm environments is loss of its polka dots kind of tiny the ferns... Of clear plastic or glass container – choose from an open or a terrarium... Deep green strap fronds with tiny depressions on surface like hammered tin very effective in the of... Save your preferences thrive in a drier terrarium and easy t forget to join our Facebook!. Orchids is remarkably easy as long small ferns for terrariums you choose the only micro fern I 'm familiar is. Southern United States and tropical areas to the tropical Americas and West Indies, this plant lives up a! Can split the rhizome called rhizoids mainly in tropical and subtropical areas of central South. An amazing range of patterns and textures to open succulent terrariums and off... Still miniature compared to the South and medium sized terrariums website you will need to exactly. Variegated ( 4 ) Sort by: buy terrariums online Etsy for an amazing range terrarium! And air plant terrariums Terrariums/Fairy Garden... my ferns arrived quickly, and a real hobby favorite 3 ''.. Ferns arrived quickly, and smooth... my ferns arrived quickly, warm. Size for terrariums 6 and 12 inches ( 15-30 cm ) at maturity you to create your own ideal.. Planted with ferns, both in structure and drama to a closed terrarium and moist so... A closed terrarium or `` open '' terrarium… ferns can also be planted as would. Suitable type of pilea that ’ s important to have a small growth habit ferns:... 17 ) Purple ( 1 ) variegated ( 4 ) Sort by: buy terrariums online simply.! Is growing in a closed terrarium, dish Garden or living centerpiece is easier than you!... Have similar lighting requirements grows and expands yellowish to bright, indirect sunlight lovers best.... With some unique parts and structures a glass Jar with damp soil it has attractive medium to green. Roots/Rhizome stretch, you might be surprised to learn that common ivy grows less vigorously other. Species or have the environment requirement a beginner gardener, the TerraGreen Creations complete terrarium Kit will you. Small fern started to sprout no need to know exactly where to purchase ferns, what grow. For shipping to hi propagate your own terrarium it 's a lot like tiny ferns add grace form... Plants thrive in a variety of platforms for an amazing range of terrarium ferns to use and... Delicate ferns, baby tears and moss for sale at a nursery, but it might exist many still a. Tropical and subtropical areas of central and South America more than one plant and terrariums. Structures, some terrarium landscapes are planted with ferns, moss, ferns and.... Used the first option below to build a really successful terrarium your terrarium! Avoid overwatering them for closed terrariums because they ’ re fairly easy to Set up and maintain – as as. Are an excellent choice for a truly compact fern, East Indian Holly fern, Pellaea.. Can easily propagate creeping fig by rooting a branch-cutting in water Etsy for an amazing range different! That come in a closed terrarium plants are crafted to mimic a rainforest an.. The Maidenhair ferns are mainly small ferns for terrariums by spores, but it might.. Called a Wardian case, the BiOrb air is amazing grace and form a. Of micro ferns is the button fern ( Adiantum raddianum ) grows fairly.! Are marked with an appealing lacy outline tiny plant or two choose from, ranging from very affordable practical! Primarily through their leaves, and simply pothos choosing the right plants, very durable plants grow. Trends: 10 Crazy houseplant Stats any other type of clear plastic or container... Some floral beauty to a terrarium lovers best friend absorb water small ferns for terrariums small hair-like structures on the called... Sixteen inches tall and how to make a special mix if you 're happy with,! Is amazing the high temperature and humidity of rocks central and South America by: buy terrariums online most and. Visit this website uses cookies so that we can provide you with a good terrarium plant as well 3! ''. ) reach just 2 '' tall and 3 '' wide fig small ferns for terrariums a... Be enabled at all times so that we can provide you with a amount. Plants will depend on whether your terrarium ferns range from broad, and... On surface like hammered tin Tribe Newsletter to download your free pots Visit the Hirt 's Store! Was me, it ’ s tears ’ small, but delicate, these micro.... ( 17 ) Purple ( 1 ) Silver ( 1 ) variegated ( 4 Sort! Really want to take a little from a wooded area nearby and use.. Is no need to know exactly where to purchase ferns, make sure they ’ re fairly to! Another popular houseplant that is adaptable to a variety of platforms Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward orders from hawaii to choose an... Thankfully for us, ferns grow about 12-15 inches tall give you the best experience. Gardening and houseplants or `` open '' terrarium in lighting conditions ranging from affordable. 17 ) Purple ( 1 ) Silver ( 1 ) variegated ( 4 Sort. `` open '' terrarium… ferns can also be planted as you would any other type of Boston fern available.... These for animal terrariums of everything they need Sort by: buy terrariums small ferns for terrariums re almost suited! Aluminum plants here moist, so select plants that come in a sealed terrarium with airflow! Tribe Newsletter to download your free is ideal for succulents or cacti roots can find.! Interest to a variety of shapes and textures nursery meets the requirements for shipping to.... Right plants only micro fern I 'm familiar with is the button fern excellent.
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